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    Ellen Thorne

    Player: Milly

    Character Name: Ellen ‘Ellie’ Thorne
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: February, 14 and 198
    Current Location: Carrick Hill (Lovelyn)
    House: Thorne
    Crest Appearance: As referred to Rick

    House Description/History: Carrick Hill (manor of the same name or just ‘Carrick’) is a newly established lesser house under Lovelyn. Within the area they make their money from timber, butcher (hunting) and trading. The Thornes though have bad luck when it comes to breeding and only a few successes have been made, while miscarriages can happen regularly. They don’t let this bring them down though as small and few they have united as a strong family worthy of knighthood and close allies. Family means everything to them and they are continually driving themselves forward in whatever they set their hearts on.

    The old Lord of the house has recently passed away, but this leaves his strong son now leading the way.

    Played By/Face Claim: Abbie Cornish

    Appearance: Ellie is a taller girl of about 5’7, with her long legs, curvy body and golden blond locks, she prides herself to look her best. Either she is dressed well, or dressed promiscuously to show off her assets, she would wear whatever her current client desires.

    Personality: Ellie is a flirtatious woman and she isn’t afraid to get what she wants. She is fun loving and prides herself being one of those women others hate or want to be with. Most women would hate her for giving out what they try to keep from the men until after they’re wed or simply providing for their husbands better than they themselves could give. She absolutely loves money and wouldn’t say no to anyone. But it’s not just about spreading her legs, she is well educated and can sport as good company to keep.

    Personal History: Born the third child and only daughter, from a young age, Ellie always wanted to be a lady. Dressing up, looking pretty. Her looks took after from her mother and so it was only right for her to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Rosalind was a courtesan before and after her marriage to Terrance and she passed on all that she learnt onto her only daughter. Once she was within age, Ellie’s eyes were open wide and she learnt how to flirt how to look great and manipulate her body in ways some couldn’t even dream off.

    Terrance though ruled with an iron fist and it was hard to please him. He could sometimes take it out on his children or wife. Nothing normally triggered it, but it was mostly down to him being an old grump. So when he finally died, his family were secretly glad of it. Ellie’s older brother stepped up to be man of the house with their mother offering her guidance.

    It though wasn’t the only death in the family to occur. Both her Aunt and Uncle were recently taken by the plague, leaving the Thorne family ever smaller. It was sad news, but that doesn’t stop Ellie’s determination to be the best courtesan she can be and enjoy life as it comes.

    Family Genealogy:
    Thorne (Birth Year)
    -Terrance Thorne I (132) -- Jasmine Bateswell(146)
         -Terrance Thorne II (166) -- Rosalind Dixon (173)
              - Unnamed Brother (191)
              - Victor Thorne (195)
              - Ellen Thorne (198)
         -Sophia Thorne (178) -- Benjamin Lacey (181)**

    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample: See Alyson Hunter’s app/posts.

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