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    Jenner Pavon

    Player: Smalls.
    Contact: You're killing me.

    Character Name: Jenner Pavon
    Character Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 22, 191
    Current Location: Lawnbury Hills
    House: Pavon
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    Castle Claim: Caeli Nidos - Represented by Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

    Occupying much of the southwestern lowlands of Balfour, the area around Lawnbury Hills has been the domain of the Pavon family for hundreds of years. Having settled the land as herders of bison and cattle, the family eventually grew into skilled tanners and leather workers, a skill that has translated into vast wealth for their current lords. While they have focused primarily on the crafting of armor and tools, a fair amount of attention is still paid to clothing and saddles, and one of the lesser branches of the family still maintains large quantities of herd beasts, both for the production of beef as well as for skinning in the rest of the family enterprise.

    The predecessors to the current day Pavon clan was already settled into the southern part of the western isle when the Farrand and Calhoun families united the colony of Balfour, and their raised keep was established in response, should the newcomers attempt to take the land by force. Despite their precautions however, a fast peace was struck between the new lords and the family in Lawnbury, and the Pavons would spend generations providing goods and services for the kings and queens of Balfour.

    A strange family, the lower branches of the clan have long been excluded from the raised castle on the coast, which acts as a residence only for the current lord. Even his immediate brothers and sisters are often sent to lesser estates when a new son rises to power. Until such time as he has a family of his own, the ruling lord is attended by a senior male servant of lesser noble status. Any business that involves the management of the family and requires a decision by the lord is often settled monthly, when the lord of the keep is expected to host a brunch for his friends and relatives.

    Caeli Nidos, the castle where the current lord resides, is a highly defensible position, that is renamed each time the permanent resident changes, and the moniker is chosen by the lord at the time of his desire. Currently, it is the home of Jenner Pavon, who became the lord of the keep at age twelve, when his parents' ship sank off the coast of Balfour while they were on a pleasure cruise.

    Played By/Face Claim: Zachary Quinto


    Tall, dark and handsome, Jenner Pavon stands a well toned six foot, two inches tall. His dark hair and eyes are native to the coastal region where his family resides. Well dressed, and borne of a rigorous routine where hygiene is concerned, the young man has a strong and professional appearance. He has extremely sensitive skin, which he keeps well maintained, but prompts him to avoid a razor, preferring to keep his facial hair close cut with scissors. Despite his size, he is extremely graceful, and his movements seem to be effortless in everything. He prefers high collars, with an open front, and has been known to tie a cravat or scarf in as many as forty different knots.


    Born of privilege and spoiled as an only child, Jenner Pavon has been the Lord of Lawnbury since he was twelve years old. His butler, Morivan De Sueaux, has been his only real confidante for years. He prefers everything as rich and luxurious as he can make it, and has a strong appreciation for all things of beauty. He maintains large collections of all kinds of art, and keeps himself surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women.

    Jenner avoids all manner of physical conflict whenever possible, though he does enjoy witty banter when it is available. He is an avid reader and when it comes to general knowledge, he is a jack of all trades. He is generally unconcerned with the family business, unless it affects his ability to live the life of comfort he has come to enjoy.

    Gluttonous when it comes to vices, Jenner has been known to party to excess, though on the rare occasion that he is not the host, he is extremely careful to keep his guard up. He is a secretive man by nature, and while not particularly paranoid, he prefers the isolated existence that Caeli Nidos can provide.

    Personal History:

    The only child of Tarkas Pavon and Ellesande De Sueaux, young Jenner was raised in the lap of luxury. Cruising yachts, fine horses, all the most fashionable clothing and furnishings were provided to the young man. Tutored exclusively by his mother until his death, he had always shown an aptitude for absorbing information, and memorizing dates, names, and details of most of the other noble houses of Balfour.

    When he was twelve years old, Tarkas and Ellesande died when one of the ships they had taken for the evening was pushed out to sea by heavy winds, and their ship was tossed by high waves. Finding himself in the unusual position of being the Lord of Lawnbury before he was a teenager, Jenner relied on his mother's cousin Morivan to help him with the day to day tasks of maintaining his residence.

    As he grew into a young man, the immense wealth and freedom that he had grown accustomed to had led to Jenner becoming more and more bold. Slowly over time, the young lord began to filter the residing servants out of the keep, and replaced them with younger, more attractive female servants, until his home was essentially a harem of women whom he saw more as objects than people.

    The lower branches of his family, had mixed feelings. Those closer to the line of succession became jealous and irate at the actions of the young lord, while those farther down the tree were happy to have an overseer who did not meddle in their affairs. The monthly gatherings continued, though Jenner isolated his family from many parts of the castle, and stopped attending in person by the time he was twenty four.

    While the recent plague did have an impact on Pavon's family, he and his servants were unaffected. Foot traffic between his residence and the city below is non-existent, and all visitation was stopped as soon as the illness broke out. Now that the sickness has passed, things are returning to normal in and around Lawnbury.

    Family Genealogy:


    - Kenneth Pavon -- Mari Lyn Ecatore
         - Dannis Pavon -- Velianne Monort
              - Kenton Pavon -- Minneth Corne
                   - Tarkas Pavon -- Ellesande De Sueaux
                        - Jenner Pavon
         - Blaine Pavon -- Kinsey Lae
              - Courtney Pavon -- Eliza Calling
                   - Brittany Pavon
                   - Bertis Pavon -- Tonya De Sueaux
                        - Jerone Pavon
                        - Claire Pavon
              - Dunnick Pavon -- Janice Malay
                   - Werth Pavon -- Cornelia Nerone
                        - Drusilla Pavon
                        - Marie Ellen Pavon
                   - Folcrom Pavon -- Caren Malee
                        - Unnamed stillborn
                   - Jacob Pavon -- Dorris Jamesing
                        - Margaux Pavon
                        - Justin Pavon
              - Marcus Pavon -- Christa Lancere
                   - Domincik Pavon -- Jeanette Meare
                        - Tavon Pavon
                        - Dennick Pavon
                        - Caroline Pavon
         - Forin Pavon -- Sele Anor
              - Jasen Pavon -- Elizabeth Hund
                   - Kathleen Pavon
                   - Verene Pavon (f)

    **Branches open to expansion.
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