Austin took Celina’s advice most seriously. It would only behoove him to better establish relationships with his fellow lords across the island, even if they did come across as surly and dark. Yet, despite the man’s nature, Austin had every confidence that the man would have no qualms whatsoever conducting some business. Money was what made the island go round, after all. Beef was a valuable commodity, one that Austin was admittedly very fond of… even if would always be second to shellfish.

A note had been sent to the man in advance, requesting the pleasure of a meeting in one of the many solar rooms offered by the Sheridans. Yes, it was a time of festivities and dancing, but whenever a gaggle of nobles gathered together, it was also a time of business. Austin had made certain that refreshments were available for the men, whether the preference was wine, brandy or tea. Austin had no idea what the man’s preferences were, but he did pour himself a sliver of brandy. The sea man did enjoy its rich flavors.

Instead of a sea captain, however, he opted to look more like the Lord of House Durand. Thus, he was resplendent in blacks, silvers and whites. Nothing ostentatious, fortunately, but there was no denying that Austin could look lordly when he wanted to.

That and Celina helped him dress.

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