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Thread: Ninja of the Night [9/10, night, Seamus x Secily]

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    Ninja of the Night [9/10, night, Seamus x Secily]

    Someone new was here, according to her brother. Naturally Secily was intrigued to find out since the last name immediately rang a bell in regards to the surname being in direct correlation to that of Lord Bachelor and his family tree. Ignoring the warning to not startle the new house guest, she quietly navigated through the shadows and side walls until she reached the barracks where the knights were housed.

    Having every nook and cranny practically memorized she felt like she had become part of the castle. Her bare feet enjoyed the cold shock upon her skin, and at one point she stopped and pressed a cheek to the walls, fingers gliding over the stones. How much love could a person give to a solid mass of shelter and still it would never be enough. Any damages rendered in acquiring her were worth the battle, but maybe not the cost. Despite everything being scrubbed clean, she still could sense the stains of blood wherever she went.

    She was mighty.

    Without a creek of the doors or a bump in the night, Secily crept to the rooms that she knew would be occupied by any new additions to the knighthood under Riverwatch Keep. It was there that Seamus resided, and Secily came in low as she closed the gap between her and the foot of his bed. Lithe fingers danced over the carved edges as she eventually peeked up, blue eyes sparkling with curiosity as she whispered in a somewhat creepy manner, “So you are the new pet that vows to protect us.”

    A soft giggle came over her as she looked at the knight with an insatiable eagerness, as though she found a shiny bauble to play with. It was always fun having someone new enter the castle. First it was Cidney the servant, now it was a knight of Crown. It made her excited to know that so many changes were coming.

    “With every new addition, something must be taken away…” She added, but still wearing a smile that could have been classified as downright creepy.

    @Seamus Hepburn

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    If there was one thing that Seamus never had any trouble doing, it was sleeping. Grant used to chide him that he could sleep outdoors in a hurricane and not wake up. But, being the tallest of the Hepburns in a world where blankets were made for average men, led to a constant draft on his feet. As a rule, it didn't bother the boy, even in winter. But, despite his slumber, he felt the warm breath tickle his toes, reflexively, and without waking, pulling his knees up in a fetal position so that the appendages disappeared under his blanket.

    The shift had been enough to bring the knight out of his REM state, and as such, when the whisper traveled up the length of the bed, Seamus wrinkled his nose at the noise. Turning his head and cracking one heavy eyelid, the man frowned at the movement on the edge of the darkness. Without ever really seeing the woman, he placed his bed back on the pillow. "You must be Secily," he said, sleep still lingering in his voice. "Nice to meet you," he said amid a yawn, before pulling the covers tighter around himself. The plan was, that she would find him boring, and allow him to go back to sleep. He would be happy to entertain her in the morning. And, if Grant was to be believed, that was all she really wanted. To be entertained.

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