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Thread: Balfour House Directory

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    Balfour House Directory

    Eastern Isle

    Moorford Estates

    Current Ruling Family:Farrand-Calhoun

    Guardian’s Keep

    From its place in the center of the smaller island that makes up the country of Balfour, Moorford Estates has served as the seat of the monarchy since the beginning. The castle overlooks a large lake, and is ringed all around with thick woodland. These provide both privacy and recreation to those who live within the royal city, but the resources gained from each bolster the coffers and storerooms, as well.


    Current Ruling Family: Gardiner

    Roselea Castle

    The lush fields surrounding Baldell influence almost every aspect of life for those who live upon it. The city sits in the middle of the most fertile planting ground Balfour has to offer, and from it come much of the country’s produce. Bordered by a large expanse of sandy beach, the lands surrounding Baldell are as beautiful as they are productive.

    Old Oxlawn

    Current Ruling Family: Shellten

    Oxlawn Palace

    Old Oxlawn is a small city, although its size is not limited by its access to resources. It reaps the benefits of its proximity to the ocean, and further inland there is fertile farming ground to be found. It's a bit out of the way, and not on a busy trade route, but its people see this as more of a blessing than a curse, as it allows for a quieter way of life.

    Faldwater Camp

    Current Ruling Family: Farrand-Calhoun

    Faldwater Camp is not so much a city as it is a waypoint; it is home to the members of the Balfourian military who have been assigned to protect the bridge between the Eastern and Western Isles. This crossing is vital to trade and travel, and it is patrolled on both sides to ensure the safety of all. In addition to the barracks, there are a few pubs and lodgings, as well as a small market where traders can set up on their way through.

    Eastview Village

    Current Ruling Family: OPEN

    A hub of farmland and production, Eastview Village is not as small as its name suggests. While their neighbors in Baldell to the west have focused on developing crops, the citizens of Eastview are known for their livestock. The meats they produce are cured and sent all over the country, and cheeses of many sorts are produced and sold. Hides, fleeces, and other non-edibles are exported elsewhere for processing.

    Jacksonmoor Retreat

    Current Ruling Family: Farrand-Calhoun

    The Refuge

    Nestled at the edge of lush forest, surrounded by trees, cliffs, and the sea, Jacksonmoor Retreat serves as a hideaway for royals wishing for a few moments’ relaxation. Utterly private, guarded by walls both natural and man-made, it is impossible to stumble upon the house. Even reefs off the coast make approach by the sea a dangerous prospect. A tropical oasis, Jacksonmoor Retreat is the ideal place for those seeking beauty and privacy to find both.
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    Western Isle

    Chatlawn Hills

    Current Ruling Family: OPEN

    Former Ruling Family: Yarwood

    Dawntown Castle

    Positioned in a clearing in the vast forest that dominates Balfour's Western Isle, Chatlawn Hills is a city of beauty and versatility. It's an old city, and although it was founded by people who gained their living from the river-fed lake, it is not solely from water that their wealth now comes. A large part of the city's income still comes from fishing and its related industries, but woodworking and hunting play a not-insignificant part, as well.

    Fort Chesbrook Springs

    Current Ruling Family: Hutchinson

    (Needs a Name!)

    Fort Chesbrook Springs sits on the river which cuts through the entirety of the Western Island. The forest which surrounds it both protects the city and provides the perfect resource for the shipbuilding industry which has sprung up in recent generations. The harbor is always busy, and the city has grown in both size and prestige with the success of the harbor and the shipbuilding trade.

    Caldwater Hold

    Current Ruling Family: Farrand-Calhoun

    The western equivalent of its counterpart Faldwater Camp, Caldwater Hold guards the other side of the bridge between the isles. Both settlements are homes to barracks for the soldiers stationed there, but in addition traders will often set up stalls to sell their wares to travelers.

    Old Havenwich

    Current Ruling Family: Romanov

    Artis Castle

    Old Havenwich is a city almost as old as Balfour itself, and can claim the honor of being one of the first settlements when the land was newly discovered. Nestled in the forest and with the river not far, there's no shortage of food and materials to keep the city going. The city of Old Havenwich, much like the family that has ruled it since the start, is known for innovation and invention, and it has something of a reputation for being perhaps a little odd. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, few can deny the contributions Old Havenwhich has made over the years.

    South Huntswalk

    Current Ruling Family: Baptiste

    Briarwatch Keep

    Its place on the intersection of three main roads, close to the crossing between the islands, has served South Huntswalk very well. Trade and travelers often make their way through, and the city has a reputation for hospitality that is bolstered by the fact that many healers, doctors, maesters, and physicians make their way there to train under the Baptiste family. The river, plains, and forest that surrounds the city provide both revenue and beauty, making South Huntswalk more than just a simple crossroads city.


    Current Ruling Family: Blackthorne

    [img](Crest Goes Here!)[/img]

    Autumndale Castle

    Balfour's southernmost city, Pittsmeadow has slowly grown from a simple shareholding village into a thriving city. Between the ruling family's innovation and the natural fertility of the land, the city has become known for its grain production, as well as the place to go to get some more uncommon herbs and fruits. In addition, the city is home to the first bank in Balfour, and although there is much prestige associated with the exchange and guardianship of the country's funds, there are are also whispers that the power is being wielded in some shady ways. For most of the populace, though, agriculture is what drives the city, and it continues to grow and flourish.

    Lawnbury Hills

    Current Ruling Family: Pavon

    Caeli Nidos

    "Curious" is a fair word to use to describe Lawnbury Hills. Sitting on the coast, the western-most city of Balfour draws people to it for its natural beauty and interesting geography; although much of the land is flat and dedicated to herd animals, a large stone butte juts up unexpectedly from the landscape, and it is on this perch that the ruling lord lives. The people draw wealth from the animals they raise, mostly cows and bison, and leatherworking is a major trade. The ruling family has a reputation for being aloof, but the city itself is as welcoming as any other, and its markets pull in visitors from all over the land.
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