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Thread: Our Daughters' Daughters Will Adore Us - 9/22 evening, The Ruby's Setting - The Girls [open]

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    Marianne appreciated the fire that burned around her, fueled by determination and resolve, but she caught the look on Sir Dorin's face and took a rare few minutes to contemplate. Charlotte, she knew, would throw herself headlong into the Sisterhood and champion the cause to her dying breath if only to show Hamilton that he gravely underestimated the women of his family. A glance at Victoria Fairfax took note of the girl's fascination, shifting to see the caution on Gisela's features. There was a part of her that longed to hoist the banner high and to wave it proudly, but she also viewed the world realistically. This was not a cause that could be advanced without caution or subtlety. The battle would be long and hard, and while she agreed that it began with the elimination of ignorance, they also needed voices that would be heeded.

    Rising slowly to her feet, she touched Charlotte's arm and spoke almost coolly compared to the heated passion displayed by the two women. "Your point is well raised, and I share your perspective. I agree that the best answer is to banish ignorance, but also I feel I must preach caution. Change does not come easily to Tuneric, and it seldom comes swiftly. We cannot be like the fire, sweeping through like an inferno. Rather, let us be like the river, shaping the land through our course over time. Think of this not as a single battle, because it is not so simple. It is a war comprised of many smaller battles."

    She looked over the faces of the women gathered, aware that her stance might not be appreciated, but she was compelled to be honest. "Let us begin with opening minds, but also look beyond the women to the children, boys as well as girls. We must teach our children, our sons as well as our daughters, brothers as well as sisters, to look beyond the merely physical to the intellectual and spiritual. The future is our best hope of progress, and we must be prepared to walk a long road. "

    Marianne glanced back to Finnella for a moment, meeting the woman's eyes with a smile. "As you say, Fate has a way of shifting the landscapes. I am with you, I will aid this cause, but I must also remind us all that no war is fought and won overnight. So long as we temper our ambition with patience, boldness with discretion, and intelligence with love... we can accomplish great things, not only for ourselves, but for all the daughters and sisters to come."

    She did not consider herself eloquent by nature, and hoped that the spirit of her intention served to soften the cautionary tale she told. As blue eyes swept the group, they rested first on Finnella, then on Gisela and Allison, gauging their reactions.

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    Victoria sat, transfixed in place as the conversation went on around her. For once, she was without something to say, trying to take it all in and looking at the reactions surrounding her. Edward would be horrified to find out about this, especially after all his cautions about playing it smart and playing it subtle. She kept quiet as first Lady Charlotte, then Princess Marianne spoke. She agreed with both women and didn't see much reason to say so, she'd just be echoing what was already said much more eloquently then she herself could say it.

    Then her eyes fell on Ser Dorin, seeing the look he wore. It wasn't disgust or disdain, but it was much more like... fear? What was he afraid of? That women were actually capable of thinking and leading and ruling beside men, or on their own? That they could stand and fight just as capably as men to preserve their rights, and to demand more? Curious, to her way of thinking, unless he feared they were going to turn on him like a pack of wolves and tear him apart just for being a man.

    Looking back at the women, Victoria waited to see who would speak next.

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