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    Camelia De Angelis Soral

    Player: Nicki (The RPer formerly known as Guesty-poo)
    Contact: PM is best, though I do have AIM, Yahoo, and Skype.

    Character Name: Camelia De Angelis
    Character Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 10, 199
    Current Location: Welch Run
    House: De Angelis
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Originally a family of Swaren monks who became knights, the De Angelis’ have recently seized Welch Run and is now establishing themselves as the ruling family over their former lords, the Peregrines. Their reputation is well known for being a fair but scrutinizing bunch, not one to dally playing political games for the sake of further power. Over the years they have amassed quite the astounding private army whose real numbers were unknown until just recently. As vassals to the people, the De Angelis’ spent a great deal of their time investing in the common welfare and further cultivation of the lands around them so that all could prosper. As a result, the Battle of Welch Run was a violent but brief affair lasting no more than a week and had the full support of the people backing the family of knights.

    Now that the Peregrine family is out of the way, the De Angelis’ can move forward in opening up better trade negotiations now that the lands officially belong to them. Welch Run is already noted for having a variety of flora in the form of tea shrubs and other wildflowers. Its beauty during the spring and summer months are often unrivaled, and with that come the intuitive nature of De Angelis minds. Their papal lineage of ancient times has brought with it the knowledge of being master brewers. Taking the art of beverages to new levels, the De Angelis’ have cultivated tea, honey, and signature spiced mead that is unlike anyone has ever tasted before.

    Drinking is an art in Welch Run, and the De Angelis family intends to utilize the lands and its people to its fullest capacity.

    Riverwatch Keep as represented by Warwick Castle

    Played By/Face Claim: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

    Appearance: Camelia is a little shorter than average, about five feet and three inches tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes. Most would probably place her at around 110 pounds, which is almost ten pounds lighter than her actual weight. Her constant horseback riding and archery lessons keep her in top shape, so she is fairly compact and stronger than she looks. There is very little fat on her body. That unfortunately means that she is not as curvy as some men would prefer, but overall she is thought of as quite pretty within civilized company.

    Camelia usually wears her long hair tied back so she does not get it in her face when she rides. When she does wear it down, she often fidgets with it because it is not what she’s used to. Her clothing choices tend to be functional rather than fashionable, but if her cousin Silvia invites her somewhere then she can always be persuaded to wear more formal garb.

    Personality: Camelia can come off as a little shy, and to a certain extent that would be true. Like many others, she is quiet when she first meets someone and slowly opens up as she gets to know someone. This is another reason for her initial silence: it's easier to get to know someone when they are the one doing all the talking. These small cautionary measures do not prevent her in any way from being an optimist, though admittedly she does hold some resentment toward the Peregrines over the way her family had been treated over the years.

    The people that know Camelia well know her to be... well... not your average aristocratic female. She loves being outdoors, especially on the back of her favorite horse. Sewing and planning parties are not things that she finds pleasure in. Her clothing tends to be plain unless Silvia is around, because despite her tomboyish behavior Camelia really does idolize her cousin.

    Music was the one area in which she truly excelled, particularly the harp. There is no shyness or hesitation when she is playing. Music in general is very calming to her, though, even when she is not the one playing it. Music and dancing are two of the few hobbies of hers that could be considered feminine.

    Personal History: The youngest child of Bianca and Jakai, Camelia grew up surrounded by family. As the De Angelis family were sworn protectors of the Peregrines, she learned how to hold her own with weapons from an early age. Archery and staves were where she excelled since the majority of bladed weapons were too heavy for her small build. Still, she found that aspect of her training growing up far more interesting than anything indoors. At least, that was the case unless Silvia was around.

    Camelia always idolized her cousin's grace and poise, but never had the inclination nor the talent for mastering all the womanly arts as Silvia had. However, she also had not been blessed (or cursed) with her cousin's gift of visions. Much to her own relief. While it was nice knowing when things were going to go well, she could only imagine the burden of knowing that something terrible was going to happen beforehand and not being able to do anything about it.

    Always protective of his youngest daughter, Jakai kept Camelia away from the majority of the fray when it came time for their family to rebel against the Peregrines. Not to say that she was entirely spared from the battle. Her arrows pierced the armor of more than one man, and those faces are ingrained into her memory.

    Luckily, after the battle it was the descendants of Navid that took over the rule of the area, so less attention has been paid to the Soral family. However, Camelia's mother Bianca still hopes that some day she will grow out of her wildness and settle down so that she will be easier to marry off well. No man in search of a true lady for a wife would choose Camelia as their first pick.

    Family Genealogy:

    Writing Sample: Naked and alone. That’s how Nadia felt without her armband. Damn her little brother. He just had to take it while she was in the shower. Nadia could make him do anything she wanted to physically, but she couldn’t read his mind. Her gift, as useful as it was most of the time, was pretty much rendered useless in this situation. Her only option was to spy on him, follow him until he brought her to the place where it was kept. So, into the shadows she went. He usually kept his room fairly dark, a plus for her. The darker it was, the less energy she had to expend to keep herself completely hidden. Nadia rubbed her left arm. It was still bare. She wasn’t sure whether she had really expected to find it there, or if she was just doing it out of habit. It was probably the latter. That was the most logical conclusion. It was no problem for her to slip herself into his room and blend in with the dark shadows in the corner. Now all that was left was to wait.

    Come on... Show me the money.

    This was a lot more trouble than she would normally go to get something back from him. But she needed that damned armband. Stupid Joshua knew that she couldn’t go anywhere without it. No one knew why, of course, but that wasn’t the important thing. She hadn’t taken that armband off for more than 15 minutes since she was ten, and she wasn’t about to start now. But eight year-old boys were known to be brats, and Joshua’s case was no exception. It just added spoiled brat to the equation as well. She knew the armband had to be in the house still. He hadn’t had it for more than 20 minutes, and he was now downstairs eating breakfast before another eventful day at school. She would catch him in the act. The idea gave Nadia a slight amount of pleasure, but if Joshua hadn’t done all this in the first place, she wouldn’t have to go through all this. It was too troublesome. She would rather have just gotten out of the shower, put the band back on, and fallen asleep for another half an hour before heading off to school. She began to sigh, then froze as she heard her brother’s familiar temper-tantrum footsteps coming up the stairs. Now was the time. Where was he hiding it? The door creaked open, and Nadia can hear the end of something her mother was saying to Josh.

    ”But mom! I need a PS4! All the other kids at school have one!!”

    Nadia rolled her eyes as she looked at the back of her younger brother’s head. If he kept whining long enough, their mother would give in. That was how he had gotten his PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, and his PSP. Knowing him, that was the way he would get every other future console until the age of 30 as well. Thank goodness she was getting out of here. Joshua could be a sweet little kid, but his displays, along with her mother’s constant giving-in, gave her headaches. All she needed was her armband back, then she would be done packing. But dammit, she couldn’t leave without that piece of jewelry on her arm.

    ”We’ll see, Joshua, we’ll see...” Nadia heard her mother say. It was Kelsey’s way of saying ‘as soon as you get out of school, we’ll go pick one up.’ Everyone seemed to know it except her.

    Joshua seemed to get the point. He turned around and walked into his room, a big self-satisfied smile on his face. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt, but the right arm had a little more bulge than normal. Nadia tongued her right canine in irritation. The little brat was wearing her armband. She had to think of a way to get it back without him calling for help. Nadia’s mother would tell her to let him have it, and that was so not going to happen. Well, she could freeze him in place and take it. But then he would know about her powers. She sighed inwardly. It was going to have to be the direct route. She transported back to her room and strolled down the hall, her hands casually in her pockets. She knocked on Josh’s door and smiled when he answered. Sometimes being nice actually worked, but sometimes it didn't. She would have to take the risk.

    “Hey boogerface. Have you seen my armband? You know, the one shaped like a snake?”

    One thing Josh was smart about: he knew he couldn’t lie to big sis. She knew him far too well. Every wandering eye, every nervous bite of the lips. He had a million different tells, and she knew them all like the back of her hand. She had an exquisite memory. Joshua did nothing but look down and lift up his right sleeve. She took the armband from him.

    “Thanks Josh. Don’t let things fall apart while I’m gone, okay? I’m counting on you.”

    Josh nodded slowly. He didn’t want his sister to go. Despite everything, they were family and they loved each other. She patted him lightly on the shoulder and turned around, heading back to her room to finish packing. She slipped the armband around her left wrist and up her slender arm until it fit snugly above her bicep. Ahhhh... that was much better.
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    I'm cool with this! KA-STAMP!

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    This works for me.
    @Josh ?

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    Approved! Happy writing, Nicki and welcome to Dawn of Empires.

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