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    William Remington

    William Remington
    Player: Amy
    Contact: spinkt13 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: William Remington
    Character Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 22, 194
    Current Location: Valley Haven
    House: House Remington by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: [The Remingtons have a long and turbulent history, which Dan so loquaciously explained, that for the sake of not having a profile that’s incredibly long I shall simply link to. It can be found here:]

    Played By/Face Claim: Benedict Cumberbatch

    Appearance: Clean shaven, the highlight of his face are his piercing green eyes. He wears his hair a bit longer at the top, just as his father had when he was still alive, and dark curls crown his face. Although his wardrobe is not in the least bit flashy, he is always dressed well, usually in uniform. His clothes are always pressed and well kept, not a single thread out of place.

    William's posture is perfect; trained that pride is kept in your spine, he is never caught with his chin down or his shoulders slumped. When he stands it is with his hands behind his back and his feet only a foot apart. It’s a trained habit, but one he keeps mindfully, for he knows the power that an appearance can have. That, and it’s fair to say he inherited at least some of the Remington pride, although he would not readily admit it.

    Personality: William has been hardened by life, and shaped by military service. He is thorough, methodical, and logical. Direct with his speech, he can often come off as cold and perhaps even rude, but he makes no apology for it. He does not generally care what others think of him; he’s confident in his abilities and in his station in life, and although he’ll show due respect to those who deserve it, he will never go out of his way to make someone like him.

    It was not always that way, though, and around his remaining family he reverts to how he was as a child. He loves his sister beyond measure, and he’s incredibly fond of his cousin as well. He would do nearly anything for them, giving his life if necessary without even the slightest hesitation. The events that decimated their family left him fiercely protective of those who survived, although he tries to keep from being overbearing. He’s even successful...most of the time.

    It is not really much of a surprise that romance is not something which factors into William’s life. The concept of love was soured and cheapened for him when he saw his father move on after his mother’s death to marry a woman who was the same age as he was. How, he reasoned, could love be a true and lasting thing if it was so easily replaced? How could a heart be a meaningful gift if it could be given more than once? He has never encountered a woman who has moved him to change his mind, although it cannot be said that he’s given any the chance, either.

    Professionally, William strives to be as knowledgeable as possible. He is meticulous in his preparation, and keeps abreast of new tactics and techniques. Even things he has already studied are not spared from crossing his desk more than once, so that he can keep his mind and his memory sharp. When he deals with his men he is stern but fair; he knows men work well when they’re content, but he has high expectations and will not hesitate to hold his crew to them.

    Personal History:
    It was a frigid afternoon in February when the first son of George Remington and Calla Caldoran was born. He screamed like any other child. He hardly slept the first few weeks but after he settled into life, as it were, he seemed to calm down and allow his mother and father some rest of their own.

    He had a normal childhood, growing up with two sisters born quite soon after he was. The three of them were tight knit but he ended up being closer to his sister Callista. One day during archery practice, as the pair of them were side by side, Callie expressed a desire to learn to duel. As a trade William agreed to teach her if she'd teach him to dance since he knew he needed to learn or his mother would never leave him be.

    William had a good childhood. He had a loving mother, a devoted father, and siblings who were friends and sometimes even enemies. There was never any shortage of love in their house. His lessons were always complete and He, as their mother requested, never gave up until he accomplished his goals. Loving to be outside, William excelled at fighting, sometimes he was too overzealous. William was often hauled back to his home after fighting other boys. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost, but he always managed to get into a lot of trouble.

    At the age of sixteen he made a decision on his own. He knew he'd never be needed since he'd never be lord. William struggled with the fact that he'd never be able to prove himself to his parents but then he decided his only choice was to serve King and country. He had so many choices but he loved the outside and he truly loved the water. It seemed the only choice was for him to hop on a boat and fight on the seas.

    With his parents blessing and the goodbyes of his brothers and sisters, he headed out after applying to the King's Royal Navy and being accepted to join the recruits. The reading and tactics he memorized in mere days and during combat training he fought with all his might.

    Not more than two years after he left home, a letter is sent to him from home that his mother had died from Pneumonia. After being allowed leave, he rushed home to mourn with his family. He arrived to find his father had fallen into a depression and his sisters were the only ones old enough to really understand. They gave her a proper funeral, they wore black, and then he returned to his duties.

    He returned every winter for the holiday, he always requested it off, but two years after his mother's death he came home to find his father had remarried. William was infuriated when he learned that George had married a woman who was the age of twenty, just like he was. He thought it disrespectful to his mother's memory and to their family. Every chance that William and his sisters got, they took advantage of, putting terrible things in their new “mother's" tea, frogs in her shoes, anything to show her that she was absolutely not welcome in their home.

    Once he left he could no longer deal with the behavior of his father and the demand that he accept his "new mother" he didn't return home. He'd send his sisters gifts and write to them when he could but there was no longer a sense of true family in their home. That was only among them when their mother was alive and he couldn't feel it any longer.

    For two and a half years he wrote his sisters and trained. He fought and he bled. When war came, it was a shock to everyone, but they were all ready to fight. They left in December 216 and made it to the shores of Balfour in January of the following year. Once they'd set up camp and the fighting began, it never seemed to end, and with his feet on dry land the blood didn't drift away but pooled at his feet.

    William watched his friends fall around him, dying at the swords of foreign men. If they didn't die on the battlefield they died of injuries sustained during their fight for the Prince and Princess that stood behind them. They fought night and day but for the longest time it seemed that they weren't making any headway but finally something changed.

    The opposition fell back and they rushed forward, only to be met by fires. The man they fought against had retaliated by burning his own cities. William witnessed countless Balfourian men and women burning alive. Some even ran from their homes aflame and screaming. Men rushed to put them out, to attempt to save their homes and their lives, but so many died. So many men, women, and children. This man called himself the rightful King of Balfour and yet he did this?

    Eventually they succeeded and won their war. Eventually there were parties and a coronation. William drank and ate, told a few jokes, but after that war he didn't see the service to King and country in the same light. They packed up and started their journey home. They finally touched the soil of Tuneric in November of 217.

    Upon arrival in Hebron William was met with more news than he could even handle. That his uncle Dexter had tried to kill the Princess and take the capitol but was killed by Lorna Lovelle, that his father was murdered by bandits, and that his sister Charlotte was murdered by an Avayne. The only good news, well good if you asked William, was that his father's second wife had been murdered as well. Good riddance.

    He found his cousin Rubianne, who was in the service of the Princess, and asked her if she'd heard anything from his sister Callista. No one has heard anything about her well-being even after he'd reached out to family friends. After writing letters and sending them to different places he thought she could be William was forced to wait. Wait for a reply or for news from others.

    For his service to the crown, William was never questioned about the attack on Hebron, it had been decided that he couldn't have had anything to do with the plot since he wasn't even in Laurie Hill nor had he had any real connections to his family since the age of sixteen. He was given a home in Valley Haven for his service during the war in Balfour located near the river.
    Credit to Kiera

    Family Genealogy:

    This didn't copy and paste right and I am too lazy to fix it right now but it's in the same place as the house history.

    Writing Sample:

    William sat at his desk, but his attention was out his window, to the sparkles of sun as it danced on the river. Although he was not an overly emotional man, he could admire beauty where he found it, and it was nature that moved him to admiration most often. But why was he so distracted lately? His heart gave an answer that his mind did not want to hear, and he turned back to his writing in something like a huff.

    A letter to his sister sat off to the side, the ink drying enough so that it would not smudge when he went to fold it, but there was another sheet of paper in front of him which was causing him some amount of trouble.

    Dear Nolana,
    Even those two words had been difficult. Was that too informal a greeting? Was it improper to use simply her first name? He glanced over to the book that was beside him and a ghost of a smile crossed his face; after reading through that, he felt he knew her quite well enough to be forgiven some informality. But he had not left her with anything of the like, and so was this feeling one-sided?

    With a sigh he leaned back in his chair. The rest of the letter would prove no easier; what does someone say to a woman whose heart is broken from fear for her sister? He could - and would - assure her that her sister’s health improved, but would his words do anything to bring her comfort?

    There was really only one way to find out. Leaning forward again, he pressed his fingers to his forehead and tried to find the right words.
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    @Taia Hunter @Katie can you look over this and lemme know if it's okay?

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    Perfect! I think that will do quite nicely, Kiera would be proud <3 thank you!

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    I most definitely approve!

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