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    Dorin Hunter

    Player: David Hasselhoff
    Contact: See my agent

    Character Name: Dorin Hunter
    Character Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: May 29, 189
    Current Location: Huntswood
    House: Hunter
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit Aloris)

    House Hunter has only been established as nobility for the past 71 years, when the then king granted House Hunter land rights and officially established Huntstown. House Hunter collects taxes from all kinds of establishments, including but not limited to, inns, taverns, pubs, bathhouses and whore houses that service persons passing through Huntstown.

    Considering they are relatively new in the nobility circle, House Hunter has been looked down upon as the black sheep of the ritzy world. Of course, it doesn’t help that each and every child of House Hunter, including girls, is taught how to use a bow and a knife to obtain food from the forests that surround Huntstown. Who knows when this information might become useful?

    House Hunter participates heavily in celebrations to Silvica, who is the patron goddess of House Hunter. They host a large celebration to her, opening the invitation to all patrons of the goddess to attend as well for the Dawn of the Year.

    Played By/Face Claim: JGL


    A man of many looks, Dorin is known to often change his visage, preferring to adopt a casual appearance rather than remain in his ceremonial or professional trappings if they are no longer called for. While being a dapper man publicly, Dorin is not afraid to get dirty, and will often prefer a more casual existence. His Uncle Hamilton is heard to remark, "Some days I can't tell if he is a knight of nobility, or one of the stable hands."

    Born of dark hair and dark eyes, he is somewhat akin to his cousins in appearance. His smile is winning, and usually considered genuine by those who encounter him. Gifted with easily managed hair, he prefers it short, but has no problem keeping it fashionable as it grows out.


    A gentle soul, Dorin is a peaceful man. Though he had trained as a squire to Gage Rivers, and is not without his physical prowess, Hunter is quick to look for diplomatic solutions to most of his problems, rather than solving them with steel. He loves all animals and is a vegetarian. He studies almost all of the social arts, and can paint, dance, sing, and juggle.

    Well-rounded, Dorin finds himself adaptable to all social situations, and therefor has very few enemies about the island. He has been known to prefer the company of the families in the Reach, especially Grant Hepburn and the remaining Caldoran twins. With times falling hard on the city of Huntstown, Dorin has been tapped by his Uncle Hamilton to get out and attempt to bring more awareness to their home.

    Personal History:

    A great-grandson of Jethroe Hunter, Dorin was born into a lower branch of the family, to his father (who shared his name) and Denise Swathmore, a lesser noble who's family Jethroe had elevated to allow the wedding to take place. The eldest child of his family, Dorin enjoyed the life of an only child for nearly seven years before the first of his two siblings were born.

    The arrival of his sister was a blessing. Dorin was very much eager to be an older brother, and having been seven when the child came, he had a pretty good understanding of what was expected of him where the new children were concerned. Not a selfish or greedy child, Dorin abandoned his toys whenever the younger kids showed an interest. He very much believed that his property was communal, where his siblings were concerned.

    His formative years were dull, as Dorin spent most of them with his nose in a book. He loved to read, and it was very seldom that the topic mattered. Interested in politics, the young man reluctantly squired to be a knight. Unfortunately, being a second cousin to the head of his house, Dorin was well down the line for anything resembling lordship. His recent contact with Hamilton, and the other man's request for him to be the diplomatic face of the family, was met with some joy.

    Dorin's parents passed with the plague, but he was never overly close to them once the younger children were born. He was fiercely independent, and had pretty much been his own man since the day he left Huntstown for Aston.

    Family Genealogy:

    Hunter (year born)
    -Jethroe Hunter (114) -- Janis Thatcher (120)
         -Keith Hunter (140) -- Elaine Falcon (141)
              -Lawrence Hunter (159) -- Kendra Brisbun (161)
                   -Hamilton Hunter (180) -- Katherine Woodson (179)
                        - Gwendolyn Hunter (198)
                        -Lawrence Hunter II (201)
                        - Sylvia Hunter (204)
                        + -- Sharon Remington (186)
                        -Hamilton Hunter II (208)
                        -Patrick Hunter (212)
                   -Richard Hunter (183) -– Unnamed Wife (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Charleton Hunter (189)
                   -Felton Hunter (191)
                   -Regina Hunter (197)
         -Carolyn Hunter (143) -- Unnamed Husband (?)**
         -Jason Hunter (146) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Dorin Hunter (166) -- Unnamed Wife (?)
                   -Dorin Hunter II (189)
                   -River's Girl (196)
                   -Unnamed Boy (198)
              -Derrick Hunter (168) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
                   -Taia “Jaelyn” Hunter (194)
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