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Thread: Nightmares of A Past Life. [8/15-Early Morning-Cidney Solo]

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    Nightmares of A Past Life. [8/15-Early Morning-Cidney Solo]

    Again she woke screaming, a cold sweat, a choking feeling in her chest. The fisherman's wife had gripped her by both her shoulders and when Cidney looked up all she could see were the furrowed brows and concerned eyes of the woman looking down at her. It was the same dream every time and it was starting to take it's toll on her. As her friend removed her hands from Cidney's shoulders the young woman sat up on her mat in the corner of the room and heaved a sigh.

    "It was the same as before." She said aloud. The crushing darkness, the sound of waves, and a man's screams from beyond. "I can't understand, I don't know who the man is. Why do I keep having this dream?"

    As Cidney stands aboard a large vessel she watches as a man she doesn't recognize is tossed overboard by the winds of a storm. She rushes to the side and to her horror she sees him, he's hanging from a rope by his leg, and he's just being thrown repeatedly against the ship. He's trying to free himself from the knot as she screams for help but each sailor in the storm has their own duties and this man is none of their concern. It's a disgusting thud, followed by a holler of pain, each time he makes contact with the wood of their transport but after a moment his noise stops.

    In her dream she doesn't have a moment to call out to him as the ship begins to rock more violently than before. The men aboard the ship try to get her to safety but there is no such thing as the winds rip at the sails and the boat gives a gut wrenching noise that she just cannot describe. It's the boat that splits in two and she is thrown into the water. Cold and dark she has no idea which way is up, her skirts tangle around her, the wind was knocked out of her when she hit the ocean's surface.

    She's drowning.
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