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Thread: Christopher "Kit" Nashe

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    Christopher "Kit" Nashe

    Player: Bob Wehadababyit'saboy.
    Contact: Call collect.

    Character Name: Christopher "Kit" Nashe
    Character Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 26th
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Nashe
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    The Nashe clan, by trade were haberdashers, and are well liked and respected members of society in the area around Maple Glade where they are from. They do better than modest business, and their hats are favored by members of the Hepburn, Durand, and Kendrick families.

    Derived originally from a band of trappers and furriers who traveled the reach, the family's occupation shifted when Darvin Nashe began to make elaborate headpieces from furs and hides that were too damaged by arrows to sell on the whole. When his creations started to be sought for wear in society, he taught his craft to his brothers, and the band soon settled outside of Maple Glade and began to deal exclusively in headwear as opposed to wholesale trading of furs and hides.

    Played By/Face Claim: Aaron Taylor Johnson


    A contrast in styles, even to himself, Kit Nashe is wild of hair and neat of face, keeping his beard and mustache trimmed short while his brown locks blow wildly with each gust of the eastern winds. His grey-blue eyes are narrow and cool, and he uses their piercing ability as it suits him. He is lithe and agile, moving swift and nimbly as he dances about the stage as one of the characters in his plays. He has a charming smile, and a brow that furrows deeper than most when he is in thought.


    Christopher is at once charming, disarming and alarming. Any and all attention he draws to himself is easily deflected or reflected, through witty prose and a false facade of innocence. Kit lives dangerously, courting women well above his station, wooing them with flowery words and dedications, knowing well that he will soon be on to his next engagement. A critic of all forms of art, he is quickly defensive of his own pieces being attacked.

    Nashe favors wine and women and gambling, taking equal parts of all three if the night will allow. His writing is comprehensive, and he excels in comedy and tragedy as well as poetry and prose.

    Personal History:

    Kit Nashe was not a terrible haberdasher. But he wasn't a great one either. He was not so much sent to the bard's college as he ran away to it. In a month when his productivity was particularly low, his father had discovered a cache of his writings, and set them to the flame as a punishment. Resolved to never lose another tale to the torch, Christopher fled north towards Aston and the school for artists, where he quickly became the preeminent writer in the school.

    His plays, often finished in a single week if drinking and carousing with female classmates, were performed to critical acclaim from his peers and professors alike. He preferred to star in his own works, but as their popularity begins to spread, acting companies across the island have started to adapt them, lending to his growing fame.

    Family Genealogy:

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