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    Annemarie Baptiste

    Player: Jenna
    Contact: email or PM is best, please.

    Character Name: Annemarie Baptiste
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 20, 190
    Current Location: South Huntswalk
    House: Baptiste
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: House Baptiste earned its place doing the same thing it continues to do today: keep the populace healthy. Originally the private and personal physicians to the royal family, they earned land of their own through their service and loyalty. Over time Briarwatch Keep became a place healers and doctors were welcome to come and exchange knowledge, for the betterment of all the land.

    The Baptiste family earned and maintains a solid reputation for being skilled and discreet, and as such they still tend to the Royal family when the need arises. Most of the in-house doctors in the noble houses of Balfour were in some part trained by the Baptistes, and there are few cities and towns in which the name and good reputation of the family is not known.

    [ written by Amy ]

    Played By/Face Claim: Sarah Bolger

    Appearance: Annemarie possesses a small but feminine figure crowned with soft, brown hair. Large blue eyes reside in a porcelain face, vibrant with intelligence and curiosity. She is a contrast of luxurious gowns in the proper setting, but plain attire for working with the books, plants and other aspects of study set on her by her patron, Lord Alexander. Strong, slim hands have sensitive fingers, accustomed to working with books and plants alike.

    Intelligence is the first of Annemarie’s gifts. As a daughter of House Baptiste, she has ventured into a slightly different path than her sister Evangeline. Evy is a true physician and healer, whereas Anne is more of an herbalist and compounding apothecary. Memorizing various plants, herbs, spices and recipes is not easy, but she prides herself on carrying an increasing store of knowledge of remedies, salves, potions and the like to treat diseases and maladies.

    Passion is easily another of her virtues or vices. Anything to be done is embraced with all of her heart, mind and soul. Annemarie does not commit halfway to her chosen tasks, beliefs or emotions. It empowers her to face a challenge and overcome it, but it also frequently leads her into discomfort or awkward situations. On the other hand, passion has given her the ability to sway or persuade when all hope seems lost.

    Independence comes naturally to her. Fostered in her early teens to House Romanov as part of an exchange of skills and knowledge, Annemarie swiftly learned how to fend for herself. Living in a house where tension was typically in the air compelled her to look to her own needs, the better to avoid the lady of the house.

    Studious, disciplined, occasionally outspoken, Annemarie is all of these, but more, she is warm-hearted, generous and a solid friend. She cannot see someone in trouble and not find a way to help, despite it costing her dearly more than once. Loyal to her family, there is nothing she will not do to protect or defend the name of Baptiste and those who hold it. Despite being a protégée of the Romanovs, she has never forgotten from whence she came.

    She does view the Romanovs as a second family, fighting to help save those she could from the plague and mourning those she couldn’t. They have, as a family, been very good to her, and Annemarie does not forget that, doing what she can to support her foster-family as opportunity permits.

    Personal History:

    The fourth child of five, Annemarie did not start out being extraordinary or special among her siblings. Raised in a family of healers, she didn’t have her sister Evangeline’s skill for empathy or her charisma. Instead, she took a more intellectual approach to the arts of healing, preferring to be more independent in her pursuits of the family’s profession.

    Even from a young age, she spent more time with her mother. Anne did not have what it took to become a midwife or even a decent nurse, but she had a genuine talent for compounding medicines, for growing what was needed to create those medicines, and experimenting to bring forth new remedies. She was curious, constantly playing with the plants, mortal and pestles, and trying to blend numerous ingredients to see what would happen.

    Given the same practical education as the other Baptiste children, Annemarie proved a diligent, focused student. The natural sciences were her favorite subjects, coming easily to her understanding. Thankfully, her parents and older siblings were understanding, allowing her to find her own path. She was not especially close to any of her siblings, unfortunately, feeling too different from them to truly develop a well-meshed relationship.

    When she was thirteen, an agreement between House Baptiste and House Romanov resulted in a question posed to her – would she consent to a fostering at Old Havenwick, while one of the Romanovs took up fostering at South Huntswalk? Intrigued, Annemarie agreed and soon was installed as Alexander Romanov’s student.

    Upon arriving in Old Havenwick, she soon discovered that Alexander Romanov was living a miserable existence. His marriage to Corinne deFleur was one in which neither partner had much in common, resulting in frequent clashes. Alexander was a true scholar, a man who preferred the peace and solace of his books and papers, whereas Corinne was ambitious and spoiled, frequently berating her husband for his failures to indulge her desire to make a social splash and rise up the social ladder of Balfour nobility. Annemarie only proved fuel to the fires that raged between the couple.

    Shortly after Alexander fell ill where Annemarie was able to help him to regain his health, matters came to a head. A stormy night came where husband and wife were not speaking, but Corinne traded words for action, resulting in a three-way conflict. In a single moment, disaster struck, leaving Corinne dead, Alexander guilt-ridden and Annemarie torn between bone-deep fear and relief.

    The last two years have been mostly quiet, until the plague struck. Try as they might to stave off the foul disease, too many Romanovs fell prey to it despite the best efforts of Alexander and Annemarie to find a cure. Dark days have come, but perhaps there will be a ray of light coming soon with her sister’s return.

    Family Genealogy:

    Baptiste (Birth Year)

    Archibald Baptiste(b. 104 d. 155) – Corinne Morgan (b. 105 d. 167)
         Gerard Baptiste (b. 126, d. 182) – Annette Kinney (b. 128, d. 181)
              Phillip Baptiste (b. 152) -- Amelia Frost (b. 160)
                   Henry Baptiste (b. 185)
                   Evangeline Baptiste (b. 187)
                    Rebecca Baptiste(b. 189, d. 216)
                   Annemarie Baptiste (b. 190)
                   Yvette Baptiste (b. 193)
         Samantha Baptiste (b. 155) -- Jonathan Ripley (b. 155) **
         Desmond Baptiste (b. 160) -- Lucille Porter (b. 162) **

    Writing Sample:

    The game that afternoon left Elizabeth disheveled and flushed, prompting a retreat into the keep to ensure that she tidied herself and recovered her composure before she sought the Ladies of Welch Run. Intending to entreat them both to a walk in the cool of the evening and to explore their newly acquired lands, she made her way down to the main rooms in the hopes of locating one or both of the ladies. They were similar in appearance, yet Elizabeth observed that their personalities were markedly divergent. It promised to make for interesting friendships indeed, something she could use.

    Keeping company with the young ladies would keep Adam from attempting to keep too close a watch on her. Her brother was a good man, an honorable man, but far too protective of his siblings. To wit, she was blessed by good fortune that kept him oblivious and ignorant to some of her more audacious antics, not that Elizabeth would ever prove foolish enough to attempt them under his nose or away from Aston. This simply was not the appropriate time or place to behave in any way save properly and correctly. First impressions could make quite a difference when it came to future dealings.
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