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    Victoria Kendrick

    Player: Rick
    Contact: Here

    Character Name: Victoria (Vicky) Kendrick
    Character Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: March 15, 208
    Current Location: Tarreston
    House: Kendrick
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    The Kendricks of Tarreston are a relatively mysterious family. Granted their holdings by the Redleaf family in return for services to Pyre's Cliff, they had maintained a relatively low profile for many years. Cameron's only son, Carson, was sent off to squire at a young age, and never returned home before the unresolved murder of his parents. With no other heir, and with their son showing no interest in claiming the possessions of his father, the small town was folded back into the Redleaf holdings.

    Played By/Face Claim: Matilda Ledger


    Young Vicky is a very lovely girl, blessed with beautiful hair and a full smiling face. She is average height for her age, and is well groomed. Her light brown hair tends towards blonde in the summer, to full chestnut in the winter. She has inset blue/grey eyes, the only hint of any relation to her father. She is usually dressed in the finest dresses from all over the island, as her doting father spares no expense in spoiling her.


    Despite her wealth and plethora of fine clothing and exotic pets, Victoria is relatively down to earth. She enjoys teas and conversations with her elders and enjoys the forest and the trees. She rides extremely well for a child her age, presumably from the time she has spent traveling with her father. Her small mare, a painted Hobby that she named Candy, is well behaved and fiercely loyal to the child. Victoria is little known, outside of Eddleton, where she has spent time as a guest of the Beacon and a playmate of the Delarose children.

    Family Genealogy:

    Cameron Kendrick (b. 154 d. 209) -- Janice Stryker (b. 168 d. 209)
         Carson Kendrick (b. 187)
              Victoria Kendrick (b. 208)
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