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    Aloise Peregrine

    Player: Amy
    Contact: PM is best

    Character Name: Aloise Peregrine
    Character Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: November 19th, 203
    Current Location: Welch Run
    House: House Peregrine by birth
    Crest Appearance::

    House Description/History: The Peregrine family had sat in the ruling seat of Welch Run for as long as anyone could remember. All it took was one injustice and they had lost everything. Lord Alexander had ruined everything and condemned their family to something much worse than being stripped of their power. Disgrace, public humiliation, and the overthrow by a family of knights they had trusted for years were the main ingredients to their downfall. Ripped from power the remainders of the Peregrine family live among the De Angelis's and await their own fates.
    [Credit to Kiera]

    Played By/Face Claim: Haley Pullos

    Appearance: Shorter of stature and slight of figure, Aloise still bears many of the hallmarks of youth. Her face has barely finished shedding the softness of childhood, revealing the lovely cheekbones and strong, sharp features that marks her as a Peregrine. Her brown hair is kept long, usually loose, and her eyes are a pleasant, warm brown.

    She loves wearing the fine, lovely things that her family was used to, although her own particular style has not quite developed and refined yet. Aloise is still uncomfortable being seen in clothes that might expose more flesh than she’s used to, and as a result her dresses are always cut modestly as she transitions between dressing like a child and dressing as a woman. For everyday wear she leaves the jewels and fragile fabrics to the others, preferring things that can stand up to her still-boundless energy, while still making her feel pretty, of course.

    Personality: Aloise was something of an anomaly when considered in the context of most of her family. She had not yet developed the pride that seems to be their main characteristic, nor had her demeanor truly turned cold, even if sometimes she acts the part to be more like her older sister. One trait she did seem to have in common was a reservedness, although this was a recent development over the past year or two, and came largely out of pressure from others that she begin growing up and “acting like a lady”.

    In truth, Aloise is still mired in the transition away from childhood. Only lately had she started to wonder who she was, her true personality emerging from the carefree capriciousness early youth allowed. Most days, she was kind and fairly quiet. She didn’t see the benefit of being outwardly cruel, and if someone needed help more often than not she would provide what aid she could. Although she was raised to represent the nobility of their house’s position, more often than not Aloise translated that to “put your nose in the air, shut up, and behave”; although she postured the part, she mostly lacked the entitled airs that came so naturally to her kin.

    The events of the Peregrine downfall have left Aloise a shell of herself. There are bound to be serious consequences to experiencing such deep trauma at such a vital and volatile point in her life, but how they might manifest is anyone’s guess. Now she moves as if a ghost, all laughter and life removed from her hollow eyes. Someday, a spark of personality might once again emerge from the ruin of the girl Aloise was, but such a day seems very far off indeed.

    Personal History: As a middle child to a noble family, Aloise was granted an upbringing that was both privileged and somewhat unattended. She benefited from lessons taken from good tutors, and like any girl she learned the skills of needlework and dancing and looking pretty. But she also had the advantage of often being overlooked. Not as noteworthy as her older siblings, and not as needy as her younger ones, Aloise was always slipping off to go spend the afternoon in a tree, or to walk through her family’s lands on a sunny day. She was blissfully ignorant of the particular problems that were growing, although she could sense the tension; but in truth, the more tense her family became, the more she would seek solace elsewhere.

    That ignorance was shattered, violently, when her family was overthrown.

    If asked now, Aloise will not speak on what happened during the battle, or immediately afterward. It would be possible to believe that she didn’t remember, that her mind had shut it out and locked it away, if it weren’t for the hollow, haunted look in her eyes. All it takes is one look into her eyes to realize that she remembers everything: each and every death she witnessed, every body she was dragged past, every security that was taken from her, every touch from unwelcome hands.

    It is said that the De Angelis family spared the lives of the three Peregrine girls out of mercy. But from where Aloise stands, mercy had nothing to do with it.

    Family Genealogy:

    Peregrine (Birth Year)
    - Logan Peregrine (165) -- Diana Shayne (165)
                   - Alexander Peregrine (182) -- Phoebe Laine (184)
                                  - Solomon Peregrine (199)
                                  - Veronica Peregrine (201)
                                  - Lysander Peregrine (203)
                   - Phillip Peregrine (183) -- Ambrosia Nye (185)
                                  - Delphia Peregrine (198)
                                  - Myron Peregrine (200)
                                  - Aloise Peregrine (203)
                                  - Zoe Peregrine Twin (207)
                                  - Theron Peregrine Twin (207)
                                  - Timothy Peregrine (210)
                                  - Anastasia Peregrine (216)

    Writing Sample: Consciousness came suddenly, and although it offered a reprieve from the scene that had been playing in her mind, it offered Aloise no additional comfort. Her skin crawled; it felt too tight, foreign, as if it wasn’t hers. She pressed her hands against her chest and her stomach, trying to make it better, but the creeping feeling remained. When she closed her eyes, the dream’s vision reappeared, leaping at her although she wished to chase it away. Even as her eyes closed to weep, the prickle of tears could not erase what was so deeply embedded in her mind.

    Like a corpse she rose from her bed, the thin nightgown she’d been given hanging limply from her thin body. Her dark hair clung to her face, dampened by sweat and by tears, but she didn’t bother to clear it away as her bare feet padded to her sister’s door. She stood outside it for a moment, a familiar shame joining the cacophony in her head, but she knocked quietly, pushing the door open as she did. She felt unpleasantly like a baby, seeking the comfort her sister’s company could provide, but when there was no other comfort to be found, what was she to do?

    As she had on previous nights, Aloise closed the door behind her, padding quietly across the floor to slip into bed with Delphia. She didn’t bother to wake her sister anymore; none of them were able to sleep deeply enough that an intruder would go unnoticed. Sliding in beside her, Aloise settled in and stared at the walls, bidding herself to keep from blinking. Soon, perhaps, sleep would come, and maybe it would even be free from demons. But if not, at least she could take comfort in the fact that she wasn’t alone in the night.
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