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    Finnella Mallen

    Player: Mrs. Brisby
    Contact: The Lee of the Stone

    Character Name: Finnella Mallen
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 9th
    Current Location: Stone Forge
    House: Hallward
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    Longtime servants of the Hallwards, the Mallen family is comprised mainly of clerical workers and tradesmen. The boys are raised to focus on the care of animals, and are often employed as stable hands in Stone Forge, though others do branch out into mining, stone-cutting and construction projects. The women, prized for their beauty, are usually servants in Firefell, working as maids and servants. The family does modestly well financially, but tends to bear more children than it can afford, and as such they are all forced to start working at a young age.

    Though the current patriarch of the family was a longtime friend of Lord Bradley, he had no ambition to forward the family class, and the Hallwards (excepting Allison) had never been inclined to elevate them. They were generally considered a well-mannered, suitably educated, and fiercely loyal people, but suffering from a lack of ambition. In most cases.

    Played By/Face Claim: Bérénice Bejo


    With dark reddish-brown hair and dark almond-shaped eyes, Finnella is a mysterious looking woman who enjoys close fitting, but functional clothing. Her attire is practical and inexpensive, indicative of her upbringing, and though she has the affection and attention of Allison Hallward, she patently refuses any kind of luxurious items that she can not afford on her own.

    Her smile and freckles make her appear as a warm and caring person, innocent and naive. Her hair curls naturally as it flows, though it remains wavy for the length. She has a small birthmark in the shape of a horn on her right hip and despite her poor heredity, she has perfect teeth and soft hands.


    Self-taught, Finnella is fiercely independent, and eager to help others who wish to grow as she feels she has. After growing up and seeing the disparity between both class and gender, the woman has formed strong opinions on justice and equality, and her need to vocalize these issues often lands her in trouble. She believes in truth, no matter how blunt it needs to be. She doesn't sugar coat or lie, and she makes a point to correct others, even if they are merely stating opinion.

    She is rash, and fiery, and often has to be preached patience. She believes in action, and she will fight if the need arises. A day in the stocks is not out of the ordinary for the young woman, and she has often been disciplined for acting out.

    Finnella has a strong vocabulary, a righteous tone, and an iron will. Despite her small frame, her constitution is hearty, and she is not afraid of illness or malnutrition. She is willing to feed others, aid the lame, or partake in hunger strikes to get her way. She is convinced that she can do any job that a man can do, and has even gone as far as to don armor and ride in local tournaments, though she has never bested a single competitor. It is enough to prove that she can.

    Personal History:

    Finnella always seemed to be in Firefell, even at an early age. Her mother Melinda served Lady Jane as a seamstress, and Finnella was often along when her mother could not find a sitter. Despite the fact that a young Allison Hallward had playmates of higher status, she was always curious about the peasant girl, and it wasn't long before the mothers had given up on keeping the children separated. Finnella had always, even as a toddler, been fiercely competitive, and strode to prove that she could do everything that her noble friend could do. Whenever Allison learned a new lesson or a new word, Finnella would run home and ask someone how it was done, or what it meant.

    When she reached the age of eighteen, Lord Bradyn Hallward had married, and Finnella's older sister Rosamund was taken by his bride to serve in her retinue. Finnella had already been assigned to the service of Lady Allison, but with the addition of Maera Hepburn to the house, the pair of younger women had moved to a second residence at the base of the mountain. And though the Mallen girl loved The Ruby Setting, she often chose to return home to her tenement in Stone Forge to be with her family.

    After a day of shopping, when Allison had bought seven dresses and Finnella had bought an apple and a loaf of bread (and had given both away) the noble girl had asked her companion why she didn't like nice things. The girl laughed, and informed her mistress that she did like nice things, and would have them one day. When she could afford them, she would buy them. Allison had only nodded, not knowing what the future held, but knowing that it inevitably involved Finnella Mallen.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Harry Mallen -- Elspeth Pageat
         - Devlin Mallen -- Melinda Langtry
              - Rosamund Mallen
              - Derik Mallen
              - Courtney (m) Mallen
              - Finnella Mallen
         - Horace Mallen -- Claire Standish
              - children Mallen**
         - Maude Mallen
         - Deborah Mallen
         - Cole Mallen

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