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Thread: Roselin Joy Yarwood

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    Roselin Joy Yarwood

    Player: Amy
    Contact: spinkt13 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Roselin Joy Yarwood
    Character Age: February 14, 191
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 27
    Current Location: More like "last known location": Chatlawn Hills
    House: House Yarwood by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:
    A house as old as House Farrand and House Calhoun individually, House Yarwood began as simple sailors and fishermen. A Banner house of the family Calhoun, they followed their liege Lords as they forged their path to new lands. They'd assisted in the mapping and charting process and in return they were granted a lordship of their own when they set foot upon their new lands. Their efforts had not gone ignored and even during their travels their family had lost many children to fever or exhaustion.

    It was a welcome sight, the land their Lords had named Balfour, and with the green rolling hills came hope for the Yarwood family. They were given what they had been promised, Lord Yarwood had a title and he picked land near the lake, land he named Chatlawn Hills. He allowed his daughter to name the lake and she titled it Lake Nassier. They, as a whole family, pledged their loyalty to the royal family and were charged with the task of feeding their people until crops could be harvested. Due to their efforts and great success in feeding the people of Balfour, House Yarwood was given the title of The Great Anglers, and honorary title to bring attention to their great deeds.

    Though the sea was in their blood there were a few Yarwoods that had no desire to sit and patiently wait for the fish to arrive. They instead began working with the fruit from the forest around them and became excellent woodworkers as a result. Slowly learning that they had to replant after cutting down, the Yarwoods began to make fine furniture, instruments, and even materials to build homes. The known duality, professions of both land and sea, gave the house an even greater reputation. 'You can toss the Yarwoods anywhere and no matter what they'll sell you something'. It was in jest, but very much true, the Yarwood family began to make a sizable profit and become a major influential family in Balfour. [Credit: Kiera]

    Played By/Face Claim: Karen Gillan

    Appearance: Hair red as flame frames a face that seems to repel the passing of time, giving the impression that Roselin is in fact younger than she truly is. She uses her large eyes and full lips to her advantage, but her long legs and impressive height keeps her from looking too much like a child.

    Roselin always makes a point to dress well, her gowns and dresses made from the finest fabrics, silks, and laces. Her entire wardrobe is perfectly tailored to her form, the silhouettes flattering her figure to excellent effect. Perfectly polished or gloriously dishevelled, she has the poise and confidence to pull most any look off with great success.

    Personality: Roselin is a cheerful soul, a woman possessed of an enormous amount of grace and musical talent. She loves nothing more than to spend a day surrounded by music, moving with a natural ease in both structured and more organic dances. Most of the younger - and some of the older - members of the Yarwood clan can say they learned how to perform court dances from her.

    While she is always eager to dance or sing, it is incredibly difficult to get Roselin to do anything that even seems like it might be work. She has no natural work ethic, and she holds firm to the belief that her kin’s tie to the royal family means she deserves a charmed, easy life. Rose will whine her way out of helping with the family business, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t find ways to make herself useful; she quite enjoys cooking (as long as it’s her idea and not something she’s asked to do), and she will quite happily watch the younger of Elston’s children.

    Personal History: The youngest of her siblings, Roselin enjoyed a comfortable life. She was given her lessons in all the proper subjects, and although she did passingly well in all of them, it were the more feminine pursuits that gained the benefit of her full enthusiasm. Her parents tried to instill a sense of gratitude for the life she lived, and it a point. Unfortunately, Roselin had no work ethic to speak of, and would quickly hide if she thought her parents were going to come make her help with the family business. Anything that involved getting her hands dirty or rough, or especially things involving smelly fish, were simply not on the list of things Rose tolerated.

    She didn’t hold their insistence that she help with gross tasks against her family, though. She loved them all fiercely, and would do (almost) anything for them, especially her oldest brother Elston. Roselin led a charmed life, swaddled in the safety of a supportive and successful family, and she was sure her future involved nothing less than parties and dances and perhaps even time spent in the company of the King and Queen, since they were her kin after all.

    Unfortunately, for all the blessings she took for granted growing up, reality swept in and knocked Roselin for a loop. One ill-conceived escape from home when Elston was being particular persistent that she make herself useful caused her world to turn on its head. As far as the world at large knows, Roselin Yarwood is a missing person, and the tragedy does not end there. The entirety of the Yarwood clan took ill with the plague that swept through Balfour, and one after another each succumbed to it. It is said that the servants had to bury the last of the family, for there were none left of noble blood to do so, and the lands have fallen under the care of the Crown.

    Family Genealogy:

    Yarwood (Birth Year)**
    -Lincoln Lee Yarwood(94) -- Caroline Jayne(97)
         -Leena Marie Yarwood(118) -- Timothy Allen(112)
              -Anna Lee Yarwood(135) -- Kirk Timber(135)
                   -Mason Lee Yarwood(152) -- Dorreen Mae Farrand-Calhoun(159)
                        -Elston Lee Yarwood(177) -- Wife(180)
                             -Jotham Lee Yarwood(197)
                             -Melinda Anne Yarwood(200)(Stillborn)
                             -Abrielle Mae Yarwood(205)
                             -Liam Ean Yarwood(210)(Stillborn)
                        -Roselin Joy Yarwood(191)
                   -Mattison Lee Yarwood(453/Stillborn)
              -Laurie Dae Yarwood(136) -- Reece Sadler(136)
                   -Alexandre Sadler(154)(Triplet)
                   -Annabell Sadler(154)(Triplet)
                   -Anistasia Sadler(154)(Triplet)
              -Jennifer Marie Yarwood(137)(Stillborn)
         -Franklin James Yarwood(120)(Twin) -- Corinna Fairaday(118)
              -Nadine Mae Yarwood(136)
         -Lawrence Greg Yarwood(120)(Twin/Stillborn)
         -Winston Liam Yarwood(121)
         -Emily Jayne Yarwood(123)
              -Donna Marie Yarwood(139) -- Christopher Davies(142)
                   -Charles Davies(156)
                   -Kendall Davies(158)

    Writing Sample:

    “I think it could do with some lace along the bottom. Two courses, perhaps?”

    Roselin stood on a stool in her room, surrounded by mirrors and seamstresses. The dress she wore was nearly finished, and just in time, too, because Elston had said something about visitors soon. There was simply nothing suitable in her wardrobe, but she hadn’t gotten permission to buy a new dress, despite the amount of pouting she’d done, but she had secured the funds to get some materials to update a dress or two, and that was almost good enough. Almost.

    Picturing the addition, Roselin held her skirt out a bit and swished it back and forth, a frown forming on her face. “Will that be enough, though?” she asked no one in particular, before shaking her head. “No, perhaps a few panels put in. For fullness, you understand.” The seamstresses nodded, and the one closest peered at the dress with intent, locating the seams and trying to decide how much work their lady was setting them up for. “And maybe lace over the panels. So it’s just a peek, when the skirt moves. I think that will do just fine.”
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