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Thread: Charlotte Hunter

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    Charlotte Hunter

    Player: Josh
    Contact: PM

    Character Name: Charlotte Hunter
    Character Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: November 12, 189
    Current Location: Huntswood
    House: Hunter
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit Aloris)

    House Hunter has only been established as nobility for the past 71 years, when the then king granted House Hunter land rights and officially established Huntstown. House Hunter collects taxes from all kinds of establishments, including but not limited to, inns, taverns, pubs, bathhouses and whore houses that service persons passing through Huntstown.

    Considering they are relatively new in the nobility circle, House Hunter has been looked down upon as the black sheep of the ritzy world. Of course, it doesn’t help that each and every child of House Hunter, including girls, is taught how to use a bow and a knife to obtain food from the forests that surround Huntstown. Who knows when this information might become useful?

    House Hunter participates heavily in celebrations to Silvica, who is the patron goddess of House Hunter. They host a large celebration to her, opening the invitation to all patrons of the goddess to attend as well for the Dawn of the Year.

    Played By/Face Claim: Tamsin Egerton


    Charlotte exudes passion and fashion. Every dress she chooses is meant to flatter her rather feminine figure while not offending the general public. It was meant to make a statement that she was a woman and she embraced that aspect of herself completely. Her wavy blonde hair is frequently allowed to flow free. Her wide, expressive eyes communicate far more than her mouth able to ensnare and condemn in one swift motion. Every move she makes is one of graceful precision. Every word that falls from her lips is laced with a subtle honey, no matter the situation.


    It does not take many words to describe the core of Charlotte’s personality: passion, sensuality, hedonism and loyalty. Charlotte is all about living life to the fullest and savoring what pleasures there are to be had in such a short life. To Charlotte, life should not be spent fretting from one moment to the next. If action needs to be taken, then it should be taken. If one should simply sit back and enjoy the warm sunlight, then they should. This is not to say that Charlotte takes nothing seriously, but more that she rarely lets anything weigh her down. If she had wings, Charlotte would surely fly free as a bird.

    Perhaps one of the more quixotic elements of her is her resistance to commitment with a combined sense of loyalty. The heart is a precious component of the human existence, which houses the soul and emotions. It is a powerful and fearful thing, something that is very precious to her. Thus, it is rarely shared except to those of a trusted few. The body, however, merely houses and protects that heart. It can be shared, used, and enjoyed in whatever way Charlotte desires. Thus, Charlotte has no qualms with taking a lover and enjoying all they have to offer her.

    Fortunately, for the sake of the Hunters, Charlotte is very discreet about her proclivities knowing that the whole of society would not approve of it. When in the appropriate circles, Charlotte openly criticizes such societal values, especially its hypocrisy. Men are allowed to take many a lover and even brag about them, but if women to do so brings them shame. It makes Charlotte laugh in its absurdity. As such, she prefers the company of those that are like minded.

    The relationship with her family is a somewhat complicated matter. On the surface, she is the perfect daughter of Hamilton Hunter: a noble lady, but a hunter that can fend and supply food for herself. The Hunters have a face to put on the whole of Tuneric and Charlotte acknowledges that role. She would never do anything to harm her family, given her fierce sense of loyalty. Indeed, to put a strong face on the family, she agreed to become the lady-in-waiting to Princess Marianne Shellten. The relationship between the two was tentative at first, but they quickly realized they were of a like mind. As such, Charlotte is perfectly content with her life as it is.

    Personal History:

    Charlotte was the third of the Lawrence Hamilton’s brood to come into the world and the first daughter, which Kendra was more than pleased to have. Even from a young age, Charlotte possessed large and expressive eyes that never seemed to stop exuding charm and warmth upon the world. Indeed, it led her to being a very precocious and naturally curious youth, sneaking about the castle and Huntsdown with little fear of her own safety. This curiosity that Charlotte attributes to whom she is now for she saw a great many things during those years that most adults would have shielded her from.

    At the age of eight, Charlotte lost her father to the realm of the dead. It was a difficult time for her, especially since Charlotte had always been the apple to Lawrence’s eye. She was also acutely aware of Lawrence’s grave displeasure of her older brother and yet … Charlotte realized she could not fault Hamilton for wanting what he did. She felt conflicted for a long time, eventually coming to peace with her father’s death and his brother’s new rule.

    As she grew older and began to bloom into a woman, she went through the normal lessons and tutoring a typical Hunter girl went through. She learned to hunt, she learned to track, she learned to defend herself while at the same time, she learned the fine arts of sewing, knitting and other various creative crafts. Music, unfortunately, seemed to elude her since she could carry a tune with her mouth or fingers for the life of her. The end result, much to Kendra’s delight, was a woman that could serve her courtly role while also fend for herself.

    Charlotte’s curiosity did not end there, however. With a blooming body came blooming needs and her insatiable curiosity had her learn everything she could in that aspect. She knew quite keenly that such topics were frowned by general society, which made her need to learn even more. Thus, in complete secret to her family, she explored that aspect of life and reveled in it. If her dear brother and mother had truly known what she was up to, there was no doubt in her mind that Charlotte would have been thrown into a charnel house to be forgotten.

    Though she remained a graceful and elegant woman, the epitome of a courtly woman, Lawrence’s efforts to see her married were in vain. Every suitor was eventually turned away, the reasons for which varied greatly for each man. Charlotte had absolutely no desire to be tied down to a man for the rest of her years, and Hamilton, seeing her determination, backed off. Instead, Charlotte agreed to put on a good face for the Hunter family and represent them at Court.

    Thus she came to be Marianne Shellten’s lady-in-waiting at the age of 23. Marianne was but a young lady of 14 at the time, but Charlotte brought with her all the skills of being the perfect lady and more. Over the years, the two developed a close and lasting friendship, which Charlotte continues to maintain to this day. Being the lady in waiting to a Princess of the kingdom, after all, was no mean feat. With her place secure, Charlotte intends to enjoy her lot in life for as long as it lasts. ]

    Writing Sample:

    New dresses were always exciting for Charlotte. Really, if the woman could get away with it, she would rather spend most of her time comfortably in the nude, but she understood the practicality of the garments. They kept ones skin warm and safe from the environment and could be very useful for transporting small items. Even more importantly, they could be used to make a statement about ones role in society. Dresses could also seduce and entice. Everything Charlotte was clearly for a purpose. Sometimes she dressed demurely and other times, more daringly. There was no shame in celebrating the natural beauty she possessed.

    The dress she wore was one of deep crimson with moderately plunging neckline. The contrast of the dark color with her skin tone and burnished golden hair suited Charlotte just fine. The gold trim along the fabric only enhanced her general look. The jewelry consisted of fine gold with the occasional ruby stud. Sometimes people liked the occasional sparkle in their companion. As she ran her hands over the gown, she gazed at herself in the mirror. Yes, this would serve her well in Court tonight. A thought struck her.

    "Your Highness?" She called out, moving away from the mirror and to the adjucant chamber, "Are you ready to go? I'm sure they are eagerly awaiting the feast their eyes on us." The voice, a gentle, honeyed alto had the undercurrent of excitement. Lady Charlotte was going on the prowl this eve.

    Family Genealogy:

    Hunter (year born)
    -Jethroe Hunter (114) -- Janis Thatcher (120)
         -Keith Hunter (140) -- Elaine Falcon (141)
              -Lawrence Hunter (159) -- Kendra Brisbun (161)
                   -Hamilton Hunter (180) -- Katherine Woodson (179)
                        - Gwendolyn Hunter (198)
                        -Lawrence Hunter II (201)
                        - Sylvia Hunter (204)
                        + -- Sharon Remington (186)
                        -Hamilton Hunter II (208)
                        -Patrick Hunter (212)
                   -Richard Hunter (183) -– Unnamed Wife (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Charlotte Hunter (189)
                   -Felton Hunter (191)
                   -Regina Hunter (197)
         -Carolyn Hunter (143) -- Unnamed Husband (?)**
         -Jason Hunter (146) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Dorin Hunter (166) -- Unnamed Wife (?)
                   -Dorin Hunter II (189)
                   -River's Girl (196)
                   -Unnamed Boy (198)
              -Derrick Hunter (168) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
                   -Taia “Jaelyn” Hunter (194)
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