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    Country: Tuneric

    Region: Valley of the Crown

    Seat: Valley Haven

    Castle(s) (DoE Name, Actual Name): Amary Castle, Bojnice Castle

    House Background:
    House Olivier has been a vassal house to House Orvailles for about a century. Unlike their patron house, however, they were on the side of the Days and Shelltens from the start. Because of their unfailing loyalty to the crown, even when it seemed unclear as to whether their patron house would condone their actions or not, House Olivier was given Valley Haven when House Orvailles fell out of favor.

    Isaac Olivier named the castle the Amary Keep after his daughter and only living heir.
    Credit: Elisa

    House Genealogy:
    -Isaiah Olivier (96-152) -- ???
         -Dhalia Olivier (115-174) -- ???
         -Orion Olivier (119-186) -- Emily Rein (121)
              -Unnamed Son (137)
              -Ezra Olivier (139-199) -- Amaranda Lake(135-192)
                   Ellerayne Olivier (162-204) – ???
                   Corwina Olivier (165) – Richard Haymitch(170)
                   Isaac Olivier (168) – ???(?-201)
                        Lyle Olivier (191-215)
                        Corwin Olivier (195-218)
                        Amarose Olivier (201)
              -Pember Olivier(144-195) -- ???**
                   Jeanne Olivier (167) -- ???
                   Antoinette Olivier (172) -- ???
         -Armand Olivier (120-185) -- ???**
              -Claire Olivier (146-201) -- ???
              -Phillipe Olivier (149-197) -- ???
                   -Therese Olivier (177-211) -- Lucian Dawning***

    **These branches are open to expansion.
    ***Becomes Serephina Dawning’s family tree.

    Underlined name indicates Lord of the House
    Characters in BLUE BOLD reflect those currently in play
    Characters in BLACK BOLD reflect NPCs
    Characters in PURPLE BOLD reflect adoptable characters
    **Branch is open to expansion
    (Click any bold character name to view the profile)

    Main Contact: Elisa
    (Click to PM)
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