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    Celina Durand

    Player: Jenna
    Contact: I'm around.

    Character Name: Celina Durand
    Character Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: March 15, 200
    Current Location: White Coast
    House: Durand
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [ written by Aloris ]

    House Durand is a proud house, nestled in the city of White Coast. They’ve been around for a very long time and are well established in the port city and are well-known throughout Tuneric. Considering they were instrumental in the re-establishment of the Shellten monarchy, the Durand’s take their position in White Coast as a very real means of protection on the Tuneric water front.

    House Durand’s main source of income is derived from the taxes levied on products moving in and out of the port. Being staunch supporters of the Shellten monarchy, House Durand is usually the first to advise Hebron of new people or products that might pass through their jurisdiction.

    Denizens of House Durand pray to many gods, most notably Moreesa, Ruzbin, Swaren, Iubita and Vifor. They participate heavily in Washing Day and usually travel as a whole to Hebron to participate in Ruzbin’s Tournament. House Durand has, in the past, proudly produced Champions of Ruzbin. It is not uncommon for the head of House Durand to send envoys to represent their house at feasts and celebrations for other gods and goddesses as well.

    Even though House Durand is prominent on land, they are also well-known as seafarers. They have a fleet of ships, most of which are chartered out to merchants and explorers, with House Durand earning commissions off of anything sold or discovered. There are three ships in the fleet specifically reserved as cruise ships for the Durand’s and their guests. These ships have spared no expense and offer the finest quality of room and board that can be found on a ship.

    Played By/Face Claim: Caitlin Stasey


    Of average height, Celina bears the Durand coloring, a contrast to her cousin Aviana. Long, straight hair frames a face of smooth skin kissed by the sun, and eyes that are the same dark shade as her brother's glisten like jewels. She dresses in pale colors, the better to accentuate her olive skin tone. Pearls, silver, pale golds, ice blue, these are her favorite colors, though she is striking in white. Her hair is typically styled simply, but with an elaborate hair ornament to bring it some definition. The only other item is a delicate ring of onyx and diamond, worn on her right hand.


    Celina is a blend of adventuresome and practical. She is the voice of reason to her family, especially her eldest brother Austin, now Lord of White Coast. Tempering his headstrong ways is neither easy nor pleasant for her, but she has the best intentions in mind at all times for both Austin and the Durands, especially in the wake of her aunt's... behavior.

    A cheerful girl with an easygoing personality, she enjoys being alive. There is always something new to experience, something to learn, something to see, taste, touch, hear, know. It can be done, Celina knows, but she has to be smart about it. Preparations have to be made, consequences considered and weighed, and the cost calculated. Someone has to be prepared for things to go south, and she is that one.

    She is creative, with the Durand love of the sea and sailing. There is nothing Celina loves more than standing in the bow of a ship, feeling the spray of the sea on her face and the wind tear her hair from its pins. Consequently, she is a skilled rider. Anything that can make her feel free and alive is welcomed.

    That free spirit can occasionally lead Celina into trouble. She's quick witted, but she doesn't always stop to think about what she is saying before it's out. Celina also has a temper that can rival a tempest at sea, with little patience for the ignorant, the foolish, the lackluster and the idiotic. She is not afraid to voice her opinion.

    Some say she is a little too much like Belle Durand for her own good, but there is no denying that Celina Durand is confident, self-assured, a strange mix of head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

    Personal History:

    The youngest child of Eric and Lucette Durand and the only daughter, Celina was in grave danger of being spoiled rotten. Fortunately, the girl had a good, sensible head on her shoulders and two older brothers who made sure she never got too out of hand. Trying to keep up with their adventures taught her how to be fearless... and began her early lessons in gently tugging the reins to check her brothers.

    Celina obliged her mother's insistence that she learn to be a proper Durand lady, always once to keep peace in the house. Though some of the lessons bored her nearly to tears, but possessing a quick mind helped her to make games of even the most tedious of instructions. Gaining her mother's approval allowed her some measure of mischief and a few scrapes swiftly forgiven.

    Spending summer months on the shore, she learned to sail at an early age. Able to handle the lines and the sheets as expertly as her brothers, Celina often scrambled up the rigging and masts after them. Begging for a pram of her own, she was obliged by her oldest brother on her fifteenth birthday as an exchange - she could have the pretty little sailboat with its soft blue sails provided she obeyed their parents and conducted herself as expected as a Durand lady ought.

    Agreeing, Celina curbed her more wild tendencies and subdued her behavior to what was appropriate. As an exchange, she was permitted greater freedom, accompanying Austin and Camden in their travels. With the passage of time and exposure to the business deals Austin conducted, she began offering her observations to try and help him. Never becoming fully involved as she knew it was considered inappropriate, Celina was nonetheless glad to help her brother expand the Durand influence.

    The death of her parents struck her rather hard; without her brothers to lean on, the bright butterfly of White Coast might have retreated into her cocoon. The loss has served to temper some of her fire and channel it into ways that benefit the family, instead of place it at risk. Closer than ever to her brothers, Celina crossed the threshold into womanhood, waiting to see what life has in store for her, whatever and whomever it will be.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below:

    Durand (Birth Year)
    -Theodor Durand (94) -- Kaylee Thurmond(99)
         -Penelope Durand (118) -- Daniel Walden (113)
         -Henry Durand (121) -- Jocelyn Kade (123)
         -Talbot Durand (124) -- Laurie Gartens (129)
         -Camden Durand (128) -- Odette Ryan (130)
              -Guy Durand (151) -- Margaret Vaughan(155)
                   -Adabella Durand (175) – Aramis Shellten (?)
                        -Vivienne Shellten (194)
                        -Cailen Darius Shellten (196) -- Nataliah Farrand-Calhoun
                        -Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   -Eric Durand (177) – Lucette Taylor(178)
                        -Austin Durand (194)
                        -Camden Durand
                        -Celina Durand
                   -Hector Durand (179) – Georgina Bennett (180)
                        -Guy Durand (191)
                        -Aviana Rochelle Durand (198)
                        -Daughter Durand (?)
                   -Darien Durand (?) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Aaron Durand (155) -- Tatania Ayers (159)
                   -Lawrence Durand (176) -- Samantha Holland, Wife (179)**
                        -Female Cousin Durand (?)
                        -Female Cousin Durand (?)
                        -Jaime Durand (194)
                   + -- Unwed mystery woman
                        -Duncan Durand (196)
                   -Ashley Durand -- Jasper Lovelle
                        -Lorna Lovelle Remington (197) -- Errol Remington (196)
                        -Arryck Lovelle (204)
                   -Anse Durand (179)

    Writing Sample: taken from Annemarie Baptiste:

    Physically, Annemarie was relatively unchanged. Emotionally, she could not say the same, but strove to conceal it from her parents. Fortunately, distraction might work on her behalf to prevent them from seeing straight through their middle child. Drawn into the room, she went to assist her mother as the afternoon lengthened into evening by lighting a few lamps while Amelia kindled the fire. The kettle set to draw, she moved quietly, placing one lamp where it would shed its light over what her father was reading, giving his hand a brief clasp and his cheek a kiss before moving to place the other where her mother was working.

    Once that was accomplished, she accepted the chair to which she was pointed and nestled into it. Glad to be off the horse and seated on something that didn't move, Annemarie welcomed the warmth spilling from the fire. The tea would be welcome once it was ready to chase the lingering chill from her form, but first, the questions posed required answers. "I'm well, thank you, but I fear the Romanovs are not faring well." Her eyes lowered, the sober sorrow on her face all too easily read. "So many of the family have succumbed to the plague, and I was powerless to help them." One after another, they fell ill and died, those left behind compelled to burn the bodies rather than grant the dignity of a funeral. Annemarie closed her eyes on the ache, on the sheer waste of it.

    Acknowledging that matters throughout Balfour were equally as grim if not more so, she sighed. If she felt helpless, she could only imagine how her parents, so much more adept in the healing arts than she, were feeling. Certainly their weariness showed, and the frustration emanated from them in brief, unguarded moments. How the Baptistes managed to elude the deadly disease thus far was a mystery to her, leaving her to fear they might prove the hardest hit yet in the aftermath. Lifting her gaze finally, she asked quietly, "When is Eva supposed to arrive?"
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