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    Eliza Morgan

    Player: Amy
    Contact: spinkt13 at gmail dot com

    Character Name: Eliza Morgan
    Character Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: August 14, 193
    Current Location: Brassford
    House: House Morgan
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: The House of Morgan is not exactly a young house, but they have not been among the nobility for long. Already centuries ago however, the Morgans began working with different kinds of trading and the main family still do. To begin with, they simply traded wool and the likes, but as business improved, they moved on to even greater goods. The trading business would mostly be on land, although they of course had contacts at the sea to carry goods that way too. They’ve traded with everything from wine and spices to cloth and metal and eventually the Morgans also grew closer with different noble families.

    Riley Morgan in particular seemed to get along well and his business was so satisfactory, that in the end, he rose to nobility and was given an estate by Brassford, where the family had lived for a long while anyway. The place is now known as Rose Manor, a name that Roman Morgan chose once he became lord of the house; it is named after Roman Morgan’s wife.

    Currently the head of the family and the owner and manager of the estate is Robert Morgan, who is a grandson to Roman Morgan; the sons of the Morgan family have always been named with r-names. Richard Morgan had two children with his wife, Robert and Keira Morgan. It is so far expected that Robert’s only son, Rhett Morgan, will become the next Lord of the house. Rhett is however still unmarried at 30 and seems entirely uninterested in the trading business in general.
    Credit: Atrice

    Played By/Face Claim: Jewel Staite

    Appearance: Eliza gets her looks from her father’s side of the family, her features not as dark and severe as the main Morgan line. Her hair color varies depending on how much sun she’s gotten, the tone darkening in winter and becoming lighter during the summer months, but no matter the season she keeps it around shoulder length and nearly always wears it down. She has a cheerful smile and a pleasant face, with expressive hazel eyes.

    Without caring too much for the finer points of fashion, Eliza always tries to be well dressed for the task at hand. Her complexion doesn’t much hinder the range of colors she can wear, and neither does her figure, which is pleasingly feminine without being overly curvaceous.

    Personality: It’s rare to find Eliza without a smile lingering somewhere on her features. She is a joyful soul, quick to laugh and generally easygoing. Few things ruffle her feathers, and she’s certainly not in the habit of being overly dramatic. She’s curious, always wondering how things work, and if she sees that she can be of help with something more often than not she’ll lend a hand.

    Eliza loves dancing, and is happiest when she’s got something to do; sitting idle does not come very easily. Thankfully there are few things she doesn’t like doing, so boredom isn’t usually a problem. She turns a fair hand to the ladylike pursuits of sewing, spinning, and embroidery, but if she’s honest she’d rather be outside taking a walk, or better yet, going riding. She has a great love for horses, and many was the afternoon that her mother would come out to find her sitting in the stables, repairing some bit of leather tack that wanted fixing.

    Personal History: Born on a hot, bright August day, Eliza’s father would often say that some of that sunshine made its way into his daughter’s heart. She was a happy child, full of energy and life, and she brought joy with her wherever she went. Not even being the middle child between two brothers could dampen her spirit, and rather than tease her they grew close, spending their childhood outdoors and largely carefree.

    Eliza took to her lessons well, eager to learn both the proper etiquette of being a noble lady and parts of the family business. Granted, her uncle kept quite a tight hold on much of the latter, but she helped where she could. She proved to be quite capable at working with her hands, and she often did, finding joy working in the family’s vegetable garden or working with the horses.

    Her life thus far has been a fairly quiet one, for the rarely leaves Brassford. She’s curious about the wider kingdom, but until a good opportunity arises she’s mostly content to stay close to home.

    Family Genealogy:

    Riley Morgan (97) – Stella Swann (100)
         -- Roman Morgan (119) – Rose Groves (122)
               -- Helen Morgan (142) – husband
                    -- children & family **
               -- Richard Morgan (143) – Lily Leavey (144)
                    -- Robert Morgan (165) – Aileen Hawk (168)
                         -- Rhett Morgan (186)
                     -- Keira Morgan (168) – Charles Lewis (166)
                        -- son Morgan (190)
                        -- Eliza Morgan (193)
                        -- son Morgan (195)
               -- Riley Morgan (145) – wife
                    —children & family **
         -- Raven Morgan (121) – wife
              -- children & family
         -- Bessie Morgan (122) – husband
              -- children & family **
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