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    Tatianna Farrand-Calhoun

    Player: Lorelei
    Contact: PM (Gtalk and Skype available upon request)

    Character Name: Tatianna Farrand-Calhoun
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 4. 200
    Current Location: Moorford Estates
    House: Farrand-Calhoun
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    So many generations ago that none quite remember exact dates, House Farrand-Calhoun was two separate houses. Both major ruling families, each boasted prosperity and happy, content people. There was plenty for everyone, be it food or houses or jobs, and on top of it all there was enough extra that Calhoun and Farrand both had coffers that were filling more and more every season. It only seemed a natural next step that they join together, and a wedding between the young Calhoun lord and the eldest Farrand daughter sealed the union.

    The houses, now joined, now faced a new problem: they had become as successful as they could, within the restraints of their land. Of course they could continue on as they had, filling their treasuries and being content, but both houses had a great sense of adventure, and now that they were joined they agreed that something must be done. In a calculated move, they began sending out ships to explore surrounding lands, while at home they put resources into building a military. In time their expeditions proved fruitful with the discovery of a new land, uninhabited but ripe with resources. It didn’t take long after that for house Farrand-Calhoun to strike out in pursuit of a new home.

    The colony they founded they named Balfour, and under the watchful eye and steady hand of the Farrand-Calhoun family it grew steadily. They maintained their military, but they also encouraged the development of everything from art to industry. It did not always go smoothly, of course, but within a few generations the small colony had become a formidable presence. In a bold move, Balfour named itself a kingdom of its own, with the Farrand-Calhoun family as the monarchs. Their policies grew from the problems they’d observed over the years, and a strong and stable government was the result.

    Since the day that they declared independence, Balfour continues to be successful. The Farrand-Calhouns guide their land well, managing their resources well and keeping trade relationships open with the lands around them. Even as Balfour’s rulers watch over their lands, however, it is always said that one eye searches the horizon for the next opportunity to explore new lands.

    Played By/Face Claim: Taylor Swift


    Ethereal and angelic, Tatianna possesses high cheekbones, a pretty nose, full lips, and alabaster skin without a blemish upon it. Her eyes are a light shade of blue-violet, framed by nearly impossibly long eyelashes. She has pale golden hair which falls to her hips in riotous, unruly curls. A bit taller than average, the young princess is slender and dainty, with gentle but feminine curves.

    Tatianna prefers light-colored clothing that compliments her delicate coloring. She is especially fond of pink, lilac, and aquamarine and prefers simple styles embellished with embroidery over heavily beaded designs. The princess would rather wear simple strands of pearls than expensive jewels. Even the ensembles she wears on formal occasions have an understated elegance about them.


    Tatianna is a quiet and demure young lady with a sweet disposition. Sheltered for most of her life, she possesses the innocence of youth along with its accompanying vulnerability, although she is no longer as naďve as she used to be. She is not exactly shy, but she is only truly at ease in the presence of her family. The young princess is wary of strangers, for she has discovered that not everyone is trustworthy.

    She is quite artistic, talented in singing, playing the harp, and painting. Tatianna is a gifted poet and writing calms her and allows her to clarify her thoughts. She also likes to garden and embroider and has recently developed an interest in seeing more of the world.

    A voracious seeker of knowledge, she is interested in scholarly pursuits and spends a lot of time in the library, researching any subject that intrigues her at the time. She is aware of her responsibilities as a princess of Balfour, but she is nervous at court events. A bit insecure, she finds it difficult to find the right thing to say in social situations, but she is learning to cope and beginning to come out of her shell.

    Tatianna knows that she will eventually be married for political advantage, but she is a romantic at heart and hopes that she and her future husband will fall in love with each other. She finds young men fascinating, but she is a bit unsure around them and often blushes in their presence. The young princess does enjoy dancing with them, though. During a dance, one does not have to do much talking.

    Tatianna loves her family and would do anything for them. She wants to make them proud of her, but is afraid that she will fall short of their expectations. While she has good relationships with Lochlan and Jacquelyn, the princess is particularly close to Nataliah, and is excited that she will soon be returning home.

    Personal History:

    From the moment she was capable of coherent thought, Tatianna was taught that she had been born for a purpose. As the youngest daughter of the royal family of Balfour, her destiny was to be sacrificed when her father died and her eldest brother took the throne. She never once questioned her fate and believed that giving her life for her family was a great honor. When the moment came and she was called for, she would be ready.

    Unlike her older siblings, she grew up in the temple on the island of Silesia. Other children in her position might have seen the temple as a prison, but to Tatianna, it was her sanctuary. She was a demure, sweet child with a winsome smile, and she had an inner serenity that was rare in one so young. She never worried about the future but savored each day as if it would be her last … for it very well might be.

    She was given a comprehensive education befitting a princess, but without the endless lessons in proper court etiquette which she would never use. Tatianna enjoyed her studies and when she learned to read, an entire new world opened up to her. She could often be found in the temple's library with her nose in a book, researching any subject that took her fancy.

    The young princess became a voracious seeker of knowledge, a trait that follows her to this day. With only the present to live for, she wanted to experience as much as possible. Tatianna learned how to play the harp, sing, paint, and write poetry. It was the latter in which she most excelled, for she had a natural gift for writing. She also enjoyed growing plants in the temple garden, and became proficient at sewing and embroidery.

    One of the highlights of her life was the weekly visits from her older sister Nataliah, who had been designated as the royal sacrifice before Tatianna's birth. They understood each other from the beginning and the only thing the young princess regretted about her destiny was that her death would sadden her sister. They laughed and talked about many things and Tatianna asked questions about her family. She thought it was important that she know as much as possible about the people she was going to die for.

    When she was sixteen, she sensed that her sister was worried about something, and her anxiety seemed to increase with each visit. Tatianna wanted to ask her if anything was wrong, but she didn't want to pry. If Nataliah wished to tell her about it, then she would volunteer the information. It was also possible that the young princess' overactive imagination was running away with her and nothing was amiss. Still, she couldn't shake the feeling that all was not well.

    Then one day, she woke up in a strange room, weak and confused, with her sister-in-law Jacquelyn and a woman she had never seen before at her side. She was told that she had been ill for about a month and as she slowly recovered, she learned of her brother Luther's betrayal and that Nataliah had poisoned her so that he could not sacrifice her and take the throne. Tatianna could not blame her sister for doing what she believed was right, but her destiny had been taken from her and her purpose was no longer clear.

    She felt lost and bewildered whenever she contemplated her future as a member of the Balfour royal family. How would she be able to adjust to this sudden change to her life? She had no idea how to be a princess and she was afraid that she was too old to learn. Nor was she sure if she wanted to. Part of her still wanted to lay down her life for the honor of her family and kingdom, yet another part of her wanted to live a long, fulfilling life.

    Jacquelyn and her nurse Evangeline helped her to come to terms with her new situation, but she still felt uncomfortable around people who were not members of her family. Only a month after she awakened, Evangeline took her to Fort Chesbrook to keep her safe. Nataliah returned with her brothers and troops from Tuneric to wrest control of Balfour from Luther.

    Tatianna was elated to be reunited with Nataliah and even though she fought in the war, her sister visited her often, teaching her many of the things she needed to know … including how to dance, how to curtsy, how to be gracious, and how to walk and breathe in the constricting gowns that were popular at court. She also poured out all of her hopes and fears and dreams and frustrations to Nataliah, for she had once been in Tatianna's place and was the only person who truly understood what she was going through.

    She was still uncomfortable with her new life when the war ended in the middle of the following year. Lochlan was crowned King and Luther was sacrificed in her place, giving him a more honorable death than he deserved. Tatianna was unable to watch as he was beheaded, but his demise marked a turning point in her life. She put the past behind her and concentrated on the present, even daring to dream about the future.

    A few days later, she was crowned as an official princess of Balfour. She felt awkward and unsure of herself, and was uneasy with all the attention lavished upon her. Tatianna knew in her heart that she was never going to be a social butterfly, that she would always prefer studying in the library over banquets and parties. She hardly knew what to say to those who tried to engage her in conversation, but she did love to dance.

    During the next two months, King Cailen proposed to Nataliah and she went to Tuneric with him. Tatianna missed her sister terribly but grew closer to Jacquelyn, who continued her lessons in courtly etiquette. In her free time, she practiced her singing, played her harp, and wrote poetry. She became a bit more confident during this peaceful time in her life and looked forward to visiting Tuneric and seeing more of the world.

    That opportunity came sooner than she thought. In May of 218, she and her brother Langston were sent to Tuneric to escape the plague that was ravaging Balfour. Although she was happy to be reunited with Nataliah, she was unprepared for the unfamiliarity of the Tuneric court, and found it difficult to adjust to yet another new phase in her life. However, there was a new library to explore, and she spent a lot of her time there reading books on any subject imaginable and expanding her knowledge of many things.

    In early August, Langston unexpectedly attempted to murder Cailen and was killed by the king's hand. Tatianna was shocked that her brother would do such a thing and was afraid for Nataliah and her unborn child. She didn't want to leave her sister, but it was no longer safe for her in Tuneric and somebody had to take Langston's remains back to Balfour. That journey was devastating for the young princess, and by the time she had completed her sad task, she had discovered a quiet strength that she had not known she possessed.

    Now that the plague has been eradicated, she is settling into life in the royal place, a quiet but graceful young woman who is now more comfortable with life at court and her place in it. She spends a lot of time with Jacquelyn and Lochlan, and enjoys playing with her little nephew. Tatianna is aware of her duties and responsibilities as a princess of Balfour and wants to make her family proud of her. Recently, she has heard that Nataliah will be returning home soon and can hardly wait to see her again.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below:

    -Wainwright Leonard Farrand Calhoun (94) -- Abagail Kadance Farrand-Calhoun (118)
         -Luther James(133) -- Dahlia Kai-winn Penswick (134)
               -Kirkland Lawrence (150) -- Bianca Suzanne Westcott (156)
                     -Gabriella Octavia Morganna (172) -- Logan Kenneth Allaker-Jeannot III (168)
                        -Luther Kirkland Wainwright (189)
                        -Lochlan Niclouse Philippos (190) -- Jacquelyn Ramona Quaintance (190)
                             -Rylan Leonard (218)
                        -Nataliah Quinn Suzanne (192) -- Cailen Darius Shellten (196)
                        -Langston (197)
                        -Tatianna Abagail Mae (200)
                   -Odette Doreen Quintina (174) (Sacrificed)
                   -Quentin Pierce Owen (175)
              -Leyland Germaine (159)
              -Toneia Danielle (Sacrificed)
         -Torrance Daniel -- Zarah Goullee
              -Dorreen Mae (Murdered)
              -Tabitha Jane (Died of illness)
         -Taliyah Abrielle(Sacrificed)
         -Jacinta Mae (Stillborn)

    Writing Sample:

    Crumpled and forlorn, the letter lay lay across the room by her wardrobe, where she had thrown it last night in a rare fit of anger.

    Sophia sighed and picked it up, carrying it to the desk in her small sitting room. The chambers she had been provided in the castle were more than adequate, and for that she was grateful. In fact, there was no reason to leave her rooms if she did not wish to, and most of the time she was content to remain secluded in this small refuge. Meals were sent up to her, a bathtub sat in its own concealed space, and she could send her maidservant for anything else she required.

    Yet now that must change.

    Because of the letter.

    Sitting down, the young princess lay the crumpled paper on the desk and smoothed it out, hoping the words would still be readable among all the crinkles. Why she even attempted to read it, she did not know. The words were engraved on her mind and in her heart.

    Her father wanted to know what progress she had made concerning her seduction of Prince Arthur. She had been at Camelot for two months; certainly the prince was groveling at her feet by now.


    She had only spoken to Arthur once, on the day that she had arrived. If he had been impressed with her, he had certainly not shown it. Yet what had she expected? That he would be so entranced by her that he would ask her to marry him right there on the spot?

    Sophia sighed. It would certainly be easier for her had he done so. It would have been easier for her had he shown any interest in her whatsoever. She doubted that he was immune to her beauty, but there were many beautiful women in the kingdom. He could have any one of them that he wished.

    Why should he pay attention to her, an unsure and inexperienced girl of not quite seventeen? Somehow, she had to make herself stand out, make herself so appealing that he could not resist her.

    But how?

    Her thoughts were interrupted as Cedric came bounding over to her. The wolf cub was a little over two months old and now able to eat on his own. She had arranged for the cooks to provide him with small pieces of raw meat several times a day, which were usually brought up to her room by her maidservant Kerensa.

    After dressing her mistress his morning, the woman had asked to be excused for the day and Sophia had agreed. Kerensa had little free time, and she knew that her maid was seeing a man she had met a few weeks ago in the city. The woman had been with her since Sophia was six and Kerensa twelve. They had practically grown up together and Sophia considered her more of a friend than a servant. She certainly did not begrudge her a day off to spend time with her beau.

    At least one of us knows how to attract a man's attention, she thought bitterly. Prince Arthur probably dismissed me from his mind as soon as he met me and no longer even knows I exist.

    Closing her eyes, she sighed in frustration. And he never will, as long as I stay ensconced in my room

    Sophia picked Cedric up and stood. After licking her cheek with his slick little tongue, he settled down into her arms. Despite her morose mood, the princess laughed as she picked up a handkerchief and wiped her cheek. “It looks like I will be responsible for feeding you today,” she said.

    Instead of bringing the bowl of meat up to him, she decided to take him down to the kitchen to eat. At least it would get her out of her chambers. Cedric was a friendly little fellow and she doubted that the servants would have any problem with him. If they did, she would simply collect some meat for him and let him eat once she returned to her chambers.

    Leaving the room, she wandered down the hall. Sophia had no idea where the kitchen was, but she didn't think it would be too difficult to find.

    Unfortunately, she was wrong.
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