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Thread: Emma Beaumarche

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    Emma Beaumarche

    Player: Rabbit
    Contact: PM

    Kept original profile created by Friday. Some edits were made to original work but only in terms of adding Lina and subtracting former incarnation of Laura. Any additions by me are in italics!

    Character Name: Emma Beaumarche
    Character Age: 21 [as of 218]
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: July 17th, 197
    Current Location: Slate Valley
    House: Beaumarche
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: The Beaumarche family has held residence in Slate Valley for longer than most can remember, tracing their lineages back all the way to when the first Kings were seated in Hebron. Legend tells that the Beaumarche family was forged from the ore and precious gem deposits from the mines of the valley itself, of which the Beaumarche family holds a great monopoly. The Beaumarche's are known to be devout worshippers of the Pantheon, Ruzbin in particular. The first Beaumarche's erected a humble temple in the heart of Slate Valley, to present offerings to the patron god of smith's and metal-workers. Slate Valley is renowned for it's forges, and boasts some of the realm's most impressive smiths, and although Slate Valley does not possess a hospitable climate, often shrouded in clouds and general poor weather, knights and lords come from afar to make orders of special swords and weapons from the master smiths that reside in the city.

    Slate Valley is one of the closest cities to the capital of Tuneric, and as such as a major hub of activity and trade, drawing in merchants traveling from the outskirts of Hellfire Ridge on their way to the major markets of Hebron. This is beneficial for Slate Valley, for most of the food and perishable goods must be purchased from outside the city, as the land of the Valley is hard to toil and often yields unimpressive crops. Each winter, on the first of December, the residents of Slate Valley host a celebration called the Night of Fallen Stars in Ruzbin's honor, to thank him for his prosperity of the past year, in hopes of continuing into the next. It is marked by the firing of the hundreds of forges in the Valley, in which the families that possess them, or even passerby's, may offer sacrifices of metal or possessions into the blazing forges. The Beaumarche family spends that very same evening traveling throughout the valley in a show of comradery with their subordinates, offering up jewels and trinkets to sate Ruzbin's fires. This particular festival is native only to Slate Valley, and is rather jovial in intent.

    Played By/Face Claim: Sophia Bush

    Appearance: Tall and lithe, Emma Beaumarche has the long, rich chestnut hair of her mother and the green eyes of her father, that crinkle at the corners when she laughs or thinks deeply on some trivial matter. She never outgrew the dimples in her smile, and has calloused hands like a peasant maid might, used to taking care of her own chores and fixing her own meals. She dresses in earthen colors, particularly greens that compliment her soft features. Emma has a small scar in the middle of her left palm, the remainder of an accident in childhood, and is seldom seen without the bracelet given to her by her twin brother Ryan, a simple silver band with the former Beaumarche crest, a black raven.

    Personality: Emma Beaumarche, for most of her life, was a bit of a mystery. A quiet girl to begin with, a majority of her time was spent in the company of her twin brother, Ryan. Within his presence, she bloomed -- it was easy to see the potential she had, a loud laugh and a generous spirit. Always quick with a kind word and supportive gesture, Emma has been a pillar during her family's turmoil. She is much stronger than her family will give her credit for, and has begun to carve out her place of importance in the Beaumarche family.

    Emma is an avid chess player and possesses unnatural talent when it comes to almost any musical instrument, but harbors no singing voice to speak of. She loves to hike in the mountains with her brothers but has a terrible fear of heights -- which more than once has left her paralyzed in fright, waiting for her brothers to coax her from where she stood. A dreamer above all things, the reality of her family's precarious situation has visibly dampened her little inner fire, but Emma tries her best to remain resolute.

    Personal History: Born in the middle of a terrible summer storm on July 17th, 197, Emma Beaumarche was delivered mere minutes after her twin brother, Ryan, while the winds howled and the rain drummed upon the walls of the Beaumarche family estate, shaking the very foundations of the building itself. She was born into a well-established House with a myriad of family members to love her. The second daughter and technically sixth child to Timeo and Lena, Emma grew up in a wholly supportive atmosphere, and as such, there is little to remark on her youngest years. She spent every waking moment with Ryan, her twin brother and by far, her best friend. To him, Emma divulged her darkest fears and her greatest desires -- however many an adolescent girl might have. They were inseparable, most of the time, but Emma also drew close to Rose and Finn, kindred spirits of another kind.

    Emma's life was a peaceful routine -- until she was thirteen, and her brother Liam was convicted of treason. At such a young age, Emma barely understood what Liam was being tried for, and her immediate anguish was evident. All these things they accused him of, she didn't believe could be true, and she pressed her father to intervene on Liam's behalf. Even when her sister shielded Emma's eyes when Liam was given his final judgement, Emma was convinced he would be saved, like the dashing and honorable knights from her beloved childhood tales, receiving salvation at the last possible second. But the axe fell anyways, and with no mystical interference, Emma's life took a drastic change, along with the rest of the Beaumarche family.

    The events of the next few months remain a blur of fear in Emma's memory, and she resists recollecting any of those dark times. Finn was gone -- a convict, a traitor, the city children had whispered. Ryan tried to keep Emma out of it, but she could not let them speak of her beloved brother that way, and more than once ended in a scuffle and tears, the scar on her left hand a reminder of this. Within months of Liam's execution and Finn's disappearance, her father was dead -- but to Emma, it seemed as though Timeo's head had been the one on the chopping block in the first place. Ever since Liam's death, Timeo was not the father she remembered, a distant, cold man, whom rejected even the loving care of his own beloved wife. The walls were closing in, and Emma tried her best to push back. Elliot stepped forward, into shoes he was not prepared to fill, and tried to keep them all afloat. The remainder of the once large family gathered in on themselves, and Emma was determined not to let this series of tragedies ruin them, even though, as the years passed, Ryan grew into a more sullen man, one whom Emma found difficult understanding anymore. He took to hunting with the fur-trappers in the mountains, going for what was first days, to weeks at a time. Each time Emma implored her brother not to leave her, that they needed him in the Valley, and each time Ryan dismissed his twin, citing that he would not be gone long and she was always in his thoughts. But one day, he did not return. They were seventeen. Emma waited for him, convinced he would be back. But weeks passed, and her hope began to fade.

    When Ryan left, Emma stopped speaking. There was no particular moment that she decided she would no longer talk -- there was no morning where Emma awoke and decided she was going silent. Rather, to Emma, at least, it was gradual. She just... stopped having things to say. Or, more like it, someone to say things to. Elliot was juggling his responsibility to his family and to his new position as Lord. Rose was distant, battling her own demons. Mateo and Lina were too young to understand, to comprehend the gravity of it all. No one noticed for a few weeks, too wrapped up in their own personal maladies to see that their sister had fallen silent, but when they did, all manner of curing methods were attempted. The physicians eventually claimed it was a hysterical response to the events the surpassed in the years prior -- and that the only one to decide when it ended, was Emma. So, the family grew accustomed to her silence. They stopped pushing, and they learned to live without Emma's laughter. Silence became familiar, and Emma carried on, a ghost in her own home.

    And just like that, one day, Emma found the words, where they hadn't been in over a year.

    Her niece had just been born, and although their mother still looked at Rose as though she were a shame to their name, it would have been a crime to deny the loveliness that was Lillian Beaumarche, lacking the surname of her father. Refusing to let her daughter take a bastard's surname, Rose rejected the immodest suggestions about her and gave her daughter her own House name, a gesture not supported by Elliot but encouraged by Emma, even in her silence. Emma was helping her sister to bathe the baby, and Rose, who had never given up hope on Emma returning to them, made a passing joke -- just because Emma stopped speaking to them was no reason to stop speaking to her, in Rose's opinion. She continued her speech, laughing, and just like that, Emma laughed back -- and added to her sister's jest, never taking her eyes off the gurgling baby in the washtub.

    Only Emma could say what changed, even though in reality, not much has. Liam and Timeo molder in the ground, disgraced. Finn remains missing, along with Ryan, most believing that their bones lay somewhere deep in the heart of the mountains of Hellfire Ridge. But the Beaumarche's persevered, as they always have, and since then, Emma has slowly, but surely, begun to recover -- or at least that is what her family might say. She still has days of relative silence and solace, and it is clear that Ryan's absence remains a painful void in her life, but Emma no longer allows herself to slip into the state that once stole her ability to speak.

    Now, Elliot relies on Emma, entrusting in her the responsibilities he cannot pass on to the absent brothers who would normally take her place. With Rose needing to be at home with her baby and look after the household, Elliot has sent Emma, albeit reluctantly, to the markets of Hebron every six months with the household Shield to help promote trade with Slate Valley. In this venture, Emma has thrived -- invigorated by the life that swells in Hebron, Emma has found she has a knack for negotiation, relishing her interactions with the merchants from all corners of Tuneric. Her travels have taken her, however briefly, as far as the White Coast, an open expanse of low plains and sandy white beaches, which have captured Emma's heart.

    Present day finds Emma enveloped in reestablishing Slate Valley's prominence in the trade route to Hebron, and the life blood of the forges. She finds purpose in this, which keeps her mind off her missing twin and the ever-tightening influential grip of the Hallward's on the Ridge.

    Only recently has Emma found her new resolve truly tested.

    The events of the royal gathering and tourney behind them, the Beaumarche family had hoped for a continued strengthening of their trade ties and the refurbishment of their coffers; but the invasion of Tuneric, which called for Elliot's departure from home, and the subsequent trawling of plague throughout the kingdom dealt Slate Valley, along with the rest of the known world, a heavy blow. The Beaumarche family themselves were spared of the disease, but their people were not as fortunate; and what little progress they were making financially became depleted once more, in caring for the sick and orphaned by the Valley.

    And in May of 218, Finn Beaumarche came back from the dead -- bringing with him the suspicions of his disappearance and the fear of his inevitable discovery once again. While the nature of Finn's absence is now known to the tight-knit family itself, his reappearance is not common knowledge; and since May, the Beaumarche family has done its best to hide their fugitive brother, folding in on themselves socially as they plan their next move. Although joyous to find him alive, Finn's return has put the Beaumarche's in a precarious position.

    Emma, for her part, soldiers on as she must, with a new set of fears and worries -- some reasonable, some entirely selfish. But she isn't afforded time to dwell on them. She is a Beaumarche, after all, and they are perpetually eluding their back luck...

    Family Genealogy:

    Beaumarche (Birth Year)
         Timeo Beaumarche -- Lena Beaumarche [170] (46)
              Liam Beaumarche [188] (30)
              Finn Beaumarche [189] (29)[/s] [returned after being missing for several years in May 218]
              Elliot Beaumarche [191] (27)
              Rose Beaumarche [193] (25) -- [unknown]
                   -- Lillian Beaumarche, bastard child [215] (1)
              Emma Beaumarche [197] (21)
              Ryan Beaumarche [197] (21) [missing. presumed dead.]
              Lina Beaumarche [200] (18)
              Mateo Beaumarche [200] (16)
         Gabriel Beaumarche [172] (44) -- Anais Beaumarche [172] (44)
              Camille Beaumarche [191] (25)
              Leo Beaumarche [195] (22)
              Margo Beaumarche [197] (19)

    191: Elliot Beaumarche is born.
    197: Emma Beaumarche is born.
    210: Liam Beaumarche is convicted of attempted murder, and is executed. Finn Beaumarche is convicted of a similar crime but escapes. Elliot is 20, Emma is 13.
    211: Timeo Beaumarche dies. Elliot Beaumarche becomes Lord of Slate Valley.
    214: Ryan Beaumarche disappears. Emma Beaumarche does not speak until the spring of 215, when her niece is born.
    215: Rose gives birth to Lillian Beaumarche. Father of the child is unknown.
    216: Game Start. Elliot is 27, Emma is 19.
    218: Present day, Emma is 21.

    Writing Sample:

    "Emma -- don't do that."

    Rose's voice was soft but commanding attention -- a tone she was used to giving by now, having a three-year-old to look after. But the sister in question, whose behavior apparently accorded such a chastising tone, was a grown woman; and Rose had to say it a second time for Emma to even look her way.

    The Beaumarche girl's green eyes were narrowed in on the parchment in her hand, a scrutinizing glare given to the numbers etched hastily down the left side column. The quill in her elevated right hand was dripping small pin-points of ink along the bottom of the page, the mess being ignored in favor of Emma's wrinkled expression as she tried to make sense of the mathematics she was looking at. The trade itself came easily to her, and usually so too did the accounting; but something wasn't right. Distracted, Emma was absently chewing on the feathered end of the quill, a small bite giving to the end of the frayed writing utensil; a nervous habit.

    " -- Emma," Rose's voice sounded again, and only then did the Beaumarche sister look up, surprised, her eyes widening. " -- What?" Emma said incredulously in return, a mirthful smile rising to her lips.
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