"Legitimacy," Grant heard himself saying as he laid the paper back down on his desk and sighed. It was the kind of thing that Satrina would preach about, and he had been waiting for the day that conversation took place. But now it appeared that rather than his grandmother, the directive was coming with a royal sanction. Or at least, from sources very close to the top of the Shellten ladder. For a long while, the Lord of Maple Glade considered trying to pawn the duty off to Bosleigh, but deep down he knew that just thinking about it could end in disaster.

Lifting his wine glass, Grant considered what he knew of the Sheridan family. He had not been to Aston, and luckily, did not have time to attend the gathering there this coming month. But the prospect of a marriage between the two houses was not as preposterous as the Knight of Autumn made it sound at first glance. He would write to Seamus to get his impression of Lady Elizabeth, but honestly he didn't trust his brother not to flap his gums about the question to either Trina or Maera, both of whom were in attendance.

Deciding that he would forgo a response to Durand, Grant instead dipped his quill into the ink vial and began to compose a letter to Adam Sheridan, first for the sake of introductions. He would briefly mention the idea of an alliance, just to get a sense of the other man's attitude. But no doubt if Guy had reached this far to broach the subject with him in Day's Death, he had already spoken with the Lord of Aston about the matter. Or at least, Grant hoped he had. If he was catching Adam blind, it could be quite embarrassing.

Perhaps. Or perhaps this was just the way brides were gotten. Silently, he cursed Patrick again for dying and leaving him with all these unanswered questions.