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    Mariana Jameson

    Player: Amy
    Contact: It’s a secret to everybody.

    Character Name: Mariana "Violet" Jameson
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: January 19th, 192
    Current Location: Lawnbury Hills
    House: N/A
    Crest Appearance: N/A

    House Description/History: N/A

    Played By/Face Claim: Marion Cotillard

    Appearance: Mariana is in possession of a certain natural grace; her long, lithe limbs and serene beauty give her an agelessness and poise which seem out of place in the life of a working girl. Her dark brown hair curls slightly, and is usually kept shorter, rarely reaching past her shoulders. Large blue eyes, the color of the sky just before a storm, prove to be her most expressive feature, and when she has occasion to truly smile dimples pull in her cheeks.

    She dresses simply, always keeping in mind what works best for her duties. When she travels with Lord Pavon she always strives to look her best so as to reflect well on him; her makeup is always classy and subdued, and although she dresses in a manner which is most flattering to her figure, she tends to lean toward conservative styles.

    Personality: There is a humility to Mariana, an earnestness that colors everything she does. When faced with a task, she does it to the best of her ability; when confronted with a problem, she seeks the resolution that is best, not easiest. This can sometimes lead to her being a cruel mistress, as some of the women under her care can attest to, but it is never to the point of excess. Mariana will do whatever it takes to get a job done in a satisfactory manner, but she takes no delight in discipline. Quite the contrary, she cares deeply for her charges, and she does what she can within the boundaries set for them to keep everyone content, healthy, and happy.

    It is not only her work ethic that got Mariana where she is, though. She is a charming woman, pleasing to spend time with. Self-aware, she knows when to keep her mouth shut and when to speak up, and she’s an eager learner, absorbing information wherever and whenever she can. She's got a wit that can sometimes stray into sarcasm, especially when she's exasperated, and she's got a tongue like a lash when she's angry, but she tries her best to keep a handle on both.

    Personal History: Born to a woodworker and a washer woman, Mariana was born in the middle of a large brood, third-oldest of six. Her early life as she recalls it wasn’t particularly notable; if she wasn’t chasing after her younger siblings then she was helping her mother work. There was no time or money for an education, and it was expected that she would get married and take up washing jobs of her own, just as her mother had done. It wasn’t a future to look forward to, but it was a similar reality that most of the people in the village faced.

    Things changed, however, when a fall from the loft of a barn her father was helping to build caused his untimely death. The wages of a washer woman were nowhere near good enough to support six children, and although Mariana’s oldest brother was an apprentice, he wasn’t earning any sort of wage yet. Despite the dangers, Mariana decided that things would be better if there was one less mouth to feed, and she struck out on her own, headed for the nearest city to look for work.

    Her search didn’t last long before she found herself in the employment of the Lord of Lawnbury Hills. It was an unusual working situation, with some harsh rules and a strict way of living, but after a bit of an adjustment period Mariana did quite well. It was work she was used to doing, and she was living and working in better conditions than other working girls could expect. She also found she quite enjoyed the company of the other women, and in short order she found herself accepted among them, earning herself a nickname: Violet. They were all from varied backgrounds, and they all learned from one another; it was in this time that Mariana learned to read and write, and she devoured what reading material she could get her hands on.

    After about two years, Mariana had worked hard enough to earn the notice and respect of Lord Pavon himself, and she was granted an entirely new set of expectations. At times she serves as a travel companion to the young lord, but her main task is to manage the women in his employ.

    Family Genealogy:

    - Elliott Jameson -- Heloise Palmer
         - Marshall Jameson
         - Sarah Jameson
         - Mariana Jameson
         - Samuel Jameson
         - Cooper Jameson
         - Elise Jameson

    Writing Sample: Mariana walked slowly down the line of women like a general looking over his troops, appraising each in turn as they looked straight ahead. It was the day of the monthly Pavon gathering, and Mari was always very careful about who she picked to attend them. Jenner was exacting about the impression he put forward, even if he never actually attended these things himself anymore. It made the selection process tricky, but every month they managed well enough.

    The girls that stood before her were ones she’d worked with for a long time, and they knew their jobs inside and out. Even better, they were proven to be incredibly discreet, which made them ideal for working with the Pavon family. Mari herself would be working with them; sometimes Jenner liked to get a report of what went on, and it was easiest if she could give him a first-hand report.

    “Looking good, ladies. Everyone ready?” By now the crew in the kitchens should be in the home stretch of their preparations, and the family would be arriving shortly.

    A chorus of affirmatives came from the assembled women, and one looked at Mari with a smirk. “Hey Violet, you think he’ll show up this time?”

    Mariana looked at the woman with one eyebrow raised, a look of ‘what do you think’ on her face. That was the only reply she got, though, because at that moment another of the girls entered the hall they’d assembled in. “First of them’s arrived,” she huffed, out of breath from hurrying. Mariana dismissed her with a nod, and with a tip of her head the others headed through the door into the reception hall. The brunch had officially begun, and it couldn’t be over soon enough.
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