The dreams had become more frequent and she was starting to become frustrated. She saw his face, hundreds of times, and still had no idea who he was. When he wasn't dying on a ship, he was bringing her fruits, touching her skin, and every time she saw him it felt so real. Was this something that had happened in her past? She fought with it for days before finally asking the women she had found herself living with and working beside.

For a moment the women didn't answer her. They looked to each other and one of them simply gave a nod. "Cidney. We have been thinking on this for a while." She watched as the woman who wasn't speaking rose to her feet and grabbed a basket off of a high shelf. "We think you should try to find out who this man is. We heard there could be a woman who can help you, across the river, in Welch Run."

Taking the basket as it was handed to her, Cidney looked at the loaf of bread and bag of coins. "You've earned this as you've stayed here and we think your health is more important than making nets. You must find out who he is."

She was handed a small map that seemed like it was drawn in haste. An 'X' marked a particular place where she should visit, or so she assumed, the women didn't say much more. A 'goodbye' a hug and pushed her out the door.

Well ... It looks like I'm heading to Welch Run.