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    Alina Sebring

    Player: Nicki
    Contact: PM, gchat, chatango, AIM, Yahoo, or Skype. Ask and ye shall receive.

    Character Name: Alina Sebring
    Character Age: 16 at game start, 18 currently
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 7, 200
    Current Location: Lawnbury Hills
    House: Servant of House Yarwood
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: A house as old as House Farrand and House Calhoun individually, House Yarwood began as simple sailors and fishermen. A Banner house of the family Calhoun, they followed their liege Lords as they forged their path to new lands. They'd assisted in the mapping and charting process and in return they were granted a lordship of their own when they set foot upon their new lands. Their efforts had not gone ignored and even during their travels their family had lost many children to fever or exhaustion.

    It was a welcome sight, the land their Lords had named Balfour, and with the green rolling hills came hope for the Yarwood family. They were given what they had been promised, Lord Yarwood had a title and he picked land near the lake, land he named Chatlawn Hills. He allowed his daughter to name the lake and she titled it Lake Nassier. They, as a whole family, pledged their loyalty to the royal family and were charged with the task of feeding their people until crops could be harvested. Due to their efforts and great success in feeding the people of Balfour, House Yarwood was given the title of The Great Anglers, and honorary title to bring attention to their great deeds.

    Though the sea was in their blood there were a few Yarwoods that had no desire to sit and patiently wait for the fish to arrive. They instead began working with the fruit from the forest around them and became excellent woodworkers as a result. Slowly learning that they had to replant after cutting down, the Yarwoods began to make fine furniture, instruments, and even materials to build homes. The known duality, professions of both land and sea, gave the house an even greater reputation. 'You can toss the Yarwoods anywhere and no matter what they'll sell you something'. It was in jest, but very much true, the Yarwood family began to make a sizable profit and become a major influential family in Balfour.
    Credit: Kiera

    The plague that swept across Balfour was particularly cruel to the Yarwood family, eventually leading to the death of every single member of the family save one: Elston's youngest sister Roselin, who had gone missing in the beginning of the outbreak. Her whereabouts are still unknown.
    Credit: Amy

    Dawntown Castle, Mespelbrunn Castle

    Played By/Face Claim: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    In comparison with the alabaster hue of her skin, Alina’s dark hair and eyes are her dominant features. Especially her eyes, though she has never thought of them as particularly striking. Working hard her whole life always kept her slender. It wasn’t until the last few years that other aspects began developing. Even then, her physical endowment is well-balanced rather than having a favoritism for top or bottom.

    Her hair is usually braided or in a simple updo to keep it out of her way while she is working. Always simple clothing as well. She has never really owned anything fancy.

    Personality: Alina is a very gentle person, slow to anger. Her main focus is on her work, so she has few friends and no current interest in a relationship. At least, not that she admits to herself. But she has always been curious about the lives of the higher class, which is part of the reason she enjoys her profession so much. She gets to see what it would be like without actually having to live it for herself. She fiercely loyal to the family she serves and knows how to keep calm under pressure.

    Personal History: Alina’s family has served the Yarwoods for several generations now. It was as natural to her as breathing for her to become a lady in waiting to the youngest of Mason’s daughters, even though the lady was quite a bit older than Alina. She looked up to the other woman almost like an aunt or a sister. The entire Yarwood family was always good to the Sebrings, which was why her family refused to leave their side when they all fell ill to the plague. Alina only survived because she was the one who’d been sent to search for Roselin after her disappearance. Apart from she and one of her brothers, who traveled to Tuneric several years ago, her entire family seems to have died alongside their masters.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below: Current Year 218

    Durand (Birth Year)
    -Thomas Sebring(155) -- Talira Hadyn(157)
         -Samuel Sebring (166) -- Cordelia Christenson (173)
              -Markus Sebring (193)
              -Logan Sebring (196)
              -Alina Sebring (200)
         -William Sebring (169) -- Emma Cherrington (123)
              -Cousin Sebring
              -Cousin Sebring
         -Guy Durand (151) -- Olivia Sebring(155)
              -Cousin Sebring

    Writing Sample:
    The queen of the Warblayde tribe was fuming. Damn that Azad. He'd insulted her for the last time. Refusing to recognize her people as an official tribe because there was no 'real leader'? No king. That was what he meant. Never mind that she'd killed the last king in single combat. That didn't matter. That just made the headless monarch weak, not her strong enough to lead. She'd been dealing with this kind of oxshit for the entirety of her reign, and she was sick of it. Azad was the worst, though, by far. To not only say those things, but to send one of her messengers back without his head and declare in addition that he would conquer her and take her for his woman...

    "Ha. He can try..." Danika stated, though there was no one around to hear her except Gwyn. The large panther was currently asleep, content to have her leather-clad torso leaning back against him as she absently stroked the back of his neck with one hand. She doted on her pet normally, but right now she was distracted. Azad had declared war on her people. It would only be a matter of time before his men would be on the move. Danika didn't want to wait that long. She wanted him dead now. But there was a problem. Azad's clan resided in the mountains. Attacking him first would be damn near impossible. His men would absolutely have the advantage. Hers was a forest people, unfamiliar with the terrain and harsh conditions at the higher altitudes. The queen chewed on her lip as she went over the details in her mind. There had to be some way to catch him off guard. Azad had to have a weakness of some kind for her to exploit. She would find it.

    "My queen..."

    Her green eyes were drawn to the entrance to her tent, where one of her guards was waiting respectfully to be acknowledged. "What is it, Vaan?" she asked, irritation evident in her voice. She'd given orders that she was not to be disturbed right now. Her foul moods were no time for anyone to be around her. Especially not her own people.

    "Beg pardon, my queen, but there is a man in the encampment requesting an audience with you. He says it is regarding Azad."

    That was one way to get her attention. The queen sat up, her eyes narrowing. A messenger demanding her surrender? Or something else. She would find out. "Show him in." Slowly, she lifted herself up to a sitting position. Her arm retracted from the big cat's neck, but she gave him a pat on the side before standing up. "Wake up, lazy. We have company." The panther yawned but did not move. Danika smirked to herself, but only because she knew that if anything bad happened, Gwyn would spring into action.

    Her move was to sit in the nearby throne while she waited for her visitor to be brought in. Without that throne and the circlet on her head, she was not much different than any other woman in the encampment. On the outside, anyway. "Well, you have my attention. What is it that you wish to say to me?" she asked the man once he was inside the pavilion.
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