The hot springs were a comfort to Cordelia, easing some of the pain that seemed a constant companion to her. Sent to Day's Death by her brother to take to the springs, she had been there nearly a week's time and felt better indeed for the daily baths in the hot, bubbling waters. The springs left her energized and moving more easily, able to play with her little pug in the fields surrounding the Shrine and where she was staying, a little inn that was comfortable and simple.

Delia enjoyed the quiet of the area, the rolling fields full of broad, shady trees under which she sat to read, or the waving grasses and flowers that she decorated her little inn room with. It was peaceful in Day's Death, except for the construction going on for the King's retreat on the island. She took to observing the building each day, curious as to its progress. The Sisters were not overly pleased by the matter, but there was no arguing with a King, surely.

Today was the sixth day of her sojourn on the island as afternoon slowly slid into golden evening. Watching the sunset was a great pleasure, especially when it sank into the watery horizon and gilded the surface. The sky was painted in a glory of colors before night blanketed the area. Sitting on the hillside with the King's retreat behind her, Cordelia had her devoted little pug beside her, her maid off tending to laundry and the guard back at the inn. She had sent him there, ignoring his protests, assuring him she would go nowhere and approach no one. She merely wanted to enjoy the late afternoon, then return to the inn for a light supper and the sweet, deep sleep she fell into each night.

However, noises behind her distracted Cordelia from her reverie. The pug, awakened by the noise, took off barking, compelling his young mistress to give chase and prevent him from coming to harm. Picking up her skirts, she called for her furred companion as she sought to keep him from venturing too far. The path wove up towards the construction site, littered by stockpiles of supplies and materials. The barking led her into the area set aside for holding those materials, until she finally caught up with him. Scooping up the pug, Cordelia scolded him softly and started out of the area, intending to return to the patch of blanket on which she was sitting.

As they crested the hill and began down, she put the little dog down to run through the grasses ahead of her. Moving carefully, she picked her way down, mindful of where her feet were placed, but surprise seized the moment. Her foot broke through into what might have been a rabbit's hole, a gasp torn from her lips as she pitched forwards. Thanks to the pitch of the hill, the pale blonde tumbled steadily down, her head striking heavily against a random rock in the soil until she came to rest near the shrine, covered in grass and dirt.

How long she was lying there proved unknown; the sun had completed its setting and the stars shone above, the moon beginning its rise when she was found by some of the Sisters. Taking her in, they worked to tidy her up and rouse her to awareness, only to determine that their unexpected guest... couldn't tell them who she was.

A veil had been drawn over memories, leaving her blank for name, loved ones and home. All she had to identify herself was an old locket tied around her neck by a ribbon, etched with a House crest. It was not much to go on...