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    Augustus Lereaux

    Player: John McClane
    Contact: Nakatomi Plaza

    Character Name: Augustus Lereaux
    Character Age: 70
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 3rd 148
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Lereaux under Shellten
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    A wealthy family from the heart of the plains, the Lereaux clan was famous as trappers and furriers, and built a strong trade business in the early days of Abraham Shellten's rule. Content on the interior of the island, they most frequently peddled their wares between the Beacon of Eddleton and the dales of Suffolk.

    In recent years, the Lereaux family has expanded their craft to include breeding of animals, both for food and for burden.

    Played By/Face Claim: Michael Caine


    Augustus' appearance is almost always relative to the amount of projects he is working on, or the time of day one catches him, or the likelihood that anyone will come seeking him. Lereaux is prone to being distracted by his endeavors, and therefore may go days or more without shaving, or weeks or more without getting his hair cut.

    He is usually dressed casually, preferring loose fitting robes to the more formal tunics of the time. He has put on just a little bit of senior weight, and his eyes and smile remain bright and youthful, despite his advancing years.


    Kind and compassionate, Augustus is very much a friend to all. He is patient, learned, wise, and caring. He is a jack of all trades, and a master of most. Never gifted with the stuff of knights or lords, he is quite simply a scholar to whom few are on par. He has been the personal physician of the Shellten Family for over forty years, and has delivered all of the royal children. He is an inventor, a writer, and a philosopher, and many of his ideas helped to shape the policies of Aramis Shellten.

    Augustus is patient, and slow to anger in all situations. He sees things from many angles and often preaches serenity to those who are stressed or pressured. He loves animals of all kinds, and keeps a white rabbit and a black cat in his chambers. He manages ravens and speaks three different dialects of Tunerician, one of which is practically lost except in antique writings and in the lessons he teaches to those who wish to learn it. He was the head tutor of House Shellten, instructing all three children of Aramis, as well as the cousins who resided in Hebron.

    Throughout his days at court, Augustus was always considered a lover of wine, knowledge and women, but not necessarily in that order. Though he was married with four children, he often took other lovers in the castle, and was a favorite of Queen Eleanor in their younger days.

    Personal History:

    Born the middle of three boys, Augustus had shown almost no aptitude in his younger years as a trapper or furrier. He was adept at healing animals, rather than hunting them, and he showed great promise to his tutors. Despite the need for able bodied men in the family business, his father sent him to Hebron to study at the Temple of Swaren. The priests however, soon saw his potential in almost all facets of study except religion, and suggested him to Abraham Shellten's court. There, Augustus, easily the least of the residents in social stature, thrived among people who were better than his peers.

    It was clear that the young man's mind ground out ideas like a mill, and the more his seniors seemed to feed him, the more he needed to slake his curiosity. He was given his own study, and full access to the royal library, and soon developed a talent for medicine, mechanics and engineering. He became attending physician when the previous maester passed away in 181, and has served in that position among others ever since.

    A favorite of Dame Eleanor, the pair had an on again, off again relationship despite Augustus' marriage and the woman's royal lineage. While it was accepted as fact, it was never spoken of, and both have denied the fact up until the woman's untimely death. Since that time, Augustus keeps mainly to his duties unless called on for other endeavors. His door is always open, and his time is always available.

    Family Genealogy:

    - Douglas Lereaux -- Kendra Kelley
         - Martin Lereaux -- Vivian Cornwall
              - Julius Lereaux -- Doris Gralla
                   - Son
                   - Daughter
                   - Daughter
              - Augustus Lereaux -- Madeline Montrose
                   - Cael Lereaux -- Lorraine McKen
                        - Daughter
                        - Son
                   - Son
                   - Daughter
                   - Daughter
              - Octavius Lereaux -- Norma Bishop
                   - Daughter
                   - Son
                   - Daughter
                   - Daughter

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    Most excellent.

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