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Thread: Ardella Riethert

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    Ardella Riethert

    Player: Taia
    Contact: PM, Gmail

    Character Name: Ardella Riethert
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: October 25 197
    Current Location: Pyre Cliff
    House: Riethert
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:House Description/History: Sixty-five years ago, amidst a time of long lasting peace under the rule of King Abraham Shellten, Doyle Riethert volunteered for duty on the outpost of River Butte. No more than a wooden, weather beaten fort atop a desolate island then, Riethert served the Baron of the Butte, Donovan Columcille, faithfully for over a decade before the Baron took ill and began losing his mental capacities. The fort requested the presence of the King and his entourage to help select the new Baron; unlike normal Houses across Tuneric, leadership duties of River Butte did not pass from father to son. Instead, the King and the Baron of old would accept applicants of only the most staunch supports of the Crown. Having proved both his loyalty and his ability to handle the duties of the fort, Riethert deemed the most qualified man to defend the river pass. He was elevated to the Baron of River Butte, a position he would hold until his grandson, Dothan Riethert, earned the right of command.

    For six decades, the Riethert's have called the island their home, and in that time, they have built the tiny hold of River Butte into a veritable fortress protected from all sides. No ship has ever slipped through the defense, and the few that have tried were met with swift and unrelenting force. Attacks on the fortress are repelled with ample ease. Doyle's sons, Ephraim and Herschel, fashioned three series of walls to protect the island; the first, a low, thick stone wall that stretched across the tiny island's border, making nearly any approach but a welcomed one treacherous. Towers dotted the wall every one-hundred and fifty yards, with elevated causeways linking each towers to its mate on either the right or left. Anyone trying to scale the walls could and would be met with arrows, oil, or molten lead.

    Between the outer and the second wall lay the township of the island, actually quite sizable given the relatively small area in which they live. In the township reside the fletchers, bowyers, masons, armorers, taverns, priests, and all other non-essential personnel. The second wall itself all but encircled the island, its only gap opening to the tiny harbor used to admit friendly supply ships. There is a hidden gate in the outer wall of the western side of the island that admits approaching vessels when needed, and the wall can be sealed again while the ship unloads.

    Between the island's second and final walls lie a garrison used to house its contingent of troops, as well as a series of tunnel-connected warehouses used as armories and stores to weather a long-lasting siege. The third and final wall surrounds the island's command tower, which rises into the sky and looks upon the blue-green waters of the White Coast in every direction.


    War & Plague --- The war was not kind to the Riethert clan. The family, split and divided for protection, began dropping like flies to the swatter. Many took the leap towards Balfour never to return, and those left at River Butte found themselves perfect bait for the plague that came shortly after. In 216 River Butte was returned to the throne and taken over by a new family. The few remaining Riethert members are scattered across Tuneric and Balfour.

    Played By/Face Claim: Emma Stone

    Appearance: Ardella is small, a little over 5ft4inches, and petite in build. She has long red hair and vibrant green eyes that seem to change with the color of her outfits. Her hands are rough after years of working in the field and her legs carry scars from milk thistle and tick bites. She bites her nails out of habit and anxiety. She loves long dresses, but doesn't care for form fitting corsets and skirts, preferring those that are plain and simple.

    Personality: Ardella is an outgoing girl who speaks her mind and doesn't quite care about convention. That said, the past few years have been rather hard on her, so Ardella's mood has been known to go in waves where she experiences days, and sometimes weeks of depression before springing back to her normal self. She has a few nervous habits to keep her busy. She bites her nails, twirls her hair, and ever so often cracks her knuckles regardless of the pain it causes. Lover of the outdoors, Ardella has been known to take her book and climb high into the trees to escape life below. She can talk for hours on meaningless subjects, and has declared many times that she will remain a spinster until the end of her days. Whether or not she would be content with that remains unseen.

    Personal History:

    Ardella grew up in the height of River Butte's power, where she wanted for nothing and felt safe as a turtle in its shell. She had bountiful cousins, wonderful parents and lived life exactly as they wanted her to - with tutors, needlework, public appearances, and perfect charm. She first fell in love at the age of 12. He was a knight, Sir Logan Sinclair, tall, dreamy, a man of 18 who would never ever be interested in her. He had accompanied another older Knight to River Butte and stayed for a few days before riding off into the sunset again. But Ardella never forgot the name.

    The young Riethert aged as any girl would, with more parties and flirtatious trips to the Capital. Ardella wasn't ready for the turning tide of war. She was sent from River Butte just shortly before the war, at the age of 17, to live with estranged second cousins just outside of Pyre Cliff. It was a meager house, where she earned her keep in the fields and stayed as low key as possible, not in fear of course, but just for want of little attention. She saw Houses come and go, heard little from her parents in that time, and heard rumors of the Sinclair takeover of Pyre Cliff, though that was all, simple town rumors to keep her preoccupied. Just shy of her 19th birthday tidings came on the wings of a crow - the Riethert's claim over River Butte's Citadel was withdrawn. The letter left her with no ideas, no whereabouts to the location of the rest of her family. And the only family she knew to go to was the one who so recently took over in Pyre Cliff.

    In a moment of desperation, Ardella arrived at the Sinclair's doorstep, explaining who she was and her current position. She had a simply request, she wanted only to send a missive in reply to River Butte asking after the whereabouts of her family. Not only did the Sinclairs allow it, they offered her a room and a roof over her head. She has been with them for a little under a year.
    Family Genealogy:

    Riethert (Birth Year)
    -Ephraim Riethert (105) -- Hildred Thurmond(107)
         -Doyle Riethert (134) -- Elizabeth McGuire (136)
               -Eloise Riethert (154)
               -Ephraim Riethert II (154) -- Renee Bishop (157)
                     -Zelma Riethert (135)
                    -Thelma Riethert (136
                   -Velma Riethert (138)
                   -Margaret Peabody
                   -Lene Riethert (?)
                   -/-Eloise Riethert (?)
              -Gwyneth Riehtert (157)
              -Herschel Riethert(157) –Joyce Pimperbard
                   -Dothan Riethert (176)[Unknown Location] – Aelyn Atkey [Unknown Location]
                        -Doyle Riethert (23) [Unknown Location]
                        -Son Reithert** (21)[Unknown Location]
                        -Zel Riethert (18)[Unknown Location]
                        -Son Riethert** (15)[Unknown Location]
                    – Arman Riethert (177) – Nils Cornerstone
                        -Tristian Riethert (194)
                    – Raymon Riethert**(180)[Unknown Location] – Ellistra Genevieve Caldoran (178)
                         – Ardella Riethert (197)
                    – Harlan Riethert (185)[Unknown Location]

    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample: He nearly laughed at her boldness, claiming she did not need an escort. Every woman her age, every woman in general, needed escorts especially when visiting foreign houses with hungry Lords. To think she was above that protection was foolish and rather childish too. But Thurstan didn’t say as much, he only rasied an eyebrow and regarded the younger woman with a mild humor. ”Perhaps I am old fashioned in thinking so,” He mused quietly, shaking his head as if he were suddenly confused. ”Forgive my ways, Lady Celina. This old man is set in them, it seems.”

    Thurstan waved her hand off, refusing to take it out of shame more than anything else. Just as she claimed to take care of herself, Thurstan certainly had learned how to handle his impairment to the best of his ability. But before he could push himself to standing, the Durand girl said something Thurstan had not expected. ”If you are not staying with the Sheridans, pray tell, where are you staying? Surely it is not far from here?”
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