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    Isabelle Hunter

    Player: Milly
    Contact: Milly1858 for everything, g-chat and AIM are used the most

    Character Name: Isabelle Hunter
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: May 7th, 200
    Current Location: Huntstown
    House: Hunter
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit Aloris)

    House Hunter has only been established as nobility for the past 71 years, when the then king granted House Hunter land rights and officially established Huntstown. House Hunter collects taxes from all kinds of establishments, including but not limited to, inns, taverns, pubs, bathhouses and whore houses that service persons passing through Huntstown.

    Considering they are relatively new in the nobility circle, House Hunter has been looked down upon as the black sheep of the ritzy world. Of course, it doesn’t help that each and every child of House Hunter, including girls, is taught how to use a bow and a knife to obtain food from the forests that surround Huntstown. Who knows when this information might become useful?

    House Hunter participates heavily in celebrations to Silvica, who is the patron goddess of House Hunter. They host a large celebration to her, opening the invitation to all patrons of the goddess to attend as well for the Dawn of the Year.

    Played By/Face Claim: Rachel McAdams

    Appearance: Of average height, and with her brown locks and hazel eyes, Isabelle looks much like a Hunter should be. And one of the prettier ones in a sense of she prefers her gowns and flowers in her hair. Dressing to impress in hopes she could be appealing to a man’s eye to want to make her his wife.

    Personality: Isabelle is your typical lady. She keeps to all the womanly studies, sewing, painting, gossiping, learning how to run a household, and dancing, she loves to dance. She is not totally naďve, but the peace and tranquility of Huntstown has shielded her from the cruel and harder parts of the realm. She enjoys horse riding, but unlike other Hunters she is a little queasy at the thought of killing an animal. It does not make her go off meat, just so as long as she hasn’t seen the barbaric notion of killing. Regardless, she prefers fish above any other meats. She has little knowledge of weapons and while she has been taught with a dagger she preferred to pay little mind to it. As a girl like her could see no means to use it.

    Personal History:
    Isabelle is the youngest in her family and because of this she never knew her parents. It was just a miracle that her mother had even managed to bore her at such an old age. Her father died before she was born and being an older woman at the time of her birth, it took her mother’s life.

    She grew up alongside her cousins and siblings, the older ones taking care of her and she grew dependent on her maids. She felt no sadness for not knowing her parents, but it was easier for her seeing as she never got to know them not even a little. They lived through portraits and stories the family told, but she felt no real connection to them.

    She spent her life being taught how to be a lady and relished in being moulded into a woman who would do well as a wife. Wars, she didn’t want to hear it. She wouldn’t go out of Huntstown area unless with family and even then she would likely stay put living a simple life.

    But even in the home of Huntstown it hadn't been that simple. With the hunting and sacrificing side of the family and for Silvica and Isabelle not liking that side of things, she actually was ill at the thought of it and thus begged to be left out of it. For if she was forced, she actually was ill and brought to tears and one of her hunter orientated cousins could have snuck up and done it for her. And as long as she wasn't forced, she was able to gain that simple life she sought for.

    Family Genealogy:

    Hunter (year born)
    -Jethroe Hunter (114) -- Janis Thatcher (120)
         -Keith Hunter (140) -- Elaine Falcon (141)
              -Lawrence Hunter (159) -- Kendra Brisbun (161)
                   -Hamilton Hunter (180) -- Katherine Woodson (179)
                        - Gwendolyn Hunter (198)
                        -Lawrence Hunter II (201)
                        - Sylvia Hunter (204)
                        + -- Sharon Remington (186)
                        -Hamilton Hunter II (208)
                        -Patrick Hunter (212)
                   -Richard Hunter (183) -– Unnamed Wife (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                        -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Charlotte Hunter (189)
                   -Felton Hunter (191)
                   -Regina Hunter (197)
         -Carolyn Hunter (143) -- Unnamed Husband (?)**
         -Jason Hunter (146) -- Elizabeth Miller (152)**
                   -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Unnamed Child (?)
                   -Isabelle Hunter (200)
              -Dorin Hunter (166) -- Unnamed Wife (?)
                   -Dorin Hunter II (189)
                   -Alyson Hunter (196)
                   -Unnamed Boy (198)
              -Derrick Hunter (168) -- Unnamed Wife (?)**
                   -Taia “Jaelyn” Hunter (194)
    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample: See Ellen Thorne and Alyson Hunter
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    @Taia Hunter, would you review this and make sure it looks ok?

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