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Thread: Announcement for Every Noble House [Arrives between 11/4 and 11/5]

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    Announcement for Every Noble House [Arrives between 11/4 and 11/5]

    A proclamation is sent to all noble houses, arriving in the days very shortly following the notice of King Cailen's abdication.

    Lords and Ladies, Esteemed Nobility of Tuneric,

    The Coronation of Queen Vivienne Irene Shellten shall, as announced by King Cailen Darius Shellten, take place on the Eleventh of November, Year Two-Hundred Eighteen. The festivities shall begin in the morning with the Crowning Ceremony, followed immediately by an opportunity for noble houses to renew their pledges of fealty to the Crown of Tuneric. As evening falls all are invited to the Great Hall for a grand feast, and once the meal is concluded everyone is encouraged to make their way to the Grand Ballroom for a night of dancing, socialization, and celebration.

    The next two days the Queen shall preside over a Grand Tournament, with events to include the Grand Archery Contest and Armored Joust. Those wishing to compete should put forward their name and the event or events they wish to participate in at their earliest convenience, with no entrants being accepted after the start of the feast on the Day of Coronation. Prizes and glory await the victors of each event.

    Lodgings on the castle grounds will be provided for all who attend, so as to eliminate the need for carriage travel between events. Guests are invited to arrive the day before, and to allow everyone to enjoy the festivities to the fullest all are welcome to stay through until the Fourteenth.

    Let the reign of Queen Vivienne begin with a coming together of the great houses of Tuneric, that we might confirm the bonds that connect us all and with celebration begin this new chapter of our beloved country's history.
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