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    Aedhaan Pyre

    Player: Sully
    Contact: aedhaan @

    Character Name: Aedháan Pyre
    Character Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April, 20 and 190
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Sworn to House MacHeath
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Raised in simple humble origins, Aedhaan however gained apprenticeship under Walden MacHeath and swore fealty to his House. Credit to Amy
    House MacHeath has been in the seat of Westbury for longer than has been recorded. It is said that one of the ancestors of the family married a woman who came mysteriously from across the sea, although the validity of such a claim is unable to be proven due to the lack of records. Their castle is named rather poetically for the proliferation of the birds of the same name, whose songs can often be heard at night.

    The house established a number of trades for itself, most of which revolve around the lake which takes up much of their holding. Known most for their fine pottery and stoneware, the MacHeath family also supplies much of the paper used in the realm, made most commonly from a certain reed which grows along the shores of the lake.

    The recent history of the family is surrounded with rumor and frequently spoken of in whispers, and is fraught with tragedy. Within the same decade the family saw the deaths of members of three generations: Lord Abraham MacHeath and his wife, Jenny; their son William, who had been lord at the time of his death; and William’s son Darren, who died of the same illness which claimed his grandparents. There are stories of murder surrounding the latter two deaths, but no one has been able to provide solid proof.

    Although the patriarch of the family, Walden, still lives, the family is now run by William’s younger brother, John. Walden still retains some measure of control, however, although he rarely sees fit to use it. He made an exception when his son Abraham was on his deathbed; although how he convinced his son to do so, at his urging John was decreed to never be able to truly become Lord. The line of succession was to pass down William’s line if at all possible, and if there were no son in line to inherit, then a daughter could, provided she was married. This highly uncommon decree is still technically in place; John only rules as regent until William’s daughter Sophia marries.

    Played By/Face Claim: Jaimie Alexander

    Standing at 5′ 9″ Aedhaan cuts an impressive but non-dominating figure with toned muscles and flowing dark locks. She’d prefer the description of the muscles over the description of her hair. She also sports a small mole on her face but more often than not her face is smeared from training yard muck, scrapes and bruises. Dark hazel eyes peep out from hooded robes she wears casually over practical riding gear and leather jerkins when not in her Order’s armor.

    Aedhaan wears about her person a chain link with an anvil and hammer amulet. It is both a gift and a reminder of her blacksmith father and her humble origins and a talisman towards Ruzbin.

    Aedhaan is tough and resilient. Growing up she had many disadvantages as a young girl with her father struggling to make a living in the capital city. It meant from an early age she knew how to fight to survive, how to squirrel away resources, pick the fights you could win and how to run and how to hide when you were outmatched. However, she equally grew up with a fierce determination to best anyone that ever outmatched her. She was foolish and stubborn in her youth and it took training and lots of hard knocks to knock this dangerous stubborn streak into line. She learned to not be rash, to be circumspect and use her talents and ability to suss a situation and turn it into a tactical advantage and to heed her own instinct of when a fight is too great.

    She is of course very tomboyish by dent of working alongside men and having grown up and trained in their company. It means to say she is immune to their cruder behaviors and loves a rowdy bar like the rest of them. However, she is also careful about her status as a knight. She understands that women do not normally serve in the knight orders and she is careful about undermining her prospects within the order.

    Other than horses and dogs, she is not an animal person, unless it is served up roasted on a plate. Likewise, she is uncomfortable around children and the social situations where she should strive to be more lady like and show proper etiquette for fear of a misstep. Unless on guard duty, around ladies and nobility in general, she is uncomfortable interacting with them as she tries to master her social skills. She is keen to learn archery as an added ‘bow’ to her fighting prowess, and would ideally like to hone her hunting skills.

    Personal History:
    Aedhaan was born into the commoner ranks of Hebron’s populace. By dent and determination, her father Smierge, a struggling blacksmith, who believed Aedhaan was blessed because she was born on the feast of Ruzbin and sought to see his only daughter elevated to a status befitting her portentous birth. In truth, her birth was less than portentous and truly tragic as it saw her mother succumb some weeks later to complications.

    Hale and hearty as a babe, Aedhaan grew up at the skirts of her father’s smithy apron, eyes feasting on the hot coals of the furnace and the striking of hammer on forge. She grew up in the presence of men who gathered outside her father’s workshop and whom amateurishly instructed young Aedhaan in how to defend herself. Some simply made sport of her efforts, others aped the knights and soldiers of the milling military forces and a few saw in the girl's burning desire to be a knight a reminder of their own past ambitions.

    Smierge understood that his daughter would not be able to continue his trade and having seen his own wife die in childbirth, he was determined that a different course should be laid out before his daughter. That path he believed lay in training her to become a knight’s squire. Biding his time, Smierge waited until the best choice of a knight presented himself before his forge one day. It was the colorful character of Walden MacHeath of Westbury whom Smierge asked to take his daughter on a squire, since Westbury was known for its forward thinking and Walden MacHeath as something of a maverick.

    Young Aedhaan, fiery and hot headed was as equally focused and determined on knighthood. Her prospective knight master however was less than impressed. Walden perhaps saw that Aedhaan had a certain talent, she was agile and seemed knowledgeable around swords and blades, albeit hampered by heftier weapons, which might have made him reluctant to take her on board as his squire. More than that, he recognized her headstrong and fiery disposition would not serve her as a prospective knight in the making. However, she swore an oath that she would do all in her power to rectify any faults he found and master the skills and temperament to prove herself as fitting a knight of the sword.

    Prove herself she did over time. Aedhaan worked extra hard in order to prove herself. In certain areas she lacked, for example she was hampered in the use of heftier weapons such as maces and great swords. Therefore, she honed her fighting style to single armed swords and short blades. Likewise, war horse destriders tended to intimidate her therefore she chose despite some derision to ride smaller, less impressive steeds but this lent her speed and agility.

    Under the tutelage of her mentor and knight master Walden's household, Aedhaan honed her skills as a knight, learning the noble laws and rules by which she would strive to dedicate her life. In this, she was steadfast and resolute and committed herself and swore fealty to her master's house. Despite the tragedies that had befell the House and some of the vile rumors, Aedhaan knew it to be an honorable and upstanding house.

    Family Genealogy:

    Pyre (Birth Year)
    -Theon Pyre(119) -- Marta Fields (127)
         -Anton Pyre (148)
         -Sadbdh Pyre (151) -- Kenton Willos (147)**
                        -Female Cousin Willos (179)
                        -Male Cousin Willos (181)
         -Tómas Pyre(154) -- Joanna Wiers (155)**
                        -Male Cousin Pyre (175)
         -Smierge Pyre (156) -- Clara Bracken (162)
              -Aidan Pyre (187)
              -Aedhaan Pyre (190)

    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample:
    Aedhaan chuckled heartily, enjoying the good humour of the other knights. These were the company she chose to keep. Fighting men, and women, who sought to keep the peace by waging war, and to maintain law and order by force and will. Swigging the last of her half tankard, Aedhaan made good her excuses and stepped out of the cloying peat smoke atmosphere of the tavern.

    Outside, the rain fell in a pathetic mizzle that served to render everything wet despite how fine and light it was. It had been a long and dreary day of journeying in the byways of the woods on patrol and the comfort of the tavern’s hearth, ale and gravy ladled food had been a welcome respite from being seated in her saddle stooping under low hanging branches and peering through dark and dank trees.

    Aedhaan pulled her riding robe up over her head and disappeared into the murk of the night’s gloom. Shuttered windows and hanging lanterns casting feeble spectres of light in the falling drizzle guided her through the muck churned alleys of the town. Aedhaan picked her way carefully though the muck, puddles and thrown waste buckets towards the stables.

    Reaching her horse she looked about for her squire. As she had suspected the fool boy had slipped off to find himself some ale thinking himself a man already. Heavens forefend, the dunderhead probably expected to find a nice comely wench to prove himself as a man but would be more like to piss his breeches more than anything.

    “Weasel! I do despair.” She checked her saddle bags and found her blues and whites safely within. The fool boy was not only being lazy and derelict in his duties, he had left her personal effects alone and open to thievery.

    A movement behind her, the slight movement of a boot on the straw floor and a momentary pause in the fall of rain, alerted to Aedhaan to the entrance of someone behind her. More than that, their movement suggested stealth and intent. Her hand slipped across the horse’s back to reach for her sword.

    “Don’t bother with that!” The gruff voice warned with menace as the figure stepped forward and announced himself with a feral grin and a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

    Ruzbin’s wrath! Aedhaan cursed under her breath and gritted her teeth in frustration. With her sword just out of reach, this would only serve to make this harder. Without turning to face her would be attacker, Aedhaan spoke, “I warn you sir, I am a Knight of the Sword. An attack on me is an attack on the king.” Aedhaan’s words were steel and determined, the fervour of her loyalty to the king’s law ringing in every syllable. More than that, she was enraged at the arrogant fool and how he believed he had a right to try to rob, attack or attempt to defile her. All for which he would find sorely to his cost.

    That was when she noted the scuffling of feet and muffled wails as she saw Weasel dragged into the stable by a second figure. Now things were going to be considerably harder to control...
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