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Thread: Austin Durand

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    Austin Durand

    Player: Josh
    Contact: PM for now!

    Character Name: Austin Durand
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: December 12th, 194
    Current Location: White Shore
    House: House Durand
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    House Durand is a proud house, nestled in the city of White Coast. They’ve been around for a very long time and are well established in the port city and are well-known throughout Tuneric. Considering they were instrumental in the re-establishment of the Shellten monarchy, the Durand’s take their position in White Coast as a very real means of protection on the Tuneric water front.

    House Durand’s main source of income is derived from the taxes levied on products moving in and out of the port. Being staunch supporters of the Shellten monarchy, House Durand is usually the first to advise Hebron of new people or products that might pass through their jurisdiction.

    Denizens of House Durand pray to many gods, most notably Moreesa, Ruzbin, Swaren, Iubita and Vifor. They participate heavily in Washing Day and usually travel as a whole to Hebron to participate in Ruzbin’s Tournament. House Durand has, in the past, proudly produced Champions of Ruzbin. It is not uncommon for the head of House Durand to send envoys to represent their house at feasts and celebrations for other gods and goddesses as well.

    Even though House Durand is prominent on land, they are also well-known as seafarers. They have a fleet of ships, most of which are chartered out to merchants and explorers, with House Durand earning commissions off of anything sold or discovered. There are three ships in the fleet specifically reserved as cruise ships for the Durand’s and their guests. These ships have spared no expense and offer the finest quality of room and board that can be found on a ship.

    Played By/Face Claim: Josh Henderson


    Austin is a tall, well built young man. Many argue that he inherited more physical traits from his mother than his father, and Austin took no offense to the observation. A piercing gaze and a charming smile complete his generally handsome appearance, having a stronger jawline than his father. It is only a blessing that he does not let his good looks get to his head. Or does he?

    The Lord of White Shore is often well dressed, but the clothing he chooses leans more toward comfort than wealth. The fabric is fine, to be certain, but he prefers looser clothing that so that he can move with greater ease and settle comfortably. Such clothing also makes it easier to conceal a weapon...


    The Durand family has a reputation of integrity, nobility and honor. Several of the existing members are knights, vowing their lives in defense of King and Country. Austin has different priorities than his very noble cousins. Austin’s priorities are for the betterment and furthering of House Durand’s influence in the land. Austin is quite pleased with what he has to work with: profitable tariffs and sales in White Coast and the influence of his cousins in the Shellten Court. But that was not enough, in his book.

    To say that Austin is ambitious is putting it mildly. To be certain, he is a good man at the very core of his being. However, he refuses to allow that conscience, so to speak, get in the way of securing the true power and legacy of his family. Austin is charismatic, confident and a strong leader, especially in the face of his father’s tragic death due to plague. It does not do anyone any good to linger on the past, and Austin is more than willing to stride confidently toward the future.

    Some would argue that his ambition is going to be his undoing. However, he ignores such remarks and refuses to give in to uncertainty, or worse, cowardice. Austin is content to his family to further their goals, using his own natural skill at diplomacy and negotiation to do so. The man’s taste in women is somewhat renowned and rumors describe him having several lovers. However, no one has been able to ever prove this.

    If Austin could, he would charm the only clothing off a person’s back to further his goals. Fortunately, he has a strong love of family and does everything for their betterment. Austin strives to maintain close relationships with his family, placing them where he feels they will be strongest. His father’s legacy has come at an end… it was time to establish his own.

    Personal History:

    Born to Eric and Lucette Durand in 194, Austin was the eldest born and Eric’s first son. The ruling Duran can would prove to be a small, but effective one in the long run. Austin’s childhood was an admittedly quiet and uneventful one. His brother and sister came a few short years after his arrival, but it was clear from an early age that Austin was destined to be the older brother and their leader. Though he was only two or three when his brother was born, he felt protective toward him. The same was true of his younger sister.

    Play time with the siblings often entailed Austin being the natural leader and carrying them off to whatever grand adventures could be had in White Shore. Fortunately, there was the shore, the ocean, the nearby river and the multitude of visitors that came traveling through. The adventures ranged from playing knights to rescue to damsels to daring battles against pirates and brigands. Austin’s interest in knighthood grew during these years.

    Yet, that was not to come. Eric and Lucette wished Austin to better learn the rigors of leadership and mercantilism to further the house goals. While Eric did not begrudge his son to learn the arts of swordplay and military leadership, he could not spare him to several years of training as a page and squire. This made Austin bitter during his preteen and teenage years, but at the urging of his siblings, he accepted his place. He would have to watch his cousins achieve knightly greatness from afar.

    The experience taught Austin two things: nothing in life is ever guaranteed and one had to truly fight for their hearts desire. While he would never be a knight like his cousins, he could be great in other ways. He could be a great lord of the house, bringing greater wealth and prominence to House Durand. The ambition within him grew nigh insatiable, to some concern of his dear sister, brother and mother. Austin had achieved some dark acts during his late teenage years, but none had ever been discussed with family.

    His parents’ passing was a sudden and very sad event for Austin, but he did not shift uncomfortably under the weight of his new title. If anything, he was eager to put plans in motion and carry on the family name to greatness.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Theodor Durand -- Kaylee Thurmond
         -Penelope Durand -- Daniel Walden
         -Henry Durand -- Jocelyn Kade
         -Talbot Durand -- Laurie Gartens
         -Camden Durand -- Odette Ryan
              -Guy Durand -- Margaret Vaughan
                   -Adabella Durand – Aramis Shellten
                        -Princess Shellten
                        -Calien Shellten
                        -Princess Shellten
                   -Eric DurandLucette Taylor
                        -Austin Durand
                        -Camden Durand
                        -Celina Durand
                   -Hector Durand – Georgina Bennett
                        -Guy Durand
                        -Aviana Durand
                        -Daughter Durand
                   -Darien Durand
              -Aaron Durand -- Tatania Ayers
                   -Lawrence Durand -- Samantha Holland
                        -Female Cousin Durand
                        -Female Cousin Durand
                        -Male Cousin Durand
                   -Ashley Durand

    Writing Sample:

    From time to time, Austin daydreamed about being the knight in shining armor. He pictured himself being the hero of the land, having the respect of men and the adoration of women. They would yell out his name in cheer, or perhaps sigh with wonderment as he strolled past. His armor was gleaming. His smile was perfect. There could never be a greater glory to be had.

    What nonsense.

    Austin sighed away the daydream with a vague look of disgust. Him? A knight in shining armor? Hardly. Such dreams were only a foolish waste of time. Yet, if that was the case, why did his mind keep going back to it? Was it really that he wanted to be the best knight in the land? Or was it more that he wanted the respect, admiration and love of thousands? It held a certain amount of appeal. It was the power, he realized. He wanted the power of people’s hearts.

    Could he get it? He wasn’t certain. Thus, he resolved to focus on what he could gain: a stronger economy for White Shore. To grow the family coffers meant White Shore’s influence would in turn grow. Yet, they could not do it by themselves. A smart alliance with a house of a similar mind was needed. Perhaps such an alliance could be discovered at the ball in Welch Run.

    Maybe. Just maybe.
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