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    Celeste Durand

    Player: Jenna
    Contact: Pick your poison.

    Character Name: Celeste Durand
    Character Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 24, 192
    Current Location: White Coast
    House: Durand
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    House Durand is a proud house, nestled in the city of White Coast. They’ve been around for a very long time and are well established in the port city and are well-known throughout Tuneric. Considering they were instrumental in the re-establishment of the Shellten monarchy, the Durands take their position in White Coast as a very real means of protection on the Tuneric water front.

    House Durand’s main source of income is derived from the taxes levied on products moving in and out of the port. Being staunch supporters of the Shellten monarchy, House Durand is usually the first to advise Hebron of new people or products that might pass through their jurisdiction.

    Denizens of House Durand pray to many gods, most notably Moreesa, Ruzbin, Swaren, Iubita and Vifor. They participate heavily in Washing Day and usually travel as a whole to Hebron to participate in Ruzbin’s Tournament. House Durand has, in the past, proudly produced Champions of Ruzbin. It is not uncommon for the head of House Durand to send envoys to represent their house at feasts and celebrations for other gods and goddesses as well.

    Even though House Durand is prominent on land, they are also well-known as seafarers. They have a fleet of ships, most of which are chartered out to merchants and explorers, with House Durand earning commissions off of anything sold or discovered. There are three ships in the fleet specifically reserved as cruise ships for the Durands and their guests. These ships have spared no expense and offer the finest quality of room and board that can be found on a ship.

    [ Credit to Aloris ]

    Played By/Face Claim: Marta Gastini


    Like much of House Durand, Celeste has dark hair and eyes framed in slender features. She is not a tall woman, but her figure is graceful and proportional. She dresses in bright, jewel-toned hues, preferring contrast between her sleeves and skirt and her bodice, incorporating current fashion with her own mark. She is fond of silk and velvet, and has an eye for jewels, but more for embroidery, much of which she does herself.


    Possessing the intelligence and quick wit of her cousins, Celeste is different in that she is gentle and serene. To her, there is a time and a season in which everything must occur. A little patience will see it brought to fruition or it will show why a plan or idea will not succeed. She prefers to wield her influence, such as it is, with softly spoken words, a light touch or in privacy.

    She has her fair share of passion, temper and will, yet has learned to mitigate them. However, if she is unduly or sorely tried, Celeste will lash out with a cutting remark and icy anger, especially if there is friction between family members, reminding them that they are bound in blood. Nothing and no one should ever come between members of the family. Nothing.

    To most of the Durands, Celeste is viewed as the heart of the family. She is the peacekeeper, the one who soothes the angers and mediates the clashes that are inevitable in a family of strongly passionate, strong willed people. Though she is not necessarily neutral, she strives to be objective, to weigh both sides of a conflict and find a suitable compromise. Where Celina is the butterfly and Aviana is the lynx, Celeste is a soft, pretty little dove.

    She is also the one to whom many of the family comes to tell their troubles to and seek advice from. To her younger brother Jaime, she was the voice that persuaded Lawrence that he should be squired to Uncle Eric and from there, encouraged to join the Knights of the Shield. To her father, Celeste is a comfort and a dutiful, loving daughter. To her cousins, she is a shelter from the storms, and the bridge between the generations.

    Overall, many do not see her as the best or the brightest of the Durand on initial contact. Only after they have been exposed to her do they begin to see the truth of who Celeste Durand is - a patient, methodical and logical woman with a gentle soul, sweet voice and a kind heart. She does not have the ambition or the drive that the majority of her family does, but will do her duty in their name when the time is right. Until then, Celeste is happy to live quietly, spending her days tending to White Coast, the Durand family and her hobbies.

    Personal History:

    Born to Lawrence Durand as the middle of three legitimate children, Celeste was the quietest of his offspring. A motherly little girl, she was strongly attached to her mother, learning the arts of the needle early, and generally conducting herself as quite the little lady. Though one of the older girls, she did not assert herself as the leader; instead, Celeste stood as peacemaker when squabbles inevitably broke out between Aviana, Celina and her own sister, her gentle ways held up to them as an example of the Durand lady.

    As they grew older, she devoted herself to helping maintain the household in White Coast while her other, more adventurous cousins were off doing other things. Home has always been her favorite place, with no burning desire to go off to exotic locations and do exciting things. Rather, Celeste was always happiest with home, hearth and family. As her brother grew older, she stood as the lady most in need of rescue as he played at knight, encouraging him to seek the path of the Honorable Knight. As Lawrence's son, with Austin and Camden hale and hearty, Jaime was not likely ever to inherit. He needed to make his own way.

    Learning at a young age by watching her mother and aunt that a woman could influence a man in subtle ways, she began to practice those skills on her brother and her father. A softly spoken word, a light touch to their arm, a sweet angel's smile and artful compliments soon showed her that she had a way with manipulation of her family, not just with the men but the women as well. Not until she tested its impact on her female cousins, rewarded with increasing trust and secrets did Celeste understand her role in the family. She could be its heart, a dainty little spider keeping the family web tightly-woven. Never was that more important than when Uncle Eric deemed Jaime worthy of knighting... and ensured he was enrolled in the Order of the Shield.

    She has been well prepared for marriage, knowing that Eric and Lawrence should have already chosen an appropriate Lord for her but with the death of her uncle, the timing has not yet been right. When it is, Celeste will leave the home she loves to make her own home and spread her influence further.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Theodor Durand (94) -- Kaylee Thurmond(99)
         -Penelope Durand (118) -- Daniel Walden (113)
         -Henry Durand (121) -- Jocelyn Kade (123)
         -Talbot Durand (124) -- Laurie Gartens (129)
         -Camden Durand (128) -- Odette Ryan (130)
              -Guy Durand (151) -- Margaret Vaughan(155)
                   -Adabella Durand (175) – Aramis Shellten (?)
                        -Vivienne Shellten (194)
                        -Cailen Darius Shellten (196) -- Nataliah Farrand-Calhoun
                        -Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   -Eric Durand (177) – Lucette Taylor(178)
                        -Austin Durand (194)
                        -Camden Durand
                        -Celina Durand
                   -Hector Durand (179) – Georgina Bennett (180)
                        -Guy Durand (191)
                        -Aviana Rochelle Durand (198)
                        -Daughter Durand (?)
                   -Darien Durand (?) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
              -Aaron Durand (155) -- Tatania Ayers (159)
                   -Lawrence Durand (176) -- Samantha Holland, Wife (179)**
                        -Female Cousin Durand (?)
                        -Celeste Durand (192)
                        -Jaime Durand (194)
                   + -- Unwed mystery woman
                        -Duncan Durand (196)
                   -Ashley Durand -- Jasper Lovelle
                        -Lorna Lovelle Remington (197) -- Errol Remington (196)
                        -Arryck Lovelle (204)
                   -Anse Durand (179)

    Writing Sample: [ taken from Celina Durand ]

    Fate and Moreesa smiled on Celina, sending Austin off after the races to join the others (notably, his Lady of the Stars) at the picnic and leaving her free to venture to the shore at sunset unhindered. The day had been summer-warm, but with the fall of night autumn coolness would reassert itself, reminding her to bring a wrap to ward off any chill. The breeze thankfully dwindled to a light stir of the air as she left the cottage that served as their retreat while in Aston. Aviana, Celina knew, was also at the picnic, hopefully enjoying herself as well.

    She had taken time to change out of the more unorthodox outfit worn for the purpose of the race, donning a clean but simple dress of linen in an ice blue color. Her hair was left mostly loose, but with a few locks clipped back from her face; Celina enjoyed the feel of the sea breeze ruffling her hair, but did not want to constantly brush it from her face. Using the dying rays of the sun to guide her in the directions Lord Metcalfe sent to her, she made her way down the beach away from most had been the previous night and towards the rock where she encountered him.
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