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Thread: It's Good to Be Home? [ 09/08, Henry/Eva/Annemarie, morning ]

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    It's Good to Be Home? [ 09/08, Henry/Eva/Annemarie, morning ]

    Waking the next morning after returning to South Huntswalk felt... odd. So accustomed to looking up at the ceiling of the chamber assigned to her in Old Havenwich, Annemarie stared at the canopy over her childhood bed for a few minutes before remembering that Eva was home now. Though they had not always been the closest of sisters, she was nonetheless glad to know her sister was safely returned to Balfour and eager to see her, as well as to spend some time with Henry, whom she had not reunited since the time of King Lochlan's coronation.

    A few minutes' time saw her out of bed with her morning preparations rushed through. She would take greater care with her appearance later, knowing that there would be various guests from the Gardiners and the Romanovs arriving to begin laying out the groundwork for producing the plague's cure and then distributing it to banish the dreadful disease from Balfour. For now, just a plain gown was donned, her hair hastily brushed and pulled back before she hastened out to locate her siblings, presumably either in the greenhouses, in the library, or if she was truly lucky... still at breakfast.

    The house still maintained its respectful hush, a sure sign of a family full of scholars and those who made a point of studying. To her way of thinking, a comfortable sound indeed. Perhaps it was good to be home after all.

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    Although Evangeline had woken fairly early, she had stayed in bed longer than was usual. There was something about being home again that seemed right, and her soul felt settled in a way it hadn't since she'd left Balfour for Tuneric. Well, she felt mostly settled; after so much time with Tarran, it felt strange to not have him near. She had wondered, as she lay cocooned and warm in her blankets and sheets, how he was doing as he settled back into lordship. There had been so much to do, so much work for him to catch up on, it seemed that he would be just as busy as she was. If they scraped enough time together to get married before the year was out, it would be a miracle.

    Finally, though, Eva had pulled herself from bed. Breakfast was calling, and she dressed without putting much thought into it, pulling a comb through her hair and calling it good. There had been a time when she'd put more effort into her looks, but over the past months of working and the recent ship travel, she had largely lost the will. Later, of course, she would pretty herself up more, but for now she figured her family could stand to see her looking...well, plain.

    Stepping out into the quiet of the hall, Eva just stood there for a moment and soaked it in. Hebron had been a loud, busy place, and even when she'd been in Valley Haven the silence had been different, more morose. Here, at least in the morning, it was a particular sort of quiet, and it was a comforting one, even though some days it was not long lasted.

    Finally, though, her stomach compelled her feet to move, and as she made her way through the halls she happened upon her sister, seemingly on the same trajectory as she was. "Annemarie!" Her voice, although hushed, carried through the hall, and Eva picked up her pace a bit to catch up. She scooped her arm through her sister's, smiling fondly at her. "On your way to breakfast?"


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