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Thread: Well, This is Awkward [9/25, midmorning, Jacquelyn x Marcus]

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    Well, This is Awkward [9/25, midmorning, Jacquelyn x Marcus]

    The next day began the administration of the cure now that the cargo was able to be divided up and rationed based on supply and level of direness with certain individuals. One thing that was a given was that the royal family would be receiving the cure as more of a vaccine than an absolute necessity. Acting as more of a precautionary scenario, Marcus spent most of the early morning with Wilhelm instructing them on the optimal quantities and method of administration imparted to them by House Baptiste to the other physicians that would be going out into the city to address those who had the illness.

    Once that instructional seminar was complete, both he and his brother took to their perspective regions to help administrate the cure. Marcus didn’t have any clue as to whom he would be assisting since he had only been to the castle a couple of times a while back. Certain chambers were set aside so that the family could arrive to receive the vaccination at times they had pre-selected the night before. A servant boy followed behind him with the vaccines in tow as Marcus made his way to the designated room where he would be helping out.

    When he arrived at the door one of the guards immediately opened the door to allow him in as another from inside announced him to whomever was already inside. As Marcus nodded his thanks, he made his way through the double doors and put on his usual charming aura before preparing to greet the individual inside.

    “Good morning, Your-.” When he saw Jacquelyn he immediately paused himself and bowed respectfully following the more appropriate title of, “-Majesty.”

    Well, this was going to be awkward. Given how Jacquelyn caught him and Tatianna in an interesting scene the night before, he wondered how this was going to play out today. She took him by surprise that much was for certain. But Marcus shook off the jolt and snapped for the boy to set the materials on the table nearby.

    “It is my greatest honor to be able to assist with this. I will make sure it goes by quickly for you.” He reassured her as he kept a relaxed demeanor all the way through. “Did you sleep well last night?”

    Might as well start with some basic conversation for distraction’s sake.


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    The day for the beginning of immunizations had come. Jacquelyn had been uninvolved in the talks about the cure, how it should be distributed, and all such technical things. She was slightly curious, of course, especially as to how they'd suddenly found something which was purported to work so well in the first place when, for so long, nothing at all had worked, but she would find that out later. It was enough to know that this concoction worked, had been tested, and would soon deliver them all from the nightmare that they'd been living through. There was a light on the horizon now, and all they had to do was to keep going toward it.

    "Lord Marcus Romanov, Your Majesty."

    Jacquelyn had arrived a little before the allotted time, her fingers plucking and twisting a lucet as she made a fine cord to be later worked into an outfit for Rylan. It was the sort of task that didn't require any real thought, and so was perfect busy work for waiting. When she heard the name announced, though, a wry smile pulled at the corner of her lips, although it was gone by the time the man actually entered the room. He seemed a little caught out, which wasn't surprising, given how she'd found him the night before. Her features didn't bear any judgement, though; her usual serene expression was unmarred by any opinion she might have formed about what she'd seen transpire between this young lord and the youngest princess.

    "Good morning, Lord Romanov," she greeted in return, nodding to him as he rose from his bow. Her eyes flicked to the servant, and the unpleasant-looking tools he bore, but her gaze only lingered for a moment on the medical paraphernalia before she returned her attention to the man who would be wielding them.

    Letting the lucet and thread rest on her lap, the queen prepared herself to adjust if it would be necessary for the procedure. "I did, thank you. I hope you can say the same, and that your accommodations are to your liking." Ever the hostess, Jacquelyn was content to let the small talk continue for awhile. She was curious if he would bring up what had happened himself, or if he would simply continue as if nothing amiss had happened.

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