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Thread: Cordelia Kendrick

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    Cordelia Kendrick

    Player: Jenna
    Contact: G-talk, PM

    Character Name: Cordelia Kendrick
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: Month, day and year
    Current Location: Tarreston
    House: Kendrick
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [ Authored by Rick ]

    The history of House Kendrick is a muddled one. Rising to prominence in the service of the Redleaf family, Jarrad Kendrick was a distinguished knight who defended the quarries in Pyre's Cliff from bandits and rival families. He was promoted and granted the town of Tarreston to hold for the Redleafs. Building Mountain Rose from the ground up, he settled down and began to form a family.

    Jarrad's wife was not suited for proper noble breeding, and their children were not very hearty stock. The family suffered a number of miscarriages and young deaths, and very few of them survived to adulthood.

    When Jarrad eventually passed, Mountain Rose passed to his eldest son, a ineffectual man named Collin, whose knighthood had been purchased by his father, and who was content to rest on his laurels until there were none left to rest on. He had four children by two wives, only two of whom have survived, and the younger daughter had barely done that.

    When his estate fell to nothing, Collin committed suicide, leaving his second wife and child in the lurch until his only surviving son Carson returned home to restore order to the family holdings, rebuilding them from the ground up.

    Played By/Face Claim: Kirsten Dunst


    A girl of middling height and slim figure, Cordelia has never truly recovered from the strain of her childhood. Several years of privation have resulted in a young woman who is often plagued by illness. Everything about Cordelia is pale - skin, hair, eyes. Prior to her mother's passing, Darniese feared that her daughter was little more than a ghost of a girl, and that remains true despite Carson's considerable efforts. Despite the fine gowns that her brother has purchased for her and the gentle, caring hands of her maid, Delia often looks like less like a woman and more like the waxen figure of a doll, almost too fragile to be real.


    Delia is in many ways a walking contradiction. She is a sheltered, innocent and well-protected young woman, one who is both eminently practical yet she has a tendency to dreams and weaving tales to entertain herself. Soft of heart towards children, animals, and the servants, she can be coldly dismissive of anyone who offends her. Highly protective of her brother, Delia is unshakably loyal to Carson and will not hear a single word spoken against him. Though she is aware that he has methods that are less than savoury and has committed questionable acts, she believes in his innate goodness - after all, he has been her savior and protector for the last seven years - and cherishes a (foolishly) romantic hope that she can persuade him to openly embrace the hero she has always seen him to be.

    Despite her fragile health and physical infirmities, she tries to be a cheerful, good-humored young woman, but pain takes its toll, leaving her exhausted and solemn. A grateful soul, Delia takes no one for granted; she remembers too well what life was like before Carson came home. She is obedient to her brother's wishes, knowing that if not for Carson, she would likely have joined her mother in death.

    There is a temper contained in that delicately lovely head, though it is rare to see it. When it does flare up, it is usually due to some criticism offered regarding her brother, or her late mother. More, she is extremely lonely except for the dearest joy in her life - a small dog that Carson presented her with before she was sent to Day's Death. The pug is her constant companion, bringing laughter to her lips and light to her eyes.

    Thankfully, despite the flaws of her physical form, there is nothing wrong with her intelligence. An avid reader, Delia also writes letters in aplenty to her brother, wherever he travels, several of his Knights (she considers them friends) and to her young niece. She knows that travel is not something that she can really do, but they are all kind enough to tell her of the world in which they move. It is better than nothing, Delia knows, especially since life in first Tarreston and now Day's Death has been made not only comfortable, but luxurious.

    Delia is a very fortunate young lady, and she knows it. What is a little loneliness?

    Personal History:

    The first half of her life, all that Cordelia Kendrick remembers is hardship, penury and near-starvation. Born the fourth child of Collin Kendrick, her father did not particularly desire another girl-child. He wanted another son, another who could help bring riches and glory to the Kendrick name. Instead his second wife produced a sickly daughter, one Collin dismissed as a burden and proceeded to ignore her in favor of his gambling and other pursuits.

    She idolized her older half-brother Carson, ten years her senior. Darniese showed no preference between the two surviving children, treating her stepson as if he was born of her body, doing her best to see that both children had some semblance of family and structure. As soon as she could toddle, Cordelia followed Carson like a tiny, pale ghost of a child, but he became her hero when he kept some of the other children from teasing her for her inability to run and play like they did.

    Devastated when Carson was sent off to squire, the little girl went into a steep decline for a time, carefully nursed by her mother back to a state of fragile health. During that time, what little money was left in the Kendrick coffers disappeared thanks to Collin's refusal to live in a more frugal manner. It wound up costing him his life, leaving Darniese and Cordelia alone, penniless and starving. For several years, they struggled along, going hungry more often than not, believing Carson to be missing or dead; Cordelia had not heard from her brother in some time and feared the worst.

    On a day when both were sure that death from privation was imminent, Carson once more became Cordelia's hero. He arrived, tall, strong, wealthy with gilded looks and clever mind. He took swift stock of the situation, of the crumbling estate, Darniese's illness, Cordelia's infirmities, and seized control. The estate was restored to rights, physicians were called in, and comforts were restored in the forms of safety, shelter, food and clothing.

    Darniese soon blossomed back into health, but Cordelia's progress was slow. Thanks to Carson's undying patience with his pale, fragile sister, and some of the best physicians in Tuneric, Cordelia was able to make progress. Grateful beyond words to her brother, knowing she would be dead if not for him, she has done everything she can to prove her loyalty to Carson, and to be a supportive, encouraging and caring sister to him.

    Though Cordelia is somewhat aware of Carson's less savory activities, she staunchly believed that he did it for the good of Tuneric and her people. There must be someone who was willing to do the darker acts, to put King and Country before their own glory and honor, and her brother was that man. It made her proud to know that he was a man of power, influence and respect. Known to some of the Knights of Shade, she keeps their secrets close to her heart and looks on them as brothers as well.

    Now sent to Day's Death by Carson in hopes that the hot springs will have a therapeutic effect with several servants and her little pug, Cordelia has been keeping watch on the construction and sending word to Carson of it. Unfortunately, accidents have a way of happening, however, and the pale, delicate girl has lost her way. More, she has lost herself and no one knows where she has gone. Frantic word has gone to Tarreston in the hopes of finding Carson, to let him know his last remaining family member may truly be a ghost now.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below:

    - Jarrad Kendrick -- Louisa Perault
         - Collin Kendrick -- Melinda Burnes
              - Carson Kendrick
                   - Victoria Kendrick
              - Dawson Kendrick
              - Melanie Kendrick

                         -- Darniese Camorelle
              - Cordelia Kendrick
         - Nannette Kendick
         - Bryce Kendrick -- Marlene Dallence**
              Harrison Kendrick

    Writing Sample:

    There were men moving about the island now, she noticed, and large wagons coming up from the harbor filled with construction materials. Sitting on the hillside in the late summer sunshine, Cordelia's pale blue eyes observed the work with interest. A summer palace for the King, the innkeeper said, near to the hot springs that she herself was enjoying. She was seated on a soft blanket with cushions, a maid, a guard and a footman near by should she need the least little thing. A soft smile curved her lips as her eyes lowered with an affectionate thought sent towards her brother.

    Carson was always so good to her. It was he who sent her to Day's Death on the physician's suggestion, instructing the servants sent with her to see that she was well treated by the innkeeper, by those who helped her into the springs and out of them, and generally given every possible accommodation. The treatment had done Cordelia some good, bringing some color to her cheeks and an ease to the pain that often haunted her, restoring her appetite enough to add a few pounds to her too-slim frame.

    A yip distracted her from her watching, turning her head to see her dog scrambling towards her. Cordelia laughed as the pug leaped up to lick at her face, his curled tail wagging a mile a minute. A gift from Carson and a faithful companion, the pug had brought a great deal of laughter into Cordelia's life. She hugged the furred creature to her, whispering to his flapped ear, "Maybe we will go for a walk today, Shadow. What do you think? After the springs?" Receiving a little bark in answer, she kissed his head and turned to see what new item had arrived in the harbor.

    Carson would want to know.
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