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    Allianna Blackbane

    Player: Jenna
    Contact: Gchat, PM

    Character Name: Allianna Blackbane
    Character Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: January 18, 201
    Current Location: Laurie Hill
    House: Blackbane
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: For as long as house MacHeath has been leading Westbury house Blackbane has been a loyal banner. It is said they actually arrived and settled with the original province lord and they may have even been a family at one point. Though there are no records to prove it the families are extremely close and house Blackbane has been dedicated to serving house MacHeath for centuries.

    Residing in the small town of Heartford they made their living by mastering irrigation and turning their small territory into prosperous farmland. Their lords always made sure that everyone in their town was fed and even made sure the province had plenty. No food was wasted and it was even said that the first banners of Heartford were the ones who started to travel with carts filled with food just to make sure that everyone was fed.

    Their dedication and generosity has made them quite popular but no one can dispute their ties to some of the more important families including the most honorable royal family. Throughout the years house Blackbane has made it a point to be at the forefront of farming technology and the public eye.
    Credit: Kiera

    Those ties and alliances have proven to serve them well, as after the Remington Revolt, it was House Blackbane that was suggested to take up the seat at Laurie Hill. With the backing of House MacHeath, and at the Crown's request, the family uprooted itself to take up the challenge. Their skills and knowledge, as well as their strong character, are exactly what Laurie Hill needs in order to not only recover from the neglect it suffered at the hands of the Remingtons, but to finally thrive as it should.
    Credit: Amy

    Hill Tower Castle, Edinburgh Castle

    Played By/Face Claim: Jenna Louise Coleman

    Appearance: Not very tall, Allianna makes up for it in feisty personality, bright colors and a spill of rich, dark hair and sparkling eyes. Though she tends to prefer loose-legged trousers when working with the horses, she can clean up well enough and look the part of the lady. Boots are what's typically on her feet, preferring those that come to the knee instead of soft slippers. She has a love of pearls, typically wearing a pair of dainty pearl studs in her ears and a pearl comb in her hair.


    Determined. Feisty. Motivated. Loyal. Diligent. Devoted. Loving.

    Allianna is all of these things and more. A family-oriented young woman, she takes pleasure in the company of her family now that she's grown out of the jealousy she felt after the twins were born. Gaining her parents' approval did much to salve the hurt she'd felt, though there is a part of her that feels she will not be needed much longer. Throwing herself into her studies, Alli learned all she could about managing the lands, the crops and the horses so that she could relieve some of her parents' burden.

    There is no one whom Alli admires more than Mackenzie Blackbane. Her mother is smart, strong, feminine, capable and independent, all the things she herself is learning to be. Since the appointment of the Blackbanes to Laurie Hill, those challenges have increased a hundredfold. Allianna loves every minute of it. There is a thousand things to do, to oversee, to manage. She embraces every challenge, throwing herself headlong into it, perhaps with a subconscious intention to prove that she is needed after all and should be able to marry as her mother did, bringing her husband to Laurie Hill. That way, she will never have to leave her family.

    Despite reaching young adulthood, there's still plenty of mischief and spirit to Alli except when it comes to the horses. Those are like her children; she is very protective of them, devoting plenty of time to training and grooming when she isn't riding over to inspect fields and aid in the harvests. She is not at all afraid to get her hands dirty or speak her mind, hoping that it gains her some measure of respect from the people now under Blackbane leadership.

    There is a part of her, however, that wonders if she could be the lady her grandmother expects her to be. Certainly she has the training in etiquette, courtesy and manners to pull it off, but Alli dreads being bored and disdains most of that which is considered ladylike. Still, she has to grow up some day...

    Personal History:

    As the first of three children born into the family Alli will say she had a distinct advantage. Their house was still young so she was guaranteed to have both parents around all the time. Her mother personally took care of her until the twins were born but then Allianna had to learn to share her parents. At first she wasn't very good at it. She'd throw tantrums to get attention or pretend to be hurt.

    After some time it dawned in her, after a series of incidents, that she was only making matters worse and the twins weren't about to disappear. Instead she changed tactics. If she could help she offered and even if she couldn't her parents appreciated the gesture. She soon learned that just because her parents weren't tied to her side didn't mean they loved her less.

    As a result, when she headed off to learn, even though she spent days being taught by her mother she had an advantage over the other children. While they whined about missing their parents she was nose deep in her books studying. Between what her mother taught her and what her lessons held she became 'one smart cookie' or that's at least what her father said.

    She still found time to work in the fields and cook dinner. She helped wrangle the twins when they're in trouble or just plain trouble. To this day she sticks to her original sorry that her mother and father will one day have no need for her but until that day comes she'll be as helpful as she can.
    Written by Kiera

    Time is ticking away where the conflict between what was and what will be is mounting. She is still something of a tomboy, preferring trousers and boots to skirts, riding to sewing, but there's no denying that the girl loves to dance. Of all the skills deemed appropriate to a lady, that is where Allianna excels. Trying not to panic when her grandmother threatens to send her to court to gain the polish she needs as heir to Laurie Hill, she has no idea what she'd do or how she'd survive.

    So far, Alli remains safe but that may change. For now, she remains the devoted and duty-riddled daughter and the hellion of Laurie Hill.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below:

    House Blackbane (Birth Year)*
    - Henry Charles Blackbane -- Autumn Leigh
         - Charles Blackbane (146) -- Olivia Westfield (145)
              - Keagan Blackbane (162) -- Clementine MacHeath (159)
                   - Mackenzie Blackbane (182) -- Sir Damarion Morgan (181)
                        - Allianna Blackbane (201)
                        - Addison Blackbane (205) (Twin)
                        - Annabella Blackbane (205) (Twin)
         - Sylvia Blackbane -- Donall Shellten
              - Davon Shellten -- Dolores Kettleton
                   - Female
                   - Female
              - Grayson Andreous Shellten (179) -- Elizabeth Chelan (179)
                   - Grayson Andreous Chelan (196)
                   - Benjamin Chelan (208)
                   - Carlisle Chelan (212)
                   - Emmaline Chelan (217)
              - Elspeth Shellten

    Writing Sample:

    Kivennah looked up from the rosebushes she was deadheading now that autumn descended with a frown blanketing her features. The servant who delivered the message refused to meet her eyes, instead standing with unease all but radiating from every pore. In that moment, she understood something was wrong. Something was very wrong. After Kieran's death, the study had been shrouded in dropcloths and sealed shut. Kivennah conducted Taldorach business from the library, finding it less haunted and full of distracting memories. Now Renna was in the study and asking to see her?

    Her brow furrowed as she thought for a moment, then set the basket on the ground precisely before crossing over to take the woman's arms in a firm grip. Giving her a light shake, her voice was low, intended solely for the other's ears. "Look at me. Tell me what is going on." Slowly and with obvious reluctance, the servant's eyes raised to meet hers, fear evident in their depths as she stammered, "There's a man holding a crossbow on Lady Karenna, milady. There's trouble, bad trouble if you don't go and quick."

    Releasing the woman, Kivennah knew that to be the truth, but who was it that looked to take the Ladies of Taldorach hostage, and more importantly, why? Privately grateful that KJ, Lexington and Larson were far from their home, and trusting that they would not arrive as unexpectedly as Renna, she nodded to the servant. There was no choice but to answer the summons yet there was action to be taken. Aware that they were probably being watched, she wasted not a moment in instructing the woman. "Find a way to get a message out to Hebron to Sir Lexington, Sir Larson or Sir Perceval. Tell them I have need of them urgently, but do not get caught. I will go and see what this is about. Now go."
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