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    Chase Cavanaugh Kendrick

    Player: Trouty Mouth
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    [Public Application]

    Character Name: Chase Cavanaugh Kendrick, Knight of the Shade
    Character Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 14th
    Current Location: Tarreston (Pyre Cliff)
    House: Kendrick
    Banner Appearance:

    House Description -

    Mountain Rose Estates (Balmoral Castle)

    The history of House Kendrick is a muddled one. Rising to prominence in the service of the Redleaf family, Jarrad Kendrick was a distinguished knight who defended the quarries in Pyre's Cliff from bandits and rival families. He was promoted and granted the town of Tarreston to hold for the Redleafs. Building Mountain Rose from the ground up, he settled down and began to form a family.

    Jarrad's wife was not suited for proper noble breeding, and their children were not very hearty stock. The family suffered a number of miscarriages and young deaths, and very few of them survived to adulthood.

    When Jarrad eventually passed, Mountain Rose passed to his eldest son, a ineffectual man named Collin, whose knighthood had been purchased by his father, and who was content to rest on his laurels until there were none left to rest on. He had four children by two wives, only two of whom have survived, and the younger daughter had barely done that.

    When his estate fell to nothing, Collin committed suicide, leaving his second wife and child in the lurch until his only surviving son Carson returned home to restore order to the family holdings, rebuilding them from the ground up.

    Played By/Face Claim: Chord Overstreet


    Despite being born of a different mother, Chase shares many of the physical characteristics that both he and his half-brother acquired from their father. Fair of hair, slender in build, and born with a winning smile, Chase Cavanaugh Kendrick is handsome, thought with far less conceit about it than his sibling Carson. He has a strong posture, and never slouches nor looks terribly at ease. Though not raised in a military manner, he easily looks as though he would fit right in among the noblest of knights or soldiers.

    Chase dresses casually when not in armor, and prefers to style his hair whenever he can. He travels with a fair amount of grooming supplies, and is always looking for something new to try if it will help to maintain his appearance. His clothing is usually well tailored to fit, and he prefers a simple jacket to the more noble waistcoats of the day.


    Despite being a member of the Order of Shade, Chase is generally kindhearted and trustworthy. Except to Carson, who considers him to be a liability. Chase has an eye for colors, and is quite skilled at matching threads, floral bouquets, and furnishings. He likes animals, and keeps a pug puppy, just as his niece and half-sister do.

    Chase is an accomplished fencer and horseman, and having grown up around Carson, Mince, and Jax. Despite a compensatory knowledge of the sea and navigation, he prefers not to sail if it can be avoided. He enjoys nights equally if they are under the stars or under chandeliers, and prefers to sleep late whenever the sun allows it.


    From birth, Chase lived with his mother, being shunned by his father as a bastard. It wasn't until the older man had become ill that his son had sought him out in Tarreston, being more adopted than accepted by his brother Carson, who despite what Chase would later come to learn of him, had a strong sense of family and responsibility. While he found it difficult from time to time to reckon his brother's decisions, he used his time to forge relationships with his niece and sister, often preferring their company.

    The remainder of the Knights of Shade, particularly the leadership taught him much, in particular how to fight, and ride, and scout. He found himself gravitating towards espionage, since he had always blended well, and it allowed him a measure of distance from the sacking and the pillaging done by the bandit group. He knew that his family's well being depended on Carson's success, but he was never really fond of sharing in the victories.

    Now that he is old enough to strike out on his own, Chase has found a measure of freedom from the group, and moves freely about the island, unless Carson has need of him, which lately he has not.

    Family Genealogy:

    - Jarrad Kendrick -- Louisa Perault
         - Collin Kendrick -- Melinda Burnes
              - Carson Kendrick
                   - Victoria Kendrick
              - Dawson Kendrick
              - Melanie Kendrick

                         -- Darniese Camorelle
              - Cordelia Kendrick
         - Nannette Kendick
         - Bryce Kendrick -- Marlene Dallence**
              Harrison Kendrick

                         -- Gretchen Cavanaugh
              - Chase Cavanaugh Kendrick

    ** This branch is open to expansion.

    @Amy @Taia Hunter
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    Looks like a good time! Approved here

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    I approve of this strange faced child existing.

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