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    Mince Greenwood

    Player: Jon Voight (with an H)
    Contact: I think I left my teethmarks on a pencil.

    Character Name: Mince Greenwood
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 7, 192
    Current Location: Roaming
    House: Greenwood
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [Credit goes to Socky]
    The history of house Greenwood is one so deep and troubled in its existence that many of the noble houses of Tuneric believe that it has fallen into poverty and faded from their history. Their citadel at the forest shrouded city of Westwood has often been passed over by those upon the way to Huntstown or the capital of Hebron, however House Greenwood Is far from poverty stricken and the proof of which sits in ever noble house from Pyre Cliff to The Crag. House Greenwood boasts the finest woodworkers in the whole of Tuneric to the extent that each noble house clamours to purchase Westwood furniture for its magnificent carving and solid and beautiful designs who sale is monopolised by the Lord Greenwood and his family.

    House Greenwood has stood in the Nobility for nearly 130 years due to the very trade which swells it’s coffers. The then Ser Tomas Greenwood who ran the small city of Oakhaven was only a minor knight, who had served for many years in the Order of the Sword and had never been offered a place within the Order of the Shield. Ser Tomas took control of the surrounding villages, slowly buying more land and property as he fought to expand his families holdings and 30 years after he began this conquest his familys holdfast and estates contained such wealth and splendid beauty in their construction and design that he was offered his grant of the nobility. He was 44 when his family rose to the next stage of their beginning and so he and his wife Vellotta who herself was of the House of Hallward and the third daughter of the Lord of Hallward’ brother.

    So the family line stretched down through the generations until Tomas was a distant figure and the house was at the height of it’s power. The current lord at this time was Erican Greenwood and his wife Annalisa had two children, Bailan and his newborn sister Savannah. It was on the night, three months after her birth that the tragedy struck the house. The whole family was present for the feast to celebrate the birth of the new baby when a slave left a candle burning in the depths of the family holdfast. The wick burnt down to nothing and the hot dripping wax and trailing flame set fire to a tapestry and suddenly in several bitter moments the lifes work of a dozen Lord Greenwoods began to unravel. The holdfast on it’s mountain peak blazed and the whole family perished except the young lord greenwood, his sister and his mother Lady Greenwood who herself suffered burns and injuries.

    The Lord of Greenwood had made many friends at Court but also many enemies which caused the whisper to run rife through the nobility of assassins and devious practises. Many were not so hidden in their whispering that perhaps the fire that ruined the house of Greenwood was not an accident or mere chance of fate and more an order of another noble house. The crest of this house was once an old and gnarled oak tree upon a green background, after the disaster of that fatefull night the young lord petitioned the king to strike a new crest for his house, three golden stars upon a field of black.
    The young Lord seeks to rebuild his house and rise as high as the stars themselves.

    Played By/Face Claim: Jon Fratelli


    The physical traits of Mince are all that really connect him to House Greenwood. He is tall and thin, with the staple brown hair and rounded chin and jaw of the clan. He prefers to dress formally, even when situations don't call for it. He has been known to wear scarves and his signature hats into battle, as well as to the bedroom. He has wild blue eyes, which obviously paint him as a cousin to Bailan and Savannah, and portray him as a distant one at that. His hair has natural curls that he often battles by keeping it short, though he has been known to let it grow wild for effect.


    Cursed with an extremely bi-polar personality, Mince is often calm and collected, well spoken and intelligent, but with a temper that can ignite into a fiery rage with little prompting. He is littered with vices that affect him both when calm and enraged, including (but not limited to) gambling, violence, arson, sex, alcohol, and the more than occasional murder. As a general rule, Mince considers himself to be more intelligent than most in his company, though he does recognize the Shade chain of command. He very rarely challenges authority unless it directly interferes with his goals or struggles to bring him under control when he is at the more explosive end of his bi-polar spectrum.

    Personal History:

    Shaken at an early age by his father's death at the hands of a wasting disease, Mince was squired to a young knight named Railen Hugh, who helped him achieve the only thing he ever really wanted. Strength and gluttony. Determined since the time of the older man's death that he would never be as weak as he had last viewed his father, Mince Greenwood quickly learned the skills necessary to provide for himself and keep up a lifestyle that refused to allow him to live in any means below a noble, even if he had turned his back on the city of Westwood years before.

    Once Railen made his bid for control of the foundling Knights of Shade, Mince became part of a trio of wealth and power that would soon wreak havoc across the island. Essential in the raids and pillaging that took place, Greenwood became a feared visage in the early days of the brigands' success. However, once Railen had passed after a failed raid, and Carson Kendrick had taken over the mantle of leader, Mince's role had changed drastically. He became a more reclusive agent of the order, and in fact, had been sent away for a time to explore the island of Balfour, in hopes of discovering if the distant land might be ripe for Shade expansion. Recalled recently by Kendrick, Mince was happy to return to the island of Tuneric, even if he didn't return to the city he once helped to destroy, or the cousins that were trying to rebuild.

    Family Genealogy:

    Greenwood (86)
    -Tomas Greenwood (86) -- Vellota Hallward(86)
         -Caspasian Greenwood (124) -- Susanne Oak (126)
         -Timeo Greenwood (142) -- Jocelyn Bull (144)
    **The records from here were destroyed in the tragic fire that nearly destroyed House Greenwood.
                   - Erican Greenwood (161) -- Sierra Greenwood (162)
                        -Bailian Greenwood - Lord of Westwood (196)
                        -Savannah Greenwood (199)
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