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    Ashton Chelan

    Player: Director of Homeland Security
    Contact: Pentagon

    Character Name: Ashton Chelan
    Character Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 29th
    Current Location: None
    House: Chelan
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: CREDIT TO KIERA

    House Shellten has produced four generations of kings, the original being Reginald Shellten, and have ruled honorably for a little more than a century. From the very beginning of history, the Shellten family has proved dedicated to preserving the rightful family line as well as the legacy of the true kings and queens of Tuneric.

    House Shellten is known for restoring the rightful ruler to the throne of Tuneric and purging their lands of cultists who threatened to destroy the progress that King Cecil had made in an effort to set Tuneric back to rights. Though Edmund Shellten was made Lord Protector for his efforts, four generations later, the name Shellten became known as the ruling family.

    House Shellten is situated in Hebron, the capital of Tuneric. From there, the ruling family administers land rights and collections of taxes to and from its subjects. Furthermore, they keep and house the largest military in Tuneric, allocating the troops across the land if and when necessary. In times of peace, the military is generally used as security detail in and around the main castle, Hebron and the surrounding roads.

    Just recently, due to visitors from over the oceans, House Shellten has taken a keen interest in the exploration beyond the waters. They wish to extend invitations throughout the land to those willing to adventure across open waters in the pursuit of knowledge and trade.

    House Chelan
    House Chelan was among the earliest houses to settle Tuneric and of the oldest houses to bow before the king and pledge their unyielding servitude to the crown. Settling in Royalport and laying the bricks of their castle on its highest grounds, they set to work to build a town and an economy that they could be proud of, in the hopes that people from all areas of the land would flock to Royalport for goods.

    Beginning as a simple fishing community, they were able to stay afloat monetarily, but not for long. Other cities along the rivers were doing just as they were and if they were looking to get their name on a map fishing wasn’t going to help them get there. After months, that slowly turned to years of trial and error they came upon textiles. And that was when Royalport would be changed forever.

    Their business boomed, shops for tailoring and shops for the sales of raw materials popped up overnight making Royalport the center of fashion. Affluent women rushed to shops to pick out the newest and best in fabrics, and tailoring shops allowed ladies to create their own designs and a few catered to women who wanted to stay and assist in all stages of dress making, giving the average pauper an opportunity to rise up in the financial world. Models were hired to stand outside of shops and show off the newest designs and latest in patterns for fabrics.

    While the men of Royalport still fish, bend metals, and carve woods, the textile business is what really keeps everyone moving in and out of the city, and keeps the city on the map.

    Castle Claim: Moritzburg Castle, Name in play: Rivers Bend

    Built early on as a smaller structure, Rivers Bend was build on the inside bend of the main river so that three of the four sides overlooked the water. As time marched on, so did the structure, which grew in size, to accommodate the growing Chelan family and their guests. Finally, the castle was finished off by one of the Chelan patriarchs, brandishing a new form of wall, otherwise known as stucco. Where the rest of the Tuneric’s castles were made of stone or wood, Rivers Bend boasted a new form of art in stucco and a red roof.

    From the time of its original inception, Rivers Bend slowly became engulfed by the river, which gradually began eating away at the little peninsula that served as the castle’s foundation. Early Chelan ancestors realized what was happening and bulkheaded the estate against the river. Currently, Rivers Bend sits on a tiny island of its own, with a bridge connecting it to the mainland as well as an island that occupies the center of the river. The island serves as a fully staffed garrison, patrolling the river traffic as well as the city surrounding Rivers Bend.

    Played By/Face Claim: Eion Bailey


    Rugged in appearance, Ashton is a man of the road, forging his own path across Tuneric in search of his family and himself. He prefers to wear black, is usually sporting a steady growth of stubble or more. He wears no markings, either of his family or his order. He has cold blue eyes and a strong jaw, and his well muscled arms are always covered in sleeves, even in the heat of the summer.

    An accomplished rider, Ashton is often seen under a gray stallion, who is a little long in the tooth, but still better than average when he needs to be. His gait is casual, sometimes even slow. Ashton often appears to be aloof, but he is in fact very in tune with his surroundings. He can spot an enemy, an exit, and a trap within seconds of entering a room, and does not hide the fact that he takes a few seconds to process his surroundings, making his responses to questions sometimes delayed.


    Ashton is naturally inquisitive, and finds virtually no topic beneath him when it comes to conversation. Anyone that knows anything that he does not is immediately the most important person in his world at the time. His search for knowledge has made him more than capable of being polite, and he will often flatter a person if it means accessing a library or personal study, if even for a few minutes.

    A self-taught swordsman, Ashton is not a knight of the realm. He prefers brute strength, hand to hand combat, or even ambush to the more gentlemanly fighting styles of his contemporaries. He does not mind getting dirty, and is happy to take odd jobs as well as mercenary work, if it helps keep a few coins in his pocket.

    Ashton likes children, animals, and the elderly. Those who have lived longest have the most to teach. He is happy to spend an afternoon in the company of even the lowest class of seniors, if they have something interesting to tell him. He knows he is a noble by birth, but was not raised that way, and therefore has compassion for people of all social status.

    Personal History:

    Born to May Chelan in 187, Ashton never met his father. The man, whom his mother had fled Royalport to marry, was murdered by thieves before Chelan was born. Moving on, May was determined not to return to her family in shame. She gave birth to Ashton in Hebron, during the early days of Aramis Shellten's rule. Her noble childhood and regular sessions cross stitching helped her establish herself as a seamstress, an occupation that she maintains now in her senior years.

    Ashton grew up on the streets of Hebron, unsure of who he was or how he had come to be a seamstress' son. He was schooled by his mother, who despite her low class, seemed to be extremely well educated. He played with other boys his age, earning a few early scars on the hard stone streets outside of his mother's shop. By ten, he was running messages for a courier service in the capital, helping to earn money in hopes of improving their station. When he was sixteen, he began to take jobs between cities, traveling as far as the coast and the reach.

    Whenever he was away from home, Ashton did what he could to learn about his father. He had asked countless merchants in other cities, searched the public records of temples, but managed to find nothing. When he turned twenty, Ashton struck out on his own, joining a mercenary guild rather than volunteering for the city watch in Hebron. Throughout his travels, he found himself creeping closer and closer to the answers he was seeking. Until when he was twenty-eight, the man discovered that which he could not have guessed. His mother, the lowly seamstress in Hebron was a daughter of Winston Chelan, and the aunt of the current Lady of Royalport. Unsure how to broach the subject with his mother, Ashton has continued traveling, now on his own, in hopes of discovering more details about his real family. Soon he will have the details he needs. To confront his cousin, and her husband. And to finally ask his mother why she abandoned her life of nobility.

    Family Genealogy:

    Chelan (Birth Year)
    -Leonard N. Chelan -- Saydien Cadogan
         - Jane Chelan -- Charles Hardwick
              -Nina May Hardwick
         - Leonard N. Chelan II -- Dinah Butcher
              -Winston L. Chelan -- Christina Maye
                   - Lucas Chelan (151) -- Nadine Elrod
                        - Elizabeth Chelan (177) -- Grayson Andreous Shellten
                              - Grayson Andreous Chelan (196)
                              - Benjamin Chelan (208)
                              - Carlisle Chelan (212)
                              - Emmaline Chelan (217)
                        - Thomas Chelan (178)
                        - Lorenna Chelan(179)
                        - Shae Chelan (180) -- Richard Hunter
                   - May Chelan(152) [MIA]
                        - Ashton Chelan (187)
                   - Amelia Chelan(157)
              -Leyona Chelan (135) -- Norman Cagney
                   - Tanner Cagney (155)
                   - Anna Cagney (156)
         - Norma Chelan (114)

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