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Thread: Tuneric House Directory

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    Tuneric House Directory

    Valley of the Crown


    Capital of Tuneric
    Current Ruling Family: Shellten

    Shellten Castle

    Settled at the head of the river which runs through the continent, Hebron is in a prime location to serve as a hub for both politics and trade. The home of kings for generations, the beautiful landscape lends itself well to its regal inhabitants.

    Valley Haven

    Current Ruling Family: Olivier

    Former Ruling Family: Orvailles

    Amary Castle

    A fertile land that has seemingly been tainted by the reputation of the family who had called it home since the time of the Day kings, Valley Haven has yet to shake off the unpleasant connotation. It sits near the river, on land made fertile by the occasional floods, and is just waiting for its potential to be realized so that it might rise again.


    Current Ruling Family: Chelan

    River’s Bend

    Inhabited by the same family for as long as Tuneric has been a nation, Royalport makes the most of its place on the river. Fishing plays an important part in its economy, and has historically kept the people afloat so that the city might develop the trade it truly became known for: textiles and fashion.


    Current Ruling Family: Gyrtner

    Orchid Palace

    Sprawling fields and fertile land made Devonshire the perfect home for a family which fashioned itself into the most popular and successful gardeners Tuneric has ever seen. Rolling, flat land is bordered to the west and south by thick forest, and much of the grounds are cultivated into organized and lovely gardens.


    Current Ruling Family: MacHeath

    Nightingale Keep

    Perched on a hill overlooking Tuneric’s only lake, Westbury would be known for its beauty and its serenity, if only the family that rules it were not widely considered to be cursed. Lightly forested with only a little farmland, the people of Westbury have learned to make their living from the lake, and the region has been exporting fine pottery and stoneware for generations.
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    Hellfire Ridge

    Stone Forge

    Current Ruling Family: Hallward

    Firefell Keep

    Clinging to the rocky base of the sleeping volcano which takes up the entire northwest corner of Tuneric, Stone Forge is a rugged, almost brutal landscape. Traditionally the house which rules Stone Forge has exerted some measure of control over the other houses on the Ridge, and they use these contacts to obtain the resources their landscape does not provide them.

    Dover Hill

    Current Ruling Family: Avayne

    Castle Dover

    Situated on a main trading route, as well as being on land rich in minerals, Dover Hill is a land with great potential for wealth. With the mountain looming to the north, and the dense forests to the south, Dover Hill is ideally situated to take advantage of a vast array of resources. Although the residents usually keep to themselves for the most part, that hasn’t necessarily diminished the trade, although that does raise the question of what sort of success they could find if they looked further beyond their own lands.

    Slate Valley

    Current Ruling Family: Beaumarche

    Stone Keep

    While the ground around the city of Slate Valley may not be the best for farming, it has one very distinct advantage: mining. The Valley is home to what might be the most productive and lucrative mines in all of Tuneric, with the ground yielding the finest gems and ores. The city was built, both literally and figuratively, on this industry, and its proximity to Hebron has ensured that there is no shortage of trade.

    Pyre Cliff

    Current Ruling Family: OPEN
    Former Ruling Family: Redleaf

    Fort Falkenrath

    Pyre Cliff is the furthest city to the west, and it lies tucked between mountain and forest. A land renowned for the fine stone that can be quarried, it could once be said that nearly every castle in the land was made with Pyre Cliff stone, by Pyre Cliff men. Now its port is the hub of the area, and although the people prosper, it can be said that they are somewhat isolated from the rest of the country.


    Current Ruling Family: Morgan

    Rose Manor

    Cradled between the north coast and the mountain, Brassford has made the most of its surroundings. It has the benefits of coastal access, good grazing land, and even a bit of forest clinging to the base of the mountain. The resources available are plentiful, and proximity to the Capital means that trade is what fills the pockets of the land.
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    The Low Coast

    Green Gate

    Current Ruling Family: OPEN
    Former Ruling Family: del Castillo

    Perlas Keep

    Positioned on the river’s edge, halfway between delta and headwaters, Green Gate is a land of lush beauty. The river’s floods have left the sandy soil rich with nutrients, and the cultivation of sugar cane flourishes. The processing of the sugar and those products which come from it provides the bedrock of the trade, but the river also provides excellent fishing.

    White Coast

    Current Ruling Family: Durand

    ((This castle’s name should go here.))

    The city positioned where the river meets the sea has long been an important stopping point for anything heading into or out of Tuneric. The lands it sits upon are not terribly fertile for agriculture, but a living can be made from the sea. White Coast’s people are a resilient lot, and have proven themselves able to endure what the sea throws at them.


    Current Ruling Family: Sheridan

    Former Ruling Family: Rivers

    Sheridan Castle

    Aston is a city which is both battered by the sea and bolstered by it. Shipping and shipbuilding are the trades which keep the city afloat, and the ruling lords over the years have been able to carve themselves out a good living despite being in direct competition with their closest neighbor, White Coast. Boasting more coastline than any other holding, Aston also can claim to have two very successful, if very different, colleges: one for maritime pursuits, and another for the art of showmanship from which some of the most celebrated minstrels have come.

    River Butte

    Current Ruling Family: Einar-Isael

    Former Ruling Family: Riethert

    The Citadel

    River Butte clings to a small sliver of coastline, surrounded on all sides by water. Positioned on a sliver of solid ground in the middle of the river’s delta, the city’s main purpose is for defense. Although some resources can be drawn from the water which slowly wears away at the spit of land, almost all of the needs of the people must be shipped in from elsewhere.

    Day’s Death

    Former Ruling Family: Avayne

    The large rocky island known as Day’s Death is known as being unpleasant, inhospitable, and generally a place nobody would ever want to be. Nothing grows on the rocks but moss and lichen, the sea crashes against the cliffs, and the wind tears at anything it can get purchase on. The island has long been home to the crown-controlled prison, along with the family that was tasked to overseeing the establishment, but with the recent hurricane the structures have been deemed no longer sound. The prison was closed, the family relocated, and the island left for the sea to claim.


    Current Ruling Family: Armistead

    Armistead Keep

    Soundly settled on the North coast, Eaton makes the most of its beautiful coastal surroundings. Its merchant fleet has brought it wealth and stability, as well as gaining the ruling family the crown’s favor. Eaton give the impression of timelessness; it seems like it’s always been there just as it is, and it gives no indication that things will be changing any time soon.
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    The Fertile Plain

    Laurie Hill

    Current Ruling Family: Blackbane

    Former Ruling Family: Remington

    Hill Tower Castle

    Another name for Laurie Hill could be “The Breadbasket of Tuneric”. It is from this area that most of the grain consumed in the whole of the country is produced, and it is shipped from this southernmost city to every other holding. Despite such security, the city of Laurie Hill has had a tumultuous past, and it has been more than once that the lands were soaked in blood.


    Current Ruling Family: Fairfax

    Suffolk Castle

    Suffolk’s beauty is almost legendary. It has long been a reliable and important source for agriculture and livestock, but more than that, it has gained itself a reputation for being a place of enjoyment. Promises of relaxation, fun, and pastoral enjoyment bring the nobles there, and with them come their coin purses, ensuring that Suffolk’s wealth only grows. They are a hardworking people, but they are known for playing just as hard, too.


    Current Ruling Family: Metcalfe

    Castle Farm

    The lush, fertile lands and green rolling landscape of Kirkland lends itself perfectly to the agricultural life its people live. Although the political history of the land has cast shadows over Kirkland, the people have always done well for themselves, even if perhaps they were not as successful as other farming areas. Livestock and crops both thrive, and although its people are not left wanting, they are of the sort to usually want more.


    Current Ruling Family: Delarose

    The Beacon

    Perched on the eastern coast, Eddleton looks toward the sea. Known as a place where hospitality reigns, it has attracted travelers and sailors for generations, and it promises food and lodgings for any man, no matter how deep his pockets. Supported both by fertile farmland and the treasures which can be gotten from the sea, it is a prosperous land, and a welcome sight for any weary traveler.

    Welch Run

    Current Ruling Family: De Angelis

    Riverwatch Keep

    Located in the northern section of The Fertile Plain, Welch Run’s farm land enjoys a boost of fertility from the river, creating a particularly good environment for certain sorts of crops. The beauty of the land, especially in spring and summer, is hard to contest, and wildflowers grow in abundance. In recent generations the ruling house failed to utilize their lands properly and the people suffered for it; but now a new family has risen, and they seek to repair the damage done.
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    The Wooded Reach


    Current Ruling Family: Hunter

    ((This castle’s name will go here.))

    Nestled deep in the woods, Huntstown is a fairly new city in an ancient landscape. The thick forest makes any sort of farming next to impossible, but taxes provide enough income to keep the coffers full. Inns, taverns, bath houses, and brothels all form a network of resources for the merchant caravans and other travelers to take advantage of, and each of these establishments bears the weight of tax, for the betterment of all.

    Heather’s Moor

    Current Ruling Family: Caldoran


    The forest cradles Heather’s Moor, and also provides its livelihood. Lumber is the main export, and the local trades center on its acquisition and the goods which come from it. A small tributary of the river which cuts through the northern part of Tuneric runs through the forest and literally under the castle of Heather’s Moor, and it is one of only a few convenient ways into the city which is somewhat isolated in the woodland.


    Current Ruling Family: OPEN

    Former Ruling Family: Lovelle

    Lynwood Castle

    Located directly south from Devonshire, Lovelyn is shrouded in dense forest. The border to the southeast against Remington land has in recent generations been contested, but there can be no question that the Lovelyn holdings are large and profitable. Building and its associated artisan trades are the bread and butter of the land, and the Lynwood Castle is a shining example of the quality workmanship one can expect when dealing with Lovelyn’s tradesmen.

    Maple Glade

    Current Ruling Family: Hepburn

    Hepburn Castle

    Maple Glade sits just off one of the main roads out of the capital, enshrined in forest that lacks the thick, almost menacing quality it gains further west and south. The city recently gained lordship by service to the crown, through cartography and architecture, but the people have always earned their living off of the land. There is excellent hunting in Maple Glade, and furs as well as hunting trips provide a decent income.


    Current Ruling Family: Talratheon

    Former Ruling Family: Greenwood

    Thassius Butte Castle

    Westwood lies so deep in the southern Wooded Reach that some noble families have started to believe that the city has fallen into ruin. Rarely a destination for travelers and often overlooked for the larger cities and holdings, Westwood nevertheless carved out a name for itself a home to tradesmen producing some of the finest furniture in the land. The hunting is good enough to keep them fed, and the forest provides for the people as well as keeping them isolated.
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