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Thread: Amelia Baptiste

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    Amelia Baptiste

    Player: Amy
    Contact: PM or email

    Character Name: Amelia Baptiste
    Character Age: 58
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 16th, 160
    Current Location: South Huntswalk
    House: House Baptiste
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: House Baptiste earned its place doing the same thing it continues to do today: keep the populace healthy. Originally the private and personal physicians to the royal family, they earned land of their own through their service and loyalty. Over time Briarwatch Keep became a place healers and doctors were welcome to come and exchange knowledge, for the betterment of all the land.

    The Baptiste family earned and maintains a solid reputation for being skilled and discreet, and as such they still tend to the Royal family when the need arises. Most of the in-house doctors in the noble houses of Balfour were in some part trained by the Baptistes, and there are few cities and towns in which the name and good reputation of the family is not known.

    Castle: Briarwatch Keep

    Played By/Face Claim: Helena Bonham Carter

    Appearance: Large dark brown eyes peer out from a pleasingly angular face, framed all ‘round with unruly brown curls. An expressive woman, Amelia’s life has been recorded in the lines on her face, although if you were to ask her, she would tell you she’s proud of every one of them. She’s a slight woman, full figured and on the shorter end of the scale.

    When occasion calls for it, Amelia cleans up quite nicely, although she much prefers the more comfortable pieces she usually wears. She is in the habit of dressing in layers, and she has an affinity for stripey socks, although the latter is not necessarily common knowledge. As time has worn on and arthritis settled in to her bones, she often wears fingerless gloves, as the heat and slight pressure give her some measure of relief.

    Personality: There’s an earthy quality to Amelia that makes her a very comfortable person to be around. Perhaps it comes from her roots in a peasant village, or from the fact that most of her life she’s been up to her elbows in things polite society will not even tolerate mention of. She carries a quiet strength which has been cultivated out of necessity, although it has not in any way hardened her heart. She is warm and open, devoted heart and soul to her family; they are her joy, her pride, her everything. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her children or her husband, nothing she wouldn’t give to ensure their safety and happiness - without going so far as to keep them from experiencing life and its lessons fully.

    Amelia is an intelligent woman, with a learning that was acquired first through practice and after refined through book study. She speaks with her hands, teaches best by demonstration, and firmly believes that nobody is ever done learning.

    She can, at times, be a bit odd. She has an off-beat sense of humor, and she will often speak with a frankness that can be disarming, if a visitor isn’t used to such talk. Around company she does try to keep herself in line, however, and most of the time she’s quite successful. At times she tends to be a forgetful sort; it’s always been so, when she’s wrapped up in her own thoughts, but now it’s often age that takes the blame when she enters a room and forgets what she’d been seeking.

    Personal History: Every village has that family; the father is usually a woodsman or some such, and the mother is the person that people go to when they’re sick or hurt enough to overcome their pride and ask for help. It is exactly that sort of family from which Amelia came. As a child she never much understood why her mother was constantly receiving visitors who would regard the children warily, speak in whispers, and then hurry out the door, only to come back in a week or so with a jar of this preserve or a pot of particularly good stew or a stoneware bottle of something the children never got to taste. It was only when she got older that she realized her mother was something of a healer. She had been taught the traditional way of doing things from her own mother, and, when she was old enough, Amelia learned the same way.

    It was, perhaps, fate that brought Amelia in contact with Winston Baptiste. Everyone knew of the family, of course; the lords of the land, they were trained in proper medicine, and were called on from all over the land to tend to the noble families of Balfour. Only, when she met him, Amelia had no idea who Winston even was. He was simply a man traveling the same road as she, and they struck up a conversation as they rode, finding they had much in common. After they parted Amelia had thought that would be the last she’d see of the handsome stranger, but a letter soon arrived at her family’s house, inviting her to come to Briarwatch Keep and study. From there a mutual love rose, and even though she was of low birth and he the house’s heir, Winston’s parents consented to the marriage.

    She easily assimilated in with the family business, drawing on her experience and knowledge to become one of the most skilled midwives the land had seen in generations. It was the same thing she’d been doing before she’d married, although now instead of delivering babies to the bread maker’s wife, she was working between the knees of nobility. Her love for Winston only grew, as did his for her, and the two formed a strong bond which promised to carry them through whatever life would throw their way.

    Along the way she managed to deliver five children of her own, and with each addition her joy and love only grew. She took to mothering like a fish to water, and shifted her focus from working hands on to training other women in what she knew so that she could remain home and not leave her children to nursemaids and tutors. She was a constant presence as they grew, and she tried to teach them the things she thought they should know while also giving them a freedom to explore their own passions. Even when opportunity called and took her second youngest on a fostering exchange, Amelia let Annemarie choose, even though losing her for such an expanse of time made her heart ache every single day.

    Now with her children all but grown, Amelia is still adjusting to this next stage in life. The loss of Rebecca was a staggering blow, but she was given very little time to grieve; once the war began, the Baptistes were in high demand. It was a difficult time, especially since for much of the war Evangeline was missing, and it was only after the war was over and her oldest daughter found alive that Amelia felt she could breathe again. Now another tragedy sits upon them, and once more the Baptiste family is rising to the challenge, only this time they have some valuable allies in the fight. Only time will tell if it will be enough to draw the country out of the grip of the plague which strangles it.

    Family Genealogy:

    Archibald Baptiste (b. 104 d. 155) -- Corinne Morgan (b. 105 d. 167)
         Gerard Baptiste (b. 126, d. 182) -- Annette Kinney (b. 128, d. 181)
              Winston Baptiste (b. 152) -- Amelia Frost (b. 160)
                   Henry Baptiste (b. 185)
                   Evangeline Baptiste (b. 187)
                   Rebecca Baptiste (b. 189)
                   Annemarie Baptiste (b. 190)
                   Yvette Baptiste (b. 193)
              Samantha Baptiste (b. 155) -- Jonathan Ripley (b. 155) **
              Desmond Baptiste (b. 160) -- Lucille Porter (b. 162) **

    Writing Sample:

    Amelia stopped just inside the doorway and looked around, almost as if confused as to how she’d gotten there. Her eyes darted around the room, and after a moment a discouraged look came onto her face. Then, just as abruptly as she’d entered, she turned on her heel and left, marching back the way she came.

    It wasn’t long before she crossed the threshold once more, only this time continuing to the window seat. Digging around in the cushions, eventually she emerged triumphant, an old leather bound book in her hands. Privy to all of this was her oldest daughter, Evangeline, who had been sitting on the sofa reading. It was a scene that had played out plenty of times before, and it was bound to happen again. Only just now noticing her, Amelia startled, but smiled and walked over to wrap her arms around her daughter’s shoulders. “What’re you going to do when I get so old that this happens all the time?” she asked, laughter in her voice under the feigned sorrow.

    Evangeline turned and smirked up at her mother, reaching up to rest a hand over hers. “That will be when I look for a husband, and leave the care of you and Da to Yvette.”
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