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Thread: Asher Einar-Isael

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    Asher Einar-Isael

    Player: Not Seamus.
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    Character Name: Asher Einar-Isael
    Character Age: 49
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 17th
    Current Location: River Butte
    House: Einar-Isael
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    Castle Claim - The Citadel, Bebbanburg Castle

    The men of House Einar have long served the Day Monarchy in the coast lands of Tuneric. Among the primary sailors that freed the Days from imprisonment at Day's Death, they were a noble house that were vassals to the Durands of White Coast. Despite their loyalty, and good standing in the eyes of the crown, the Einars had always been hesitant to branch out and mingle with the other nobles of the island. This lack of growth in their family tree led to many miscarriages and short life spans.

    When the Riethert family surrendered River Butte back to the crown in 216, the Einar-Isael caln was chosen to succeed them, based on their history, loyalty, and positive relations with the local inhabitants of the Coast. Asher, the current lord of the city has recently lost his wife, who had failed to produce a child who lived past the age of seven.

    In 218, Asher's younger sister was chosen by King Cailen to serve on his elite guard, and Asher was glad to have her gone from the Citadel. Secretly, he was pleased when his wife passed, as he was confident that she was no longer capable of producing him an heir, and he would need to find a new wife if his line was to continue into the future.

    Played By/Face Claim: Kevin Bacon


    Thin and wiry, it's clear that Asher is not a hearty eater. He is blessed with a few physical boons, including a full head of hair in his advancing years. Due to the fact that he rarely leaves his fortress, Asher has retired the majority of his finery, and tends to relax in his old military garb. His blue eyes may be old, but they are still strong, and his lithe frame betrays a strength honed over years in the field.


    A military man by trade, Asher is very strong in the way he runs his house, and he tends to treat those beneath him with a heavy hand. His demeanor has very little room for compassion, as he remains quite bitter of the the lot he has been cast by the fates. The fact that none of his children servived long enough for him to pass on his legacy has left him with a very nervous tension about what will happen if he dies without a healthy heir. A shrewd businessman, Asher is quick to get what he needs, but stingy about parting with what he wants.

    Personal History:

    The eldest son of Cahal Einar, Asher was a small child. He was frail and slight, and for a while there was a bit of concern about whether he might survive. But his mother Aisling was stronger, and she was good about nurturing her son. It wasn't long before he was out of the woods, and took to his schooling. Like the other men in his family, he studied military tactics and formations, and learned what he needed about running a house. Knighted by Aramis in his early twenties, Asher married Emelia Coranado and had three children amid a dozen miscarriages. None of his children lived past the age of seven, and Asher has lived with the despair of knowing he might never see a living heir.

    The plague actually brought some relief when it claimed his wife, and Asher is eager to find a new bride in order to help meet his goal of restoring his family line. As it stands now, his only living relative is his half-sister Aoife, who is the daughter of his mother's younger sister, whom his father remarried after Aisling passed away.

    Family Genealogy:

    Einar-Isael (Birth Year)
    -Cahal Parth Einar -- Aisling Isael
         Asher Einar-Isael (169) - Emelia Coranado
              Evard Einar-Isael
              Jacob Einar-Isael
              Teresa Einar-Isael
         - Calder Ahearn Einar-Isael (178)

                             -- Brigette Isael
         -Aoife Luned Einar-Isael (190)
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