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    Theo Blackbane

    Player: Taia
    Contact: I’ll be around.

    Character Name: Theo Blackbane
    Character Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 3, 17 199
    Current Location: Laurie Hill
    House: Blackbane
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: For as long as house MacHeath has been leading Westbury house Blackbane has been a loyal banner. It is said they actually arrived and settled with the original province lord and they may have even been a family at one point. Though there are no records to prove it the families are extremely close and house Blackbane has been dedicated to serving house MacHeath for centuries.

    Residing in the small town of Heartford they made their living by mastering irrigation and turning their small territory into prosperous farmland. Their lords always made sure that everyone in their town was fed and even made sure the province had plenty. No food was wasted and it was even said that the first banners of Heartford were the ones who started to travel with carts filled with food just to make sure that everyone was fed.

    Their dedication and generosity has made them quite popular but no one can dispute their ties to some of the more important families including the most honorable royal family. Throughout the years house Blackbane has made it a point to be at the forefront of farming technology and the public eye.
    Credit: Kiera

    Those ties and alliances have proven to serve them well, as after the Remington Revolt, it was House Blackbane that was suggested to take up the seat at Laurie Hill. With the backing of House MacHeath, and at the Crown's request, the family uprooted itself to take up the challenge. Their skills and knowledge, as well as their strong character, are exactly what Laurie Hill needs in order to not only recover from the neglect it suffered at the hands of the Remingtons, but to finally thrive as it should.
    Credit: Amy

    Played By/Face Claim: Theo James

    Appearance: Standing at a good 6’0”, Theo Blackbane is the spitting image of his father, with the same brown piercing eyes that seem to tear through the soul. His brown hair, short cut and well groomed with only a short curl, shows no sign of receding yet. Rarely is he clean shaven, preferring a goatee and afternoon shadow to a baby face. He is well built as is expected from years of training in hand to hand combat and arts of the sword. Theo dresses like a Lord, taking special care with the articles of clothing he chooses to wear. No stains, holes, or creases dare to grace the items, and he is a firm believer of a good cravat. In fact, he has far too many of them.

    Personality: Theo is ambitious. He has always had a spark about him, one that not only claims to be better than you, but radiates outward with conviction. He is to the point with his conversations, far from diplomatic, but quite sure of himself. Theo has seen the highs and lows of position and the lengths people go for it, and he knows he is not alone in the quest for valor and power. That is why he trusts little, and strives for as much knowledge on the other houses and the interests that lie within them. Still, he is a premature heir, still learning his footing and stumbling often.

    His drink of choice is brandy and he overindulges in private but rarely in public. Losing his cool and control to alcohol is not on his list. He avoids conversation unless entirely necessary, even though he knows he must improve in that area if he expects to rise any further in the kingdom.

    Theo has little interest in love but is constantly seeking the opportunity for advancement. He refuses, above all else, to even possibly father a bastard.

    Personal History: Born prematurely to the yet to be wedded Mackenzie Blackbane and Sir Damarion Morgan, Theo’s start in the world was anything but smooth. To cover up the birth and save the betrothed couple from ruin, Theo was shipped off with a wet nurse as a ward under one of the Peregrine banners, his identity kept a secret to all but the patriarch, Lord Ashton Kestrel. As far as everyone knew, he was Theo Kestrel, the bastard son of Ashton’s recently deceased brother Declan.

    His upbringing was about as pleasant as could be expected. He spent his early years with the other children, playing amongst the fields. He learned to read and write, to shoot and fight with a sword. Often he would visit the Peregrine family, and he was fond of the girls and the male son a few years his junior. When he grew to the age of 10, he was pulled from the games and made to ward for Lord Ashton, practically waiting on the man hand and foot for the years to come. It wasn't until a few years later that Theo learned the truth, Lord Alexander Peregrine had not wanted his bastard blood tainting the Peregrine family. The hatred he felt surprised even Theo, and only grew as the years went on.

    The day of his 19th birthday was when Lord Ashton decided to sit him down and disclose Theo’s true identity. Along with the news was a yellowing parchment with scrolling, stamped with the Blackbane copper seal. Despite receiving such good news, Theo was anything but pleased. He felt as though his life had been covered with a veil that should not have been there in the first place, that he had been an unworthy outcast that deserved more respect than he’d been shown.

    But he did not have long to be cross - something was brewing between the banner houses. It was obvious by the late night meetings, the hooded faces that came and went within their household. Whispers of an uprising were brewing and Theo was ready. Unfortunately, Lord Ashton held him back, refused to let him aid in the coming revolution.

    A week after the Battle of Welch Run, the Kestrel house received word of the De Angelis victory, but it came at a high price. Lord Ashton was killed in the battle. While the family grieved, Theo packed up his bags and left, determined to make something more for himself. During his travels, word reached him that House Blackbane had taken the Remington seat of Laurie Hill. It took him two months to ready himself for his return as rightful heir of the house.

    Family Genealogy:

    House Blackbane*
    - Henry Charles Blackbane -- Autumn Leigh
         - Charles Blackbane (146) -- Olivia Westfield (145)
              - Keagan Blackbane (162) -- Clementine MacHeath (159) 
                   - Mackenzie Blackbane (182) -- Sir Damarion Morgan (181) 
                        - Theo (Kestrel) Blackbane (199)
                        - Allianna Blackbane (201)
                        - Addison Blackbane (205) (Twin)
                        - Annabella Blackbane (205) (Twin)
         - Sylvia Blackbane -- Donall Shellten
              - Davon Shellten -- Dolores Kettleton
                   - Female
                   - Female
              - Grayson Andreous Shellten (179) -- Elizabeth Chelan (179)
                   - Grayson Andreous Chelan (196)
                   - Benjamin Chelan (208)
                   - Carlisle Chelan (212)
                   - Emmaline Chelan (217)
              - Elspeth Shellten

    Writing Sample: (Because I'm drunk and lazy....)


    Audrai prided herself in finding reason, finding the rhythm and rhyme behind the puzzle. It was how Cade had taught her to look at the world around her. It was how she had managed when all else seemed impossible. Not with faith, but with reason. And now, Gisela was threatening to flip the fabric of her being upside down.

    But Audrai could say none of it, for with one silent toast, she found herself frozen in Chase’s gaze. Whether it was a deliberate movement from the priestess or not, Audrai didn’t know and she couldn’t say she cared, not just then. All that mattered was Chase.

    Audrai’s attention was quickly brought back to Gisela’s voice and she shook her head as though undoing the spell that had been cast. It was difficult to not look back, to see if they were going to come over, or to even read Chase’s expression in realizing she was there. But somehow, Audrai managed by ducking over slightly to shield herself with Gisela’s form and downed another gulp of wine.

    ”And if I can never find it in me to put such blind trust in someone? In something?” Audrai’s voice was quiet. There was no defiance, she was not trying to tear down Gisela’s rock solid foundation. She was only voicing the obvious - that she was not comfortable walking through a valley in death’s shadow with her eyes closed.

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