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    Alyson Hunter

    Player: Milly
    Contact: Milly1858 for everything, g-chat and AIM are used the most

    Character Name: Alyson Hunter
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 30, 196
    Current Location: Huntswood
    House: Hunter
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit Aloris)

    House Hunter has only been established as nobility for the past 71 years, when the then king granted House Hunter land rights and officially established Huntstown. House Hunter collects taxes from all kinds of establishments, including but not limited to, inns, taverns, pubs, bathhouses and whore houses that service persons passing through Huntstown.

    Considering they are relatively new in the nobility circle, House Hunter has been looked down upon as the black sheep of the ritzy world. Of course, it doesn’t help that each and every child of House Hunter, including girls, is taught how to use a bow and a knife to obtain food from the forests that surround Huntstown. Who knows when this information might become useful?

    House Hunter participates heavily in celebrations to Silvica, who is the patron goddess of House Hunter. They host a large celebration to her, opening the invitation to all patrons of the goddess to attend as well for the Dawn of the Year.

    Played By/Face Claim: Emilia Clarke

    Appearance: With green eyes, a pretty face, brunette hair and standing only 5’3, one would think Aly was a fragile girl but she’s anything but. She’s not overly muscly as she relies on her smaller frame to be quick and nimble. She wears dresses to allow her movement and pants underneath. And you can be sure that she has a couple of weapons stashed somewhere on her body.

    Personality: Alyson is almost the opposite of her brother, while he loves to keep animals alive, Aly has grown to be a hunter through and through. That doesn’t make her a monster, she is humane in the needed killings, but most certainly isn’t afraid of a bit of blood and guts. She loves the bow and knife and is skilled in both and is an exceptional rider. She loves freedom, but isn’t against in helping her family step up in the world in the eyes of others. Despite her character, she also knows how to be a lady and will don court dresses if there is a requirement. She though hates the thought that if she were in need to marry of marrying someone old or overly important. For fear of being so restricted she can’t do what she loves most. She knows much about herbs for medical and kitchen necessities and thus enjoys being part of the cooking process. Her kinder spiritual nature pleads more to her family’s chosen Goddess, Silvica, which is why she chooses her hunts wisely as not to anger her.

    Personal History: Born the second child and only girl of Dorin Hunter and Denise Swathmore, Alyson was immediately an adventurous girl and she was lucky to have an older brother to help chase after her. She was into everything and took the hunter side of their family to heart. Though she didn’t entirely ignore learning how to be a lady, the bow and the dagger was her greatest passion. The combination of bow and horse riding was the first things she learnt as soon as she was able and once she was old enough it was skill with the dagger.

    She wanted to learn more though and upon seeing her brother becoming a squire she knew she wanted the same thing. At the tender age of thirteen their parents tragically died from the plague. Giving herself no time to grieve she insisted that her brother teach her all that he learnt in becoming a knight. She forced the deaths out of her mind as she trained hard, perhaps better than her brother ever did. It was all that she lived and breathed. She also assisted her female cousins in running the household as both her Aunts tragically died leaving no lady of the house.

    Her only interest in court was to proclaim her desire to become a knight and she was given a chance to prove herself in late 216 as King Cailen Shellten agrees to lend aid to Lochlan Farrand-Calhoun in his attempt to seize the Balfourian crown. She returned a year later, 217, battered and bruised, but had proved herself enough to be knighted like her brother.

    She keeps to Hunstown during her recovery and the run of the plague, feeling safer in the woods where her Goddess can protect her.

    Family Genealogy:

    Hunter (year born)
    -Jethroe Hunter (114) -- Janis Thatcher (120)
         -Keith Hunter (140) -- Elaine Falcon (141)
              -Lawrence Hunter (159) -- Kendra Brisbun (161)
                   -Hamilton Hunter (180) -- Katherine Woodson (179)
                        - Gwendolyn Hunter (198)
                        -Lawrence Hunter II (201)
                        - Sylvia Hunter (204)
                        + -- Sharon Remington (186)
                        -Hamilton Hunter II (208)
                        -Patrick Hunter (212)
                   -Richard Hunter (183) -– Unnamed Wife (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Charlotte Hunter (189)
                   -Felton Hunter (191)
                   -Regina Hunter (197)
         -Carolyn Hunter (143) -- Unnamed Husband (?)**
         -Jason Hunter (146) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Dorin Hunter (166) -- Unnamed Wife (?)
                   -Dorin Hunter II (189)
                   -Alyson Hunter (196)
                   -Unnamed Boy (198)
              -Derrick Hunter (168) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
                   -Taia “Jaelyn” Hunter (194)

    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample: Alyson was glad to be home. It was like the forest called to her across the seas. How a little thing like her made it was beyond a miracle. But she had done it. Battle was tough, but since the deaths of her parents, she was determined to work hard at least as a distraction. She felt more at home within the woods with her bow, dagger and horse. But today she had another thing in mind.

    She didn’t leave home without her weapons, but she took off heading to the closest beach of her home. You would think that the sea was the last thing she would want to see, but another favourite pastime had to be braving the waves and riding along the shore line. Her horse seemed to enjoy it too, so once she arrived, she dismounted and removed her weaponry and the saddle of her horse. Storing and hiding them safely, she rode her horse bareback into the shallow water. Trudging through the sand and waves, she laid down backwards along the back of her horse, enjoying the moment, but most of all enjoying her freedom and the fact that she was alive.

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