Penned and mailed October 19th, to arrive in Devonshire on November 3rd.

Lady Nolana,

I hope this letter finds you well. Apologies are due to you for the amount of time it took for me to take the time to write to you, my friend, but I am most especially sorry for the nature of the thing that brings my pen to paper this evening. I will write plainly, and with as much information as I can give at this time.

Liliana has fallen ill, and all indications are that she has contracted the illness we've all fought so hard to cure. We're not sure how she came into contact with it, as to my knowledge she hadn't been exposed to any carriers or infected material, but that's of little importance just now. I must accept some measure of blame for her condition, though; a few days ago she complained of fatigue and cough, but she promised us that she was simply tired. If we had done more for her than simply making her rest...but all that I can do now to make up for it is dedicate my time to seeing her through this.

The infection truly set in this morning, accompanied by a terrible fever and the loss of sense that comes with it. She was shouting from her room early this morning, and from what I've been told she must have been dreaming that she'd seen your brother Aspen, for she called to him, and asked those who came to her first to not let him leave her. It breaks my heart to tell you of these things, for I know the desolation it will bring to you, but I feel it is my duty to convey to you as much of your sister's condition as I can.

Lily is resting quietly now, although her fever has not broken, and my mother and I have been tending her all day. I intend to overnight in her room and keep watch, and I promise you that she will not be alone and untended at any moment. It is a comfort, if any can be found in this situation, that she has fallen ill here, where we have access to the freshest of medicine and no shortage of knowledgeable healers.

I will try to keep you as informed as I can, despite the delay this information takes in getting to you. Please be assured that everything will be done to bring Lily as quickly back to health as possible. Do not lose hope, my dear friend. Gods willing, when you next hear from me there will be better news.

Be well, and I will write again soon.
Evangeline Baptiste

@Nolana Gyrtner