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Thread: Baldur Stålhammar Rosenkrantz

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    Baldur Stålhammar Rosenkrantz

    Player: Jay
    Contact: PM or

    Character Name: Baldur Stålhammar Rosenkrantz
    Character Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 26, 191
    Current Location: Pygarg Mountains
    House: Stålhammar (tribe) Rosenkrantz (house)
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Credit goes to Elvy

    House Rosenkrantz goes way back prior to the time that Esquibel was even founded. Originally the mountain folk of Pygarg ruled the entirety of the eastern island as original natives to the land. The mountain was run by five tribal chieftains: Stålhammar, Folkensklold, Von Ammondt, Sperling, and Landvik. Over time they found themselves prey to marauders and neighboring ‘civilized’ countries. The settlors of the Deveraux, Belmonte, and Corteo were originally thought of as hostiles, but action showed otherwise and they stayed silent for a time until neighboring problems surfaced again. Eventually the mountain folk agreed to ally themselves with the settlors to permanently claim the lands as their own.

    As a result of the Deveraux’s political savvy, the houses were all unified under a single ruler. The tribes themselves were given noble status with the name of Rosenkrantz. This shifted the political methods in how the mountainfolk maintained their lands in balance with the new regime and became part of the kingdom that is now known as Esquibel. The Rosenkrantz have a pseudo-social structure within their house. Rosenkrantz isn’t just a family name, it represents an entire people under one cumulative title. An individual born of the mountain regions will have a first, middle, and surname indicating their given name, tribal affiliation, and their marking of nobility granted by the royal family of Deveraux. Rosenkrantz typically have tattoos that mark their heritage and namesake, and each of the chieftains have their own strengths and specialties along the way. But all operate under the same laws that unify all of them as Rosenkrantz.

    Heads of each chieftain family goes to the firstborn regardless of gender.
    High Lordship of the entirety of House Rosenkrantz is passed to each chieftain family for a single generation, and a child from the previous high lord will be betrothed to the next family’s firstborn heir.
    Marriages to the other noble families ARE encouraged with the exception of the High Lordship position due to tradition / custom. (this rule has been broken a time or two in the past)

    Stålhammar and Folkensklold have always been more attuned to their tribal roots and heritage. While Stålhammars favor a more brutish sword or hammer approach, the Folkensklolds are apt hunters and masters of the bow. Rosenkrantz from either of these two houses favor furs and traditional dress that mark them as warriors and effective survivalists. While they are still highly educated, they tend to less favor the pomp and circumstances of court and high society and are typically more heavily tattooed, along with favoring face paints during hunts or ceremonies, to pay homage to their ancestors and to proudly display their heritage. These two tribes tend to favor outside marriages to nobles born and bred as soldiers or sailors since the warrior mindset and code of ethics is often of mutual value. These two tribes, along with the Von Ammondts, tend to cultivate and provide the most natural goods to the capital.

    Played By/Face Claim: Brad Pitt

    Appearance: When one first looks at Baldur, they no doubt see exactly what a warrior should look like. Through years of honing his skills with various weapons and constant physical activity, Baldur has turned his tall frame into a well muscled killing machine. While not too bulky and not too lean, he is built for raw power, while remaining somewhat quick when compared to that of the average person. He has intense blue eyes and his blond hair is usually seen long and unkempt. The Stålhammar man is very rarely seen dressed up, opting to wear armor for protection or more comfy clothing that is easy to move in. Baldur does not have many distinguishing marks on his body, a few battle scars mar his otherwise perfect sun kissed skin, along with the warhammer of Stålhammar tribe inked on his left forearm.

    Personality: Baldur is a very outspoken man, never hesitating to make his opinion known on a matter, no matter how unpopular it may be. He is quick to point out the flaws, short comings, and screw ups of others, while making sure to voice how much better he is. Despite his harsh criticisms, Baldur makes it a point to let people know where they stand with him. Good or bad, he tells it like it is, having been taught not to say something behind a person's back that you wouldn't say to their face. He has never been a strategic individual, believing that the right amount of violence can solve any problem. His personal motto is 'When in doubt, power out' and this brute force philosophy has got him both into and out of situations, though there have been more than a few times that it has got him into more trouble than he could handle.

    He judges a person's worth based on their battle prowess, more importantly how adept they are at melee combat, as Baldur views this to be the only true way to fight. Swords, axes, spears, and warhammers are the tools that he enjoys, greatly disliking bows as he views them to be the weapon of women and cowards. There are two things that Baldur hates. The first is people people that are disloyal, his rage often sudden and violent towards those that he feels betrayed him. The second thing is the thing he hates most and that is smugglers. Following the death of his mother at the hands of smugglers, Baldur has made it a point to hunt down any that travel through the Pygarg Mountains, almost to the point of suicidal recklessness.

    Personal History: Baldur was born on February 26th in the year 191, the second child of Zarkana Stålhammar Rosenkrantz, leader of the Rosenkrantz tribes. From an early age, he was instilled with the knowledge that he would not be a high lord like his mother, or even the head of the Stålhammar tribe unless something were to happen with his older sister. Still that did not mean that he was any less important to their tribe, it just meant that he would be following a different path. The Stålhammar boy grew quickly and was large for his age, so he was set down the path to become a warrior. He took to his training in combat enthusiastically, excelling at it early on, with many in the tribe saying he had the makings to be like the famous warriors of old. This inspired Baldur to push himself harder and train more rigorously, wanting to carve out his own path and make a name for himself. He wanted to be relevant despite the fact that he wasn't a first born child. He wanted to be the very best at what he did. The most important thing though, was that he wanted his name to be passed down through the ages, just like the legendary tribesman he had been told about as a boy.

    As was the custom in the Stålhammar tribe, Baldur received a tattoo of the Stålhammar warhammer on his left forearm at the age of sixteen. By this time he had devoted most if not all of his time training, learning anything that he could from the more experienced and seasoned members of the tribe. He started being fiercely competitive with his siblings, chasing the shadow of his older sister in the hopes that he would surpass her, while his younger brother Loki chased his. At least that was how he perceived it, whether or not his brother actually felt that way was irrelevant, as it helped give Baldur an extra push to hone his skills further.

    At the age of twenty-two, Baldur along with his brother Loki joined a group formed by Varekai dubbed the Links of Pygarg, designed to deter illegal smuggling through their territory. His reasonings for joining were purely for individual gain. He had hoped that the group would see combat and would help to increase his already growing renown throughout the tribes. The other reason was to better see the type of woman that his future wife would be, Baldur already assuming that Varekai would wed him as he was the eldest son of the Stålhammar clan. Things for the group started out rocky, as Baldur made the argument that he should be leading the group as he was the most capable warrior out of those that had joined, while his brother wanted Varekai to lead as she was the future high lord.

    This was the first of many arguments between the brothers on the subject, and eventually the rift that had begun to grow caused Loki to make the decision to persue Varekai. Baldur could not help but feeling a bit of betrayal at his brother's decision and the result was that he was much harder on Loki than he had ever been in the past. He pushed him harder and harder, partly because he wanted to see how capable Loki was outside of his shadow, and partly because he wanted his brother to fail in front of Varekai. However, it would backfire as both brothers would get captured due to one of Loki's riskier plans, causing them to have to be freed by Varekai and the rest of the Links of Pygarg. It had been humiliating to say the least, but after that the group seemed to mesh a lot better, and the brothers had mellowed out and took less risks.

    Unfortunately this would not last as Baldur had witnessed a kiss between Varekai and Loki. His anger surfaced suddenly and he couldn't believe that his brother had the nerve to do such a thing, even though he had stated his intentions. He didn't think before acting and started a brawl with his younger brother. Varekai had tried to break the fight up and got in between the pair of Stålhammar men, Loki had stopped himself, but Baldur wanted victory so badly that he followed through with his punch. The result was that he knocked the girl out cold and when she came to she disbanded the Links of Pygarg, sending the brothers from her company and not wanting anything else to do with them.

    The trip back to their village was a long one and one that had been made in silence, as neither of them really had anything to say about their behavior, taking the time to just cool down. When they had returned home, Zarkana had made sure to give them an earful, and not long after had set up a meeting with Varekai to inform the girl of her responsibilities as the future high lord. Sadly, his mother would not live much longer as she was killed during a smuggling ambush. Baldur has put aside his personal feelings towards his younger brother, in a time where family is now as important as ever, though he knows that there will always be tension between the two.

    Now, Baldur finds himself in a place that he really doesn't want to be in, serving as a glorified bodyguard alongside his brother to Varekai. The tension between the trio is palpable as all he wants at the moment is vengeance against those that murdered Zarkana, even though he knows that Varekai has other responsibilities. Though, he has been paranoid as of late that the young girl might have had a hand in his mother's death, as it seems a bit convenient for her to have been ambushed shortly after their meeting.

    Family Genealogy:

    Rosenkrantz Family Genealogy:
    • Zaia Stålhammar Rosenkrantz -- Hjörtur Kaspersen
      • Zarkana Stålhammar Rosenkrantz (previous high lord) (53) – Friđrik Landvik Rosenkrantz
        • Ragna Stålhammar Rosenkrantz (29) (tribe lord) -- Wotan Von Ammondt Rosenkrantz
          • Frederick Stålhammar Rosenkrantz
        • Baldur Stålhammar Rosenkrantz
        • Loki Stålhammar Rosenkrantz
        • Sigrun Stålhammar Rosenkrantz (identical twin)
        • Sigrid Stålhammar Rosenkrantz (identical twin)
      • Olaf Stålhammar Rosenkrantz -- Rota Hjalmvitr
        • Mist Stålhammar Rosenkrantz -- Constantin Corteo
          • See House Corteo
        • Grigor Stålhammar Rosenkrantz

    Writing Sample: Using my writing sample from Kiirion

    The night was still young as it usually was when Kiirion retired early for the night. He had been quite drunk, or so he said, it had just been his usual ruse to get out of social obligations so that he could enjoy a night running around the back alleys and rooftops of Day's Death. Tonight had been an especially good night for that. The moon hung high overhead in a cloudless sky, illuminating the streets below, giving him an easy enough time to see in the dark as he leapt from roof to roof, his padded boots making little noise.

    As he moved silently through the night, his cloak billowed in the wind. Tonight he wasn't exactly dressed to run and jump around the city, but over the years this had become so second nature to him that it didn't seem to slow him down. On this night rather than wearing his house colors of black and green, Kiirion was wearing all white, with the exception of a pair of blue gloves and the blue mask that hid the lower half of his face. The reason was obvious enough. If he had to kill someone and there happened to be witnesses he didn't want to incriminate his family in any suspicious activity.

    But why wear mostly white while trying to move around the city rooftops without being noticed? The answer was simple enough. He wanted people to see him coming, wanted people to feel fear when he swooped in for his kill, and wanted them to put up a fight. Kiirion had become so arrogant on his fun nights that he grew reckless. So far it had not come back to bite him in the ass and it was beginning to look like it wouldn't on this night either.

    Kiirion peered into the alley below, perched atop the roof one of the many shops that could be found in the city. He watched and waited as two would be thieves were trying to break into an armor shop across the street from where he was at, unable to pick the lock with ease. The two argued and cursed eachother as they took turns fumbling with the lock, unable to notice that he was hiding above. Drawing two curved daggers from his belt, Kiirion took a leap off the edge of the roof, seeming to almost float as gravity took control of his body. The two men didn't even look up as he stabbed into both of their necks, using their bodies to cushion his fall.

    "Why do they never look up?" he muttered under his breath, disappointed at how easy the double kill had been. His amusement and the lack of challenge was unimportant though. The only thing that mattered was that their blood was draining from their lifeless corpses into the street. His dark goddess would be pleased this night.
    Secrets: PMed
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