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    Elsa Romanov

    Player: Dara
    Contact: Smoke-signal

    Character Name: Elsa Romanov
    Character Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: March 15, 199
    Current Location: Old Havenwich
    House: Romanov
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    As one of the more forward-thinking houses on Balfour, the Romanovs have always been the central hub for fostering new ideas on the western isle. When the opportunity to sail out of Tuneric in search of a new land was set before them they didn’t think twice about going. Elov Romanov was the free-spirited sort, looking for new land to settle down and promote an environment where he could cultivate the art of education and discovery. At the time they were a minor noble house, feeling that his talents were being wasted he set out with the Farrands and Calhouns to eventually aid in discovering the lands of Balfour. During the time of settlement it was many of Romanov’s ideas and levels of ingenuity that helped pioneer the country and eventually bring together both the eastern and western isles into having a solid foundation of survival and success. Though Elov did not live to see the fruits of his toils, his vision and legacy continued with his two eldest children, Elsa and Philip.

    In reward for all that the Romanovs had done, the family was granted one of the first discovered regions of the western isle known as New Havenwich. Philip focused on cultivating textiles and other trade goods whilst Elsa set her sites on continuing her father’s vision of creating a safe haven of scholastic pursuits. It is from the foundation of these two elements that House Romanov has cemented its reputation as a place where people of all classes and creeds come together in search of discovery and expansion. Over the generations ‘New’ Havenwich has now become Old Havenwich due to time and social linguistic changes. But the core mentality and general attitude of the family and, by proxy, the city is anything but old in its methods and practices.

    While the family is well regarded for its pristine artistic quality of glass and a few other minor textiles, it’s wealth comes mainly from that of ingenuity and inventions. Old Havenwich openly fosters and supports research and development no matter who the ideas come from; and it is home to some of the most famous scholars, philosophers, architects, and engineers that Balfour has ever known including many of the Romanovs themselves over the generations. Many of these individuals are common-born, but have acquired a decent living by having the Romanov family support their concepts and promote them to the country in order to continually improve the lifestyle of all who benefit. As a result, Old Havenwich is also the home to one of the largest libraries in the land and is open to anyone who wishes to learn [written by Elvy ]

    Artis Castle as represented by Peleş Castle

    Played By/Face Claim: Adelaide Kane


    The youngest, she shares her coloring with her brother Wilhelm with long black hair and dark eyes. A tall girl, she dresses to accentuate her figure, choosing fine fabrics and simple styles. She loves hair ornaments, anything that stands out well against the dark strands. The scent of flowers follows her almost everywhere she goes.


    The plague's arrival in Balfour has brought a lot of changes to Elsa Romanov's life. Before the plague, she was the apple of her father's eye, her mother's little darling. She was a free spirit who studied what interested and pleased her, and charmed her way out of what bored her (which was anything dry, dusty and dull!). A sunny little girl, she always wore a smile and talked to anyone like they were her best friend.

    Elsa has a fascination with flowers and all of the scents they produce. Thanks in no small part to her friendship with Lily Gardiner, she has discovered the Romanov talent in herself. Blending oils, spices, herbs and flowers, she has begun to experiment with perfumes. Her success has varied, but it keeps her interest up. Now she has a work-room in the castle where she tests out the blends she makes. Successes are shared. Failures are buried in the dead of night.

    She used to be a very confident girl, but losing her parents and most of her family so quickly has made her uncertain. A distant relationship with Marcus has not helped, now that he is lord of their house. Wilhelm has been away in South Huntswalk too, so in some ways, she feels he is a little bit of a stranger. Losing Raelyn was incredibly hard on Elsa. With the plague going uncured, she fears losing what little family she has left, and her friend Lily too.

    Despite the changes, the chaos and the uncertainty, Elsa is a sweet girl, loving and loyal. She has an optimistic bent to her, and she adores chocolate. A secret desire to travel burns in her, but she is hesitant to ask Marcus's permission to do so. She does not know what his plans are, if any. In spite of that, she is trying to get closer to her brother, knowing he has a lot on his plate for a man who never expected to be Lord of the House.

    Personal History:

    Coming along as the last of the Romanov siblings, Elsa was likely a surprise baby after Raelyn. She was a quiet child, but always full of sunshine and smiles. Happy to sit where she was placed, it was flowers that caught her attention early. As time went by, that attention grew more focused and confused her sister Raelyn.

    Elsa made toys of flowers but also learned how to work in the gardens of Old Havenwich as a child, the better to hide what she’d picked from the grouchy old gardeners. Or she’d plant the new seeds that were sent to her by her friend Rosemary Gardiner, a test to see if what she’d tried to do worked. It was a secret between the girls that never was revealed.

    She took to her lessons well enough, learning all the faster when her governess began to put things in terms of the flowers the girl loved so. There was seldom a day gone by where Elsa didn’t have a flower or sprig of green in her hair. Even her room tended to be a bower of plants and flowers.

    A mischievous girl, she used to play games with her sister, though she was somewhat distant from her older brothers. Wilhelm went to South Huntswalk as a foster to House Baptiste, and Marcus was so much older that he was already living his own life. Her parents didn’t exactly spoil their youngest, but they also indulged her plenty. Anything to keep her smiling, they tended to do. Fortunately, Elsa didn’t think to take advantage of that.

    Taken to Silesia as circumstances allowed, Elsa was able to meet up with Rosemary plenty, the better to explore the city and participate in Rosemary’s secret adventures. They were exciting, occasionally a little reckless and always something new. Rosemary was the life of the party and Elsa admired her friend’s courage so much. They were very different, but life without Rosemary would be so very dull.

    Then the plague came and everything changed for Elsa. Losing her parents and Raelyn, then so much of their family in so short a time devastated her and left her without firm ground to stand on. She is afraid now like she never has been in her short life, afraid that even her brothers will be taken from her. Turning to Marcus, Elsa is hoping to establish a bond with him and find her way again, and with Wilhelm. Life is full of new and interesting chances!

    Family Genealogy:

    Romanov Family Genealogy:
    • Valdis Romanov (115) -- Margo Vãduva
      • Aleksander Romanov (142) -- Isolde El-Amin
        • Marshal Romanov (167) -- Meriwether Lovelyn
          • Davina Romanov -- Benedict de Valencia
            • Jeremy de Valencia
            • Alanis de Valencia
            • Gemma de Valencia

          • Brandon Romanov -- Yvette Von Pelletier
            • Larisa Romanov

          • Oliver Romanov

        • Colbert Romanov (171) -- Rose Tremblay
          • Daniel Romanov (191) -- Sinaed Fitzsimmons
            • Oliver Romanov

          • Marcus Romanov (193)
          • Wilhelm Romanov
          • Raelyn Romanov
          • Elsa Romanov

        • Marjorie Romanov (174) -- Elston Lee Yarwood
          • See House Yarwood
      • Anselm Romanov (145) -- Bernadette Rousseau
        • Simone Romanov (163) -- spouse
          • children

        • Anthony Romanov (164) -- Phyllis Bousaid
          • Brent Romanov (187) -- Arielle Corteo
            • Chloe Romanov
            • Calista Romanov

          • Ulysses Romanov -- Viviette Prichard
            • Famke Romanov

          • Ephram Romanov
          • Zelda Romanov

        • Natasha Romanov (169) -- Gustave Deveraux
          • See House Deveraux

        • Vaughn Romanov (171) -- Willow Gardiner
          • Dahlia Romanov (197)
          • Liam Romanov
          • Ferne Romanov
        • Alexander Romanov -- Corinne deFleur

    Writing Sample:

    Tatianna looked at Marcus oddly for a minute when he encouraged her to remember the good times. He obviously did not know very much about Luther to make that comment. There was a reason, a good one, why her oldest brother was the one being Sacrificed instead of her. It wasn't her place to reveal Farrand-Calhoun secrets, though. "Perhaps you have that right. I have a new destiny, as you say, so I can begin to think towards the future, what-ever it might be." She smiled, trying to find that positive aspect in all of this. As far as Tatianna was concerned, Luther's death was probably going to be the opening of a brand new era of peace for Balfour.

    Her fingers twitched before he caught up her hand, her eyes going wide as he smoothly touched his lips to her knuckles. He was very charming, she could already tell that much, and hoped she didn't sound too naive or stupid. Tatianna was not a sophisticated girl by any means. Letting his comment pass without remark, she thought on the name. The Romanovs held Old Havenwich, she knew. A family of scholars and eccentrics, for the most part, but he seemed like an exception to that rule. "Lord Marcus, then? Or should I come up with a new title just for you?"
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