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Thread: Adele Blackthorne

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    Adele Blackthorne

    Player: Val
    Contact: YIM, G-mail, PM

    Character Name: Adele Blackthorne
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: : July 16, 200
    Current Location: Pittsmeadow
    House: House Blackthorne
    Crest Appearance:
    Work in progress

    House Description/History:
    Originally derived from a smallholder family, the Blackthornes have the dubious honor of being Balfour's shadiest family. Their slow but inexorable rise to the nobility was not simply luck, nor was it the gods' favor shining down on them. Thanks to fertile lands and an understanding of how to manipulate the soil to produce not only some of the finest grains in Balfour but some rather exotic fruits and herbs, the family made its mark early on. With good yields came money, prudently and discreetly invested. Some of those investments proved of high yield, allowing the Blackthornes to amass considerable wealth. A tightly-knit and notoriously circumspect family, they informed no one of their increased affluence until the time was nigh.

    Striking when the proverbial iron was hot, the family not only obtained their noble status from the Royal family through purchase but established the first bank in Balfour. A century later, the Blackthornes sit firmly entrenched in Pittsmeadow, a family that cannot be ignored. The power granted them by the bank is considerable, yet they maintain a curious kind of loyalty to the Farrand-Calhouns. Their scheming is saved for those of lesser importance, but their reputation is nothing short of towering. Many a proud man has come to seek their aid, only to prove humbled by their refusals.

    However, despite the relative growth and expanding influence of the bank under their control, the family maintains their strong agricultural roots. Continuing to grow some of the finest flax, straw, and other grains, they enjoy the fruits of trade within Balfour but are hoping to expand beyond the island borders. There is always some new market to tap, some new technique to apply, and some money to be made.

    To the Blackthorne family, money and power are a game they intend to win.

    Autumndale Castle [Manzanares el Real]
    [credit to Josh and Jenna]

    Played By/Face Claim: Gabriella Wilde

    With a slender, willowy figure and a wealth of golden locks, Adele stands slightly taller than the average woman of her age. Most of the time, one can find her in clothes complementing her hair and blue eyes, though she’s not above wearing muted colors and simple cuts – or men’s clothes, if the occasion will call for it. Her wardrobe and hairstyles often shift upon demand of her lifestyle, both because her family wealth and her position allow for it and because she can. Silk and cotton are long-standing favorites and are amply present among her clothes, as are various shades of gold and green.

    Outwardly cheerful and bright, Adele is almost always full of chatter, though at times she tries to constrain herself to the mind of a proper lady. However, with several older brothers, and less time to spend with her grandmother than before, it’s a difficult endeavor. She has learned to stand for herself in whichever manner was needed – and appropriate to be shown, but often she doesn’t listen if she thinks she doesn’t have to.

    Like any other young lady, she has a weak spot for bright and elegant gowns. Fairly independent, she has no trouble in playing the innocent, her looks helping her along, and thus it’s often hard to say whether she means what she says, her two oldest brothers being the only exception to the rule. Her carefree nature is what draws the people to her the most.

    She is well used to being the youngest, and often tries to turn this fact to her advantage. It does not, by any means, make her a master manipulator yet, but sometimes she succeeds in gaining what she wishes for. As she would have a hard time going unobserved, Adele instead makes a point in standing out in the crowd if she can, ensuring she has an opportunity to pick up on anything either of her brothers may miss. Whether she would succeed, however, remains to be seen, as she is yet young enough to make mistakes.

    Personal History:
    Among the youngest lot, and one of the two girls, Adele didn’t escape the center of attention from her parents as often as she would’ve liked while they were alive, and later, her grandmother. However, as she grew and learned things that were more lady-like in nature, she found plenty of room for mischief once she found how to play it right, and after a run in with one of her numerous cousins who later got her in trouble, she learned to keep her comings and goings a relative secret, lest she gets into more trouble for it. It didn’t stop her from picking up the skills that were less than appropriate, but she figured it was all good in self-defence.

    Her side trips in picking up a variety of skills for self-defence purposes hadn’t stopped her from becoming a lady, even if her grandmother had to take measures Adele didn’t necessarily like for it to happen. Thankfully she had taken to dancing and harp like a fish to water, even if she detested needle work and other things requiring focus, and riding soon became her favorite pastime. Upon one of her first visits to the Moorland Estates, she has discovered her love of the water.

    She had to be able to get notice at Court and attempt finding her place in it, which was one of the reasons she had remained there for some time during the couple of seasons since her first appearance in it. Given her earnest appearance and her beauty, she had no trouble doing so, though Adele had to admit she soon found herself in over her head. It also placed some distance between her brothers and herself, and while she wasn’t against it, she did rather miss them from time to time. They were not very close, but she was in a good place to become one of their many unofficial informants, particularly if she managed to pick up on things any of her brothers may have missed, though between Remy’s social nature and Gabriel’s observational skills, their missing anything of importance was a rare occurrence.

    When the plague haunting Tuneric a while back reared its ugly head in Balfour, Adele’s family was among those to lose siblings and others to it, and she volunteered to help where she could with fighting the plague, though was bound to get her sick, as well. The action, however, was personal now, and she wasn’t about to give up, not on those needing help, and not on beating the illness, however small the ways in which she could help were.

    Family Genealogy:
    • Charles Blackthorne -- Wife
      • Guillaume Blackthorne -- Wife
        • Remy Blackthorne (180)
        • Gabriel Blackthorne (183)
        • Charles Blackthorne
        • Emilie Blackthorne (186)
        • Patrice Blackthorne (189)
        • Henri Blackthrone
        • Michel Blackthorne (194)
        • Adele Blackthorne (200)
      • Thomas Blackthorne -- Wife
        • Corinne Blackthorne (183)
        • Beatrice Blackthorne
        • Georgette Blackthorne
        • Jean Blackthorne (190)
      • Gilbert Blackthorne -- Simone Romanov
        • Anne Blackthorne
        • Rene Blackthorne
        • Thibault Blackthorne
        • Laurent Blackthorne (198)
        • Lisette Blackthorne (198)
      • Henrietta Blackthorne (171) -- Ashton Gardiner
        • Children in House Gardiner
    • Christopher Blackthorne -- Wife***
    • Georges Blackthorne -- Wife***
    • Julien Blackthorne (168) -- Wife***

    Writing Sample:
    Not for the first time, Adele blamed her curiosity and mischievous nature as she scurried back up the dark stairs of her home toward her rooms, all attempts at being a lady forgotten in favor of speedy retreat from the area where she happened upon results of one of her mischiefs. It was entirely innocent in nature of course, just a bit of oil on the stairs where people would be less likely to stumble upon it, but it seemed that it wasn’t as out of the way as she hoped. On the plus side, she picked up on a few curses she didn’t know from their guards’ rich vocabulary. Adele was rather of opinion that neither Remy nor Gabriel would approve if she ever mentioned them in their hearing, so she made a mental note to abstain from doing so if she could.

    Well, it wasn’t her fault that the guards had loud mouths and tended to drink too much at the end of their shifts. Judging she was far enough from the area of incident, Adele allowed herself to raise a hand to stifle her laugh and gave way to helpless giggles. The look of sheer surprise on the man’s face was entirely worth the bit of spilled oil from her taking the supper in the kitchen this time, and if it meant people would be a bit more careful with those stairs, well, it was all to the good anyway. Wasn’t it?
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